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Dr. Morgan - Part 6

Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans!
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I caught my breath a few times this week, but not often. :) Spending all morning working out in the yard on Saturday was a nice break from all the other things I was doing. And then on Sunday we actually came home from church in time to get naps and relax for several hours! It was wonderful! I won't tell you what I did each day because they weren't big things, only lots and lots of little or medium sized things that take time. :) Wednesday, however, was the exception. We attended a rally for Todd Akin that morning even though it started to rain and the rally was outside. There was a good group. Then that afternoon I taught 3 writing classes. I'm not sure what got into the boys, but they were more wound up then usual. Liddy Bid, one of my younger girls, tried to tell me that it wasn't very long or tiring to teach from 1:00 until 4:15. (She wanted her class to go on longer.) Ha! She's never done it! I do enjoy teaching though. (Most of the time. ;) )

Guess what? I finally finished writing a short story last night! It is only about 4,000 words long but I started it two weeks ago, I think. Now that this story is done I'm hoping to get a Thanksgiving story written and then start on Christmas stories. I know, I know, Christmas isn't until December and it's not quite October, but at the rate I've been writing, I should have started back in July! Maybe I'll have more time to write soon.

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Reviews are not only good for the author to know what people think of the book, but they also are very helpful for others who might be interested in buying a copy.

Now that I've pushed my book again and asked, begged and pleaded for reviews, I'll give you Part 6 of Dr. Morgan. Enjoy!

Part 6

    These thoughts flashed through her mind as well as a quick prayer for help. Focusing all her attention on the girl in the bed, Heather smiled. “I’ll sing if you will close your eyes and try to sleep.”
    Obediently Amy closed her eyes although she kept a tight grip on Heather’s hand.

    “God, that madest earth and heaven,
    Darkness and light;
    Who the day for toil hast given,
    For rest the night;”

    The restless fingering of the bed clothes by Amy’s free hand ceased as the haunting melody reached her ears and penetrated to her brain.

    “May Thy angel guards defend us,
    Slumber sweet They mercy send us;
    Holy dreams and hopes attend us
    This live-long night.”

    Softly the song slipped into the still room filling it with a stillness, a peace and a calm that seemed to hush even the troubled thoughts Dr. Morgan had, for as he watched his patient’s breathing grow steady, saw her ridged form grow limp under the blanket, his face, which had been so tense, relaxed and he leaned against the wall; his shoulders dropped, letting the simple, well known song speak peace and calm to every fiber of his being.

    “And when morn again shall call us
    To run life’s way,
    May we still whatever befall us,
    Thy will obey.”

    Heather sang all the verses before she stopped and, when Amy didn’t move, looked up at her brother.
    “Can you stay here?” he whispered, bending down so that his lips were close to her ear.
    Raising her eyebrows in surprise, she shrugged. “I suppose so,” she replied softly. “But, the children, Timothy . . .”
    “I’ll take care of that if you’ll only stay!”
    Seeing the look of pleading on his tired face, Heather could only nod.
    Motioning the nurse, Dr. Morgan moved on cat’s feet to the door where Sara still stood watching.
    Out in the hall, he spoke in a low voice to Nurse Franklin for a minute before starting towards the lobby with his sister; their footsteps sounded strangely loud after the stillness of the sick room.
    Turning to her as they stepped down the last step, he yawned. “Sara,” he began, “I need your help.”
    “It looks like you need Heather’s help, not mine,” Sara replied, not feeling the least bit of jealousy, for nursing was not in her line.
    “I need both,” he clarified. “She has been the only one who has been able to quiet her so quickly. Of course I don’t know if she’ll be able to do it again, but I don’t dare risk her not being here when she wakes up.”
    Nodding her head, Sara gave a snort. “You really should go to bed, Just. Your pronouns are as clear as mud.”
    “I know. Then you’ll help me?”
    “I’ll watch the children if that is what you want. Should I call Timothy, too, and let him know he can’t have his wife back for a while?”
    Justin looked relieved. “Would you, Sara? I have to get some sleep while she’s sleeping. I can hardly function right now.”
    With a grin, Sara gave her brother a push towards his office and ordered, “Go on and get to bed. I’ll make the call for you.”

    Everything was dark when Justin awoke, dark and quiet. Feeling much refreshed by his nap, he turned a lamp on and glanced at his watch. It was nearly midnight! Surely Amy hadn’t been asleep this whole time. Was Heather still here? Why hadn’t anyone wakened him? Quickly he slipped out into the hall and up the stairs.
    The room was dim and hushed. Heather still sat beside the bed one hand clasped in Amy’s. Silently Justin slipped over and laid quiet fingers on his patient’s wrist. The pulse was faint but steady. A soft sigh escaped him as he felt the girl’s forehead and discovered it was cool and damp.
    “Thank God!” he breathed, feeling hope for the stranger’s life for the first time in days. “The fever has broken.”
    “Just.” The voice was a soft whisper and Dr. Morgan looked across the bed to find his sister watching him. He returned her anxious look with a smile and watched the tense line of her shoulders loosen.
    Slipping as silently out of the room as he had slipped into it, Dr. Morgan hurried to find Nurse Allen and soon the two of them returned. The nurse took up her post beside the bed while Heather, gently sliding her hand from the now relaxed hold which had held it so fast, moved to the door.
    Not a word was spoken as she followed her brother out of the room and down to the lobby where he pulled up two chairs and, sinking into one asked, “What happened?”
    Heather shrugged. “Not much. She woke up a few times, tightened her hold on my hand and asked me to sing again. I didn’t notice any change until you came in. She’s going to be all right?”
    Giving a deep sigh, he nodded. “It looks like it. Maybe we’ll be able to find out who she is when she wakes up again. Thank God you were here!”
    The two tired workers exchanged smiles. “What should I do now?” Heather wondered. “I can sit with her the rest of the night if you want. As long as Timothy knows where I am.” She added the last more as a question, than a statement.
    “He should. Sara said she’d call him. I don’t know if you should sit with her. It wouldn’t hurt, but are you sure you’re up to it?” Dr. Morgan yawned.
    “I’m more up for it than you seem to be.” Heather laid her hand on her brother’s arm. “Just tell me what I should do, and then you can go get some more sleep.”

    It was mid morning when Amy opened her eyes and looked about her. Where in the world was she? What had happened and why did she feel so tired?

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