Friday, May 26, 2017

The Emancipation . . . - Part 2

Good morning FFFs,
It's a lovely morning here. The windows are open, the birds chirping and singing. It's a little cloudy and there is a chance of rain later today, but right now it is perfect. Not too warm or too chilly. It makes me want to go for a walk or go camping.

Okay, so let's get past the dreaming. 
I have finally gotten to the point in "Finding Joy" when I can just write again! After cutting 9,700+ words out of the story, perhaps I can actually get it finished. Wouldn't that be fun. But don't stop praying. I'm not sure when it ends. But it feels more on track. :) And it's nice to be able to write without having to stop and re-read, and cut and write a little more, and do some editing, and then a little more writing.

Now, in case you read this blog and not my Read Another Page blog, I'm doing a giveaway for an audio copy of "Gift from the Storm" if you want to head over and enter.

I hope you enjoy the second part of this story. I laughed quite a bit when I wrote it, and I still chuckle over parts of it.

The Emancipation of
Chester Reginald Donavan; Esquire
Part 2

    After thinking hard for several minutes, Chester suddenly let out a groan. “No! I left it in my new, black 2009 Hummer! How could I be so stupid! I had called Michael and must have forgotten to put it back. Great! And if anything happens to me way out here in the middle of no where, no one is going to be able to contact anyone!”
    “Can’t someone just get it out of your car when we get back? Not that anything is going to happen,” the little man hastened to add.
    “Get something out of it? Yeah right! Hey man, this is a brand new 2009 Hummer! Man, no one can get in that thing unless they know the right stuff!” Chester rolled his eyes at the ignorance of his companion. Doesn’t the guy know anything except E-bay? Suddenly a new and to him dreadful thought struck him, and he slapped his head with a cry that made the little man beside him turn in a hurry and stare.
    “This is just great. Just great! Now what am I supposed to do. Everything was on that iPhone. How am I supposed to get internet access without it? I can’t get on facebook, or on twitter. I can’t even work on the case I’ve got now. Ugh!” Growing frantic Chester grasped his blonde hair with both hands and growled. He stomped his foot in vexation. “This is not a vacation, this is . . . is . . . plain torture! I’ve got to have that phone!”
    The other man tried to encourage him. “Well, it is only for a few days. Why don’t you just relax and try to enjoy this break?”
    “Look, E-bay, you obviously have no clue what that iPhone was. I mean it had everything on it!”
    “Your gear wasn’t on there.” The logical statement only seemed to make Chester Reginald Donavan, Esq., more disgusted than before, for he answered sarcastically,
    “Okay, so my gear wasn’t on there. Big deal. I suppose I should be glad I have water in my canteen.”
    His companion nodded. “That’s an important part of camping out.”
    Chester fought to get his temper under control before he said, “E-bay, or whatever your name is, I know you probably think I’m nuts, but really, I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I’ll be bored stiff if I have to go for three days without the internet!” He shrugged as he tried to express himself in words that maybe his companion could understand. “It’s my life. Everything is online. Even all my files and research for this case I have coming up.” He sighed.
    “Well, no use crying over spilled milk,” the little E-bay man remarked sagely. “Shall we continue on and try to find a good spot to settle down for the night?”
    “Might as well.” There was no spirit in Chester’s words; indeed he hardly seemed to notice as they set off down the other side of the mountain. His mind was still raging over his stupidity, his idiocy, his dumbness. He called himself all kinds of names, many of which it wouldn’t do to repeat. Finally he began to lecture and chide himself, saying this ought to teach him a good lesson to never leave his iPhone anywhere but in his pocket or pouch again. So busy was he with his thoughts that, had his companion not grabbed his arm, he would have continued walking, right off the edge of a cliff!
    “Wake up, Chester! Bring your mind back to earth or you’ll wind up trying to fly.”
    Chester started and stared in horror at the yawning chasm before him. “Hey thanks, E-bay! Yeah, I guess you’re right. I should pay attention.” He gave a shudder and turned away. “So what do we do?”
    “Well, first thing is to find a place to pitch our tents.”
    “Right. Uh, where would that be?” Chester was expecting, when he signed up for this trip, to find their campsite like those he had seen as a boy. Of course he had always stayed in a camper and never in a tent, but still, he had seen the places for tents.
    The little E-bay man spoke again. “First we need to find a good source of water. I think we should head up this direction as I’ve been hearing a stream for several minutes.”
    Chester merely nodded. He didn’t voice his thoughts. Why did they need to find a stream? Didn’t all campsites have water? At least a pump if not faucets.

    It was a good fifteen minutes at least by Chester Donavon's watch before his companion halted and, looking about him with a satisfied air, declared, “I think this is a perfect spot.”
    Gazing around, Chester looked in vain for the water pump. At last he asked, “How are we going to get water, there is no pump?”
    “Pump? Of course there is no pump. This is the wilderness up here, Chester. It isn’t some local camping site for city folks. This is the real thing. We get water from the stream. Of course we’ll have to boil or filter it before we use it, but who cares, right?”
    The young lawyer’s mouth dropped open, but for perhaps the first time in his life, he was speechless. In silence he followed his companion’s directions about getting a fire ring set up so that they could start a fire. Then digging in his gear to pull out his tent, he noticed for the two dozenth time that his feet were killing him.
    “How about I go get some water while you set up your tent?” E-bay called over to him after his own tent was set up.
    “Sure.” Chester was shaking his head. Now how in the world was he supposed to get all these pieces together to make his tent work? After messing with it all for several minutes, he finally pulled out the directions. “Hmmm,” he muttered. “Okay, doesn’t seem too hard. Here goes.” So saying, he set the paper down and began to push and pull, tug and tighten the poles, loops, knots and so forth that comprised his tent. So intent was he that he didn’t notice the mischievous wind begin to play with the instructions. First it blew it a little to the side, then it tossed it up to let if fall back down and finally with a sudden gust it carried it completely away never to be found again.

Is your life on your phone? 
Have you ever been camping?
Do you like sleeping in a tent or a camper?

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Emancipation . . . - Part 1

Good morning FFFs,
It's a chilly, rainy morning. Not cold, but when the breeze blows in through the open window, it's got a coolness to it that hasn't been there the last few days. Yesterday afternoon we actually turned on the AC for the first time this year. It's off again now. We've had a lot of warm, sunny days.

I'm trying to get back into working on "Finding Joy" but it is difficult. Probably partly because I have to go back and rewrite things because the story got off track. But it needs done. I've also been working on planning and preparing for  . . .
Another blog party! With other bloggers, and a giveaway, and lots of fun. Only it will be on my Read Another Page blog, not this one. And it has to do with writing. Stay tuned.

Today is the homeschool convention in Springfield, but I won't be there. We'll be watching all but two of the kids all day today. I'm sure it will be a busy day.

I got up this morning and was doing my usual things and all of a sudden it hit me. I didn't have anything ready to post! (I like to have the stories on my posts ahead of time.) Was it really Friday? It didn't seem possible. So I grabbed a story I had thought about posting, and here it is. I know this story was posted on here about 7 years ago, and it's also published in "The Lower Lights" but, as that is not a popular seller, I thought no one would mind if I posted it again. Besides, I rather like it. ๐Ÿ˜„ And I hope you enjoy it too.

The Emancipation of
Chester Reginald Donavan; Esquire
Part 1

    “Hey, um, do you know where we are?”
    “Well,” there was a slight laugh. “I know we are on a mountain in the Mosquito Range in Colorado, but just where, I’m not sure.”
    “That’s what I was afraid of.” Chester Reginald Donavan, Esq., hitched up the straps on his gear and frowned. This vacation was not turning out to be what he had planned. Here he was separated from the rest of the group with this guy whose name he never could remember. If only his best friend and lawyer buddy hadn’t broken his leg last week! Chester was a tall and well built young man who looked to be in his late twenties, having about him a definite high class air in spite of or maybe enhanced by his top-of-the-line outdoor clothes and gear.
    “Aren’t you coming too?”
    Chester jerked out of his misery to notice his companion had begun to climb some more. Taking a deep breath he set off after him.
    It was slightly chilly even with his windbreaker on, and Chester glanced at the little man before him. He didn’t seem to be bothered by cold, and his jacket looked warm. The man was only about five feet three with dark hair streaked here and there with gray. Slight in build though he was, the man walked briskly with no apparent fatigue.
    Chester was soon gasping for breath, and it was all he could do to keep his aching feet and legs moving at all. His shoulders sagged, and he bent his head against the wind staring at the ground beneath his feet.
    “Say, why don’t we take a breather. You look just about done in.”
    Unclasping his pack Chester lowered it to the ground and sank down beside it with a sigh. For several minutes he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t talk, for he was still trying to catch his breath. Finally he managed to ask,
    “Hey, what is your name again? I don’t recall.”
    “Oh yeah.”
    Silence again fell. Chester eyed his companion rather as he would have eyed a strange, little dog. He certainly didn’t look like his other friends. He wondered what he was like. Chester found the silence oppressing and sought for some way to break it. He blurted out the first thing that came to his mind.
    “So, where did you get your jacket?”
    The little man turned his eyes away from the mountain peaks before them. “On E-bay.”
    “Oh sure. You do know what E-bay is?”
    Chester nodded with a look of surprised skepticism. Who would ever buy something like that on E-bay?”
    The little man went on, not seeming to notice Chester’s look. “It is a great jacket, warm yet lightweight. I got it for a great deal. I think it was only $10.00 counting shipping.”
    Chester stared. “You spent $10.00 on a jacket?” his tone implied that that was absurd.
    “Where did you get yours?”
    “New from the online store, 60 Degrees North. Probably never heard of it. It was top of the line Edlgja and only $332.00 not counting shipping.”
    “Oh.” The monosyllable was full of disbelief.
    Once more silence fell on the two men. Chester was thinking of all the money he had spent on getting ready for this trip. Of how he and Michael had discussed different brands and prices. It was only the top of the line, high dollar brand items that would last the rigors of such trips, Michael had assured him. And after all, Michael should know, for he had been on such trips all his life. What would he have said to the little man about his E-bay jacket?
    “If you have recovered your wind, we might want to head on. Who knows, we could catch a glimpse of the others at the top.” The little man had stood up and was waiting for Chester.
    “What? Oh yeah, sure.”
    Struggling up the side of that mountain was the hardest thing Chester had ever done. His feet were killing him, for his boots, high dollar though they were, hadn’t been broken in and his feet felt covered in blisters. The thin air was making breathing difficult for him, and he wondered for the seventh time that day why he had ever agreed to this hike in the first place. He knew why; it was because he had worked and pushed himself so hard that his doctor told him to take a few days off or he would break down. So, when his friend had mentioned this trip, he had agreed.
    At last the summit was reached. Though this was one of the lower mountains, they could still see for miles. The clouds hung low to the south and west while a cold wind from the north bit at their faces and fingers.
    “Wow! Quite a sight, isn’t it? I never get tired of looking out over the mountains. Everything is so quiet and peaceful here. Of course in the summer things are even more lovely with the flowers blooming, but I couldn’t get away then, so this late camp out was perfect. I wonder if we’ll get snow while we are here?” The little man gazed in delight at all he saw.
    “Hey, why don’t we call the other group and um, find out where they are?” Chester asked, adding with a mutter to himself,. “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”
    The other man gave a little laugh. “That’s not a bad idea, but I can’t get reception up here with my phone.” He drew a rather old looking cell phone from its pouch and looked at it.
    Chester’s lip curled at the sight of it. He couldn’t help asking “Where did you get that?”
    “On E-bay. It was a package deal.” The man laughed again. “I know it isn’t the newest phone, but it works for me. And it was cheap.”
    “I’ll bet,” Chester mumbled. “I’ll just use mine,” and he reached for the side of his belt where he kept his iPhone. The pouch was empty! “What!” Chester gasped “How could it have gotten lost? I mean this pouch was latched!”
    “Are you sure you didn’t use it and set it down some place before we set off?” his companion was trying to be helpful.

Have you ever gone hiking in the mountains before?
Have you ever lost your phone?
Where do you think Chester's phone is?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dylan's Story - Part 9

Good morning FFFs,
It's cloudy right now. I think there's a slight chance of rain this morning and then it's supposed to clear up. Yesterday was rather strange because now and then the sun would come out and it would look like it was clearing up only to have the clouds gather even darker and hide the sun.

We babysat Doodle Bug, Lukesters, and Ti-K yesterday for a few hours while my brother helped my dad on a roof and my sis-in-law is laid up with a sprained ankle. Please pray for her. She's pregnant, has 6 kids to take care of (with little miss Ti-K being a handful by herself. ๐Ÿ˜›), and now has a sprained ankle.

This has not been a "lot of words written" week. I have written some, but not a whole lot. Part of it I'm blaming on the weather because when it get's just a little too warm upstairs in my room, I don't feel like writing. I'm also blaming it on other distractions, and the fact that I was doing quite a bit of editing. But, you will no doubt be happy to hear that "Dylan's Story" is now waiting for the first of my beta readers (my sister) to start reading it! And yes, I will be contacting other beta readers later.

And, just because I'm nice, I thought I'd let you all read one more part of "Dylan's Story" before you have to wait for it to be published. I wasn't going to give you more, but the story ended up being 12k words longer than I had hoped it would be. I hope you don't mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dylan's Story
Part 9

    “There he is,” Aunt Autumn smiled as he entered the dining room. “We can–Why, Dylan, where are your socks? It’s too cold to be going around barefoot.”
    “I don’t have any more clean ones,” Dylan mumbled, staring down at the floor and feeling his face growing warm.
    “I have a pair of socks that shrank in the wash,” Scott began. “They don’t fit me, but I kept them anyway. After we pray, I’ll run up and get them. They’ll at least be warmer than nothing.”
    Without a word, Dylan slid into his chair. At least Fern hadn’t said anything.
    The socks were an almost perfect fit, and Dylan nodded when asked if they would keep his feet warm. With warm feet, hot food, and the soothing sound of rain pattering against the window, Dylan relaxed and the dismal thoughts of earlier melted.

    After lunch was finished, Autumn stood up and remarked, “I think I’ll do some laundry this afternoon. Dylan and Fern, find all of your clothes that need washed and, . . .” She frowned thoughtfully a moment. “Scott, could you get the laundry basket and set it in the hall upstairs? If they just brought their clothes down, we’d probably end up with a trail of things they dropped.” She cast a quick wink at Dylan.
    “Sure thing.”
    Then Fern piped up. “I don’t do laundry. Dylan does it.”
    Autumn couldn’t refrain a slight chuckle. “Well, I’m doing the laundry this time; all you have to do is get your dirty clothes in the basket.”
    “That’s Dylan’s job.” Fern slid from her chair and carried her dishes to the kitchen, her dark hair swinging loose about her shoulders.
    “Just take care of your things, Dylan,” Autumn said quietly. “Fern is old enough to carry her own dirty clothes to a laundry basket.”
    However, Fern didn’t think so. She didn’t get angry but shook her head innocently and repeated her statement each time Autumn told her she was to get her own dirty clothes to the basket. At last Autumn grew tired of trying to persuade her to change her mind. Crouching down in the kitchen so she could look right into the little girl’s dark eyes, Autumn said, “Fern, I’m not asking you to take care of your clothes, I’m telling you to. And I’m not going to listen to any more excuses. You are old enough to know which of your clothes have been worn and which haven’t. Now go upstairs to your room, collect all your dirty clothes, and put them in the basket.”
    Bursting into tears, Fern turned and fled from the room.
    After she had left, Autumn stood up and leaned on the counter. “This may be more of a challenge than I had first thought.”
    “What is Fern crying about?”
    Glancing over at her husband as he stepped into the kitchen, Autumn gave a small smile. “I told her she had to put her dirty clothes in the basket herself.”
    Scott raised his eyebrows. “She’s crying over that?”
    “Uh huh.”
    For a minute Scott didn’t speak, and Autumn wondered what he was thinking. At last he spoke. “I think I’ll just go upstairs and see how Dylan is coming along. I was thinking we might play a game or something, if he was interested. And I’ll bring the laundry basket to you in ten minutes.”
    “Thank you. Fern seems to respond better to your authority than mine.”
    “We’ll work on it.”
    Autumn had finished cleaning up the kitchen before the laundry basket was brought down. “Did she do it?”
    Scott nodded. “Yes, but only after I told her that she couldn’t go play a game or do anything else until her clothes were in the basket. I don’t know if she actually knew which ones were dirty, or if she just grabbed everything off the floor. But it’s there.” He nodded towards the basket.
    “That’s it?”
    “Yep, Dylan’s suitcase, at least, was empty. I told him we’d put their suitcases in the closet and he could use the dresser now.” Scott turned as though to go.
    “They really don’t have anything else?” Autumn looked up from the basket of clothes to her husband with a troubled face.
    “Not that I know of. Unless–”
    Hesitating a moment, Scott’s eyebrows drew together thoughtfully. “Their mom’s car was packed with boxes and things. I wonder if they have more clothes in there. I think I’ll call the sheriff later and see if the car, or at least what’s in it, can be brought over and unloaded. It can’t be good for everything to stay in there.” He glanced out the window. The rain had stopped, but it was still dreary and the wind continued to blow. “Maybe I’ll make a quick call before we start the game.”
    “I wish you would. If it continues to grow colder, the kids are going to need warm coats and warmer clothes than they have been wearing.”
    After seeing her husband nod, Autumn started the washing machine. Several times she shook her head as she saw the few items of clothing Dylan and Fern each had. “Only enough clean clothes for about six days. However did they manage it?”

    Scott and Dylan were in the middle of an intense game of Monopoly when the doorbell rang. Dylan paused with the dice in his hands and looked questioningly at the player opposite.
    “Let’s pause the game for a few minutes, Dylan,” Scott suggested. “I think that might be the sheriff with your car.”
    “Our car? Why would it be here? Is Mom here too?” Dropping the dice, Dylan sprang to his feet.
    “No,” Uncle Scott shook his head. “Your mom isn’t here. But we thought it might be a good idea to unload the car so that nothing got ruined from being in it too long. We’ll put everything in the mud room unless it’s needed.”
Do you do your own laundry?
Could you fit all your clothes in one suitcase?
Do you enjoy playing Monopoly?

Friday, May 5, 2017

At the Foot of the Falls

Good morning FFFs,
It's already a crazy morning. Almost all of the kids were awake and wanting to get up before 6:30. But we kept them in their room until almost 7. (Why don't they sleep in as much as their mother thinks they will? :P )

Anyway. Pickle Puss and I are going to an Author Symposium today. The rest of the kids will be here.

Sorry I don't have a new story for you today. I haven't had time to get anything. I hardly had time to get this picked and posted. It's the first short story I ever posted on this blog. I hope you enjoy it.

At the Foot of the Falls

    “Come on you guys, hurry up!” Kelly hollered racing to the middle of the green meadow, her eyes on the cascading water which fell with a thunderous roar down the cliff before her. Never in all her ten years had she seen anything like it. It was fascinating, incredible!
    “Kelly, wait for us!”
    Kelly stopped, her eyes never leaving those falls for an instant as she waited for her brothers. Kyle, though faster than his sister when it came to running, was now going slowly, helping Kerry carefully across the grass towards the open meadow were Kelly now stood.
    “Oh,” Kerry breathed, when at last the two boys had reached their sister. “How ... how... I can’t describe it! Can’t we sit down right here? It makes me dizzy looking up so far at it.”
    With great care and gentleness Kyle assisted Kerry to a seat on the sun warmed earth. For several minutes the children sat without saying a word as they stared mesmerized at the beautiful Yosemite Falls. All three children looked more or less alike: nut brown hair, brown eyes and a sprinkling of freckles. They were all the same height but while the other two looked robust and full of life, Kerry was thin and pale. He had just spent the last five months in a hospital recovering from a serious illness and had only been released a few days ago.
    “Kyle,” Kelly broke the stillness. “What do you think of it?”
    Kyle shook his head. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Can you imagine what the first white man who saw this thought? Maybe he camped right here.”
    “He would have had plenty of water,” chuckled Kerry. “Just listen to it roar.”
    “Sounds kind of like the trains back home.”
    Kelly giggled. “Only this one doesn’t have a whistle.”
    Kerry looked sober “I don’t remember what a train sounds like really. All I got to hear were the sirens, beeping monitors, squeaky shoes on the hard white tiles and voices of strangers. I’m more than ready to go home.” He looked at his thin white hands which he knew were so weak that he couldn’t even hold a full water bottle for long.
    All three fell silent. Birds twittered and sang in the trees, and a bee buzzed around the few flowers in the grass. Kerry picked a small yellow flower absently and looked at it, thinking of all the hot house flowers he had in the hospital and his longing for something real, something that had grown out in the sun and wind, even a dandelion. The bee buzzed closer and alighted on his flower. Kerry didn’t move as the bee crawled around the flower and at last flew away.
    “We missed you,” Kelly whispered softly remembering the ache she had felt each meal time when Kerry’s seat was empty.
    “I wonder,” Kyle began when the stillness had become almost unbearable. “Does that waterfall ever stop? I mean does the river or wherever that water is coming from ever dry up?”
    “I don’t know. Let’s ask Dad when he comes back.”
    Quietness once again descended on the triplets, each one busy with his or her own thoughts. This was the first time they had been alone together for more than fifteen minutes since Kerry had become sick. Now together, they didn’t seem to know what to say. They felt different now, older, more grown up and, though no one would have admitted it for the world, they all felt just a little shy of each other.
    Kerry was beginning to get tired from all the excitement and lay back in the grass. He squinted and finally shut his eyes as the sun’s bright rays shone in his face. Kyle at once moved so that his shadow would fall on his brother’s face. Kerry opened his eyes and smiled.
    “I didn’t think I would get this tired of sitting so soon.”
    “Do you want to go back?” Kyle asked anxiously. “We can if you want to.”
    Kerry shook his head. “No, I like it here.” He paused and looked at the towering cliffs. “Do you think,” he began slowly, his eyes moving to his brother’s and then to his sister’s face, “that I will ever be strong enough to climb something like that?”
    Kelly and Kyle looked at each other. What should they say? They didn’t know what the doctor had told Mom and Dad before they left the hospital.
    Kerry was watching their faces. “Do you?” he asked again.
    Kyle spoke then, “I don’t know. Maybe you will.”
    “You are already climbing mountains,” Kelly said softly. “We all are. Mom said each year has many mountains. Some are higher than others and more rugged. I guess kind of like those right by the falls. You know, where it looks impossible to ever get up. And others are gentle with good, well worn trails. Like the ones we used to climb back home. She said the harder the mountain looks, the more we learn to lean on Jesus for help to climb it. And the higher the mountain top is, the closer we become to God on the top. She told me this one day when... when...” her voice choked a little, and she blinked back the tears. “Well, it was when you were so sick. At the first I mean, and I... I asked Mom why... it all happened, and she said it was a mountain range.” Kelly looked away from her brothers and fought back the tears that threatened to spill.
    Kerry reached out and gently squeezed her hand.
    “Dad told me the same thing,” Kyle added. “Only he also said that there were valleys after each mountain. Some, he said, were dry and like a desert and took a lot of courage to go through, and some were green, like this meadow, and were given so we could rest and gain strength for the next mountain ahead. I think we are in a green valley now.” He smiled at Kerry.
    Kerry smiled back and after a few minutes spoke. “Well, we will rest then in our green valley and then together, with God’s help, we’ll climb the next mountain. Who knows, maybe there will be a thirst refreshing waterfall on it.”
    The three children smiled at one another and then gazed once more at the magnificent scene before them. Though they were young, they were learning to face each mountain before them with faith and trust in their Savior and Guide. Knowing that if He went with them, there was nothing to fear, and they could climb the highest mountain and cross the driest valley, for the river of life would be there when most needed.

What do you want next week?
Have you ever been to a big waterfall?
Would you like to go?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Magnabilities Party Extended!

Hi Everyone!
In case you were thinking about placing an order with Magnabilities but hadn't done so yet, we are keeping the party open a little longer as well as the chance to win a FREE insert. It closes tomorrow night at mid-night.

Oh, and did you get to watch the video? I'd love to know what you thought of it. Did it give you a better feel for the jewelry? Did it help you decide what to buy?

When you place your order, it might ask you if you have a Party Code. If it does use this one: 15736 That is the number for my party so your order will be placed under my hostess account. Thanks.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Magnabilities Party Video!

It's here! Finally!
The video that has taken all day to get ready has finally decided that I can share it with you all. I do hope you enjoy it. :)

Enjoy! And just remember, I've never done a video before. :P Don't laugh too hard. :)
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 Remember, the giveaways end at midnight tonight!

Final Magnabilities Party Day!

Wow! Thank you all for coming to my party!
I hope you've enjoyed it. As a final post, Hannah and I decided to make a video showing you some of our favorite things and just talking about Magnabilities. It was rather fun, so I hope you enjoy it.

(Due to the slowness of uploading this video, I decided to give you a few others as you wait. The real one should be up by this evening. Sorry.)

Change your look in seconds with Magnabilities! from Magnabilities on Vimeo.

Watch me pattern match my jewelry! from Magnabilities on Vimeo.

Magnabilities Charm Drop Pendant! from Magnabilities on Vimeo.

Ours will be coming! Just check back this evening. It's rather entertaining. :๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, what did you think? Did this help you make up your mind out what to get first? I'm planning out my order right now and am hoping some of you are doing the same. This party ends Sunday night so make sure you get your orders in before then so it counts as from this party. I just know you're going to love whatever you decide to get!

We will be in touch with our giveaway winners tomorrow as they don't close until midnight tonight.

Thank you all again, for coming to this party and learning about this delightful and fun jewelry.

When you place your order, it might ask you if you have a party code, if so, here it is 15736. Please make sure you include it as it counts any orders with that number under my hostess account and helps me out. :) Thank you.

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Next week we'll return to our regular schedule.
What do you want to read?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Magnabilities Party - Day 4 It's Time to Order!

You made it back!
(Sorry, Friday Fiction Fans, I don't have a story for you today. If you want one, you'll just have to re-read something I've already posted. But next Friday the stories will be back.)
I hope you've been having lots of fun. I know I have. I'm trying to decide just what I am going to purchase. What about you? Have you decided yet? Don't tell me you are one of those people who wait until the very last day to spend money. ;) Okay, I'll admit, I usually do too. And if you are still trying to decide on things, here are more options!

I don’t know about you but I love holidays! Any holiday, really, though Christmas is undoubtedly my favorite. We have all sorts of fun inserts for holidays! The only concern you might have would be having too many options!

  (I agree, Hannah! How are ever going to make up our minds now?)

 And if you have an idea for a holiday insert but can’t find anything close, you can design one yourself! One of my favorite Christmas inserts is one I designed (have you ever noticed nobody seems to like red with snowflakes? It’s always blue!).

I can just see four sisters each wearing a different letter! LOVE it!

I love red, white and blue! What a perfect insert for the 4th of July!

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   Another fun newbie is the Moon Drop pendant. It’s definitely different but so much fun!

That's a different sort of pendant, Hannah. I don't know if it's my style, but some people could wear it just fine. And wait . . . That pendant is a painting! Wouldn't it be fun for art lovers to wear a picture painted by their favorite artist!

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Do you like the sets,
the seasonal,
or the individual inserts best? 

Tomorrow's the last day of the party. Have you enjoyed yourself so far?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Magnabilities Party - Day 3

I'm so glad you came back because I really like today's part of the party!
I think this is one of my favorite parts of Magnabilities! Perhaps it is because I love to create (writing stories and designing covers), perhaps it is because there is another reason. But you have to try it out. It's almost like playing a game. :)
But here's Hannah to tell you all about it.

When I was little I absolutely loved lockets. Still do, in fact. There’s something so special about being able to keep a picture of a loved one close to your heart. While we don’t have lockets, we DO have a way for you to keep those special memories: custom, 1” inserts! These are among the favorites on the entire site. You can upload any picture and arrange it on an insert however you want!

  And if wearing a picture of a loved one isn’t your thing, you can still have fun with the customs. I have a photographer sister and it’s so much fun trying out her beautiful photographs on my inserts! You can see some of the inserts I’ve put together on my site.

You really should check them out! She has some great ones for writers and book lovers too! :) There are also some other really cute ones. You'll just have to go take a look and see. Or go design you own!

 Whether you use a custom or not, these make wonderful gifts (as evidenced by this party: Rebekah wasn’t sure until her sister gave her a set for Christmas)!  These make gift-giving easy: give a person a set and then all upcoming holidays you can add new inserts! It is, quite literally, the gift that keeps giving! With Mother’s day quickly approaching (I just realized today exactly how close it is!) we have the perfect gifts for your mom! Plus, you get the chance to get a free insert, this Mother’s day!

   Try out our Custom Insert designer and share your design in the comments. At the end of the party I’ll pick a commenter at random and that lucky guest will receive their custom designed one for free!

Wow! Now I want to go design a few inserts! I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Ready, set . . . GO!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for one of these two book lover necklace sets! If you can't read what's written because the image is small, they both say "So many books, So little time."

Did you design an insert?
Will you let me see?
Don't forget to come back tomorrow! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Party Day 2 -

 Yay! You came back!
I'm excited about today because you get to try out the fitting room!!!!! And play around with the pendents and the inserts. And Hannah and I get to share some of our favorite pieces with you! I hope you'll return the favor and share some of your favorites with us.

One of my favorite parts of our website is the fitting room! Not sure how something will look? We've got you covered! You can add any items to the fitting room to see how it will look in any combination. PLUS you can add a picture of the top/dress you plan to wear it with to be sure it matches! Watch this video and then try it out for yourself! Leave a comment with a picture of your set!
See your jewelry on the shirt you're wearing! from Miss Maggie on Vimeo.

As hard as it is to pick a favorite we do have a few that we’d like to share with you.

One of my (Hannah) personal favorites is probably our regal wrap bracelet which first came out last year. While not one of the fanciest items we have it’s absolutely gorgeous and great for a more casual look. Plus, with the release of our new spring catalog we now have the bracelet in 3 colors: black, brown and navy!

Another favorite is the Glam Drop bittie pendant in antique silver. This is one of the fancier pendants so I only wear it on special occasions but so far it’s been perfect for those!

 Wow, those are pretty, Hannah. I've never tried one of the bracelets. I'm not much of a bracelet person, but I might have to see what these are like. They almost look like a watch.
Choosing a favorite for me is hard because I really haven't gotten to try much, but I did put together a necklace set that I really like. Since I am a writer, this insert, which Hannah designed by the way, just fit me perfectly.

I picked a Waterdrop necklace, and the lovely Bloom Pendent. It reminds me of a rose, or a daisy. And that old typewriter is just perfect.
I'm sure that I could come up with many other sets, inserts that I love, pendents that would be fun to wear . . . If I only had the time. 

Now it's your turn! Share you lovely combination with us in a comment! And don't forget to enter the giveaway. And share about this with your friends.

Did you try the Fitting room?
Will you be back tomorrow? 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Party Day 1 Join the Fun!

It's party time!!!!!!
I'm so glad you all could come to my very first party. I've never hosted a party like this before so please stick with me and enjoy yourself. :)
When I first heard of Magnabilities, I wasn't quite sure I was interested. I mean, after all, I didn't wear a lot of necklaces. But my sister got me a Magnabilities necklace and two inserts for Christmas that year. They were more fun than I had thought. And then earlier this year, Hannah held a Magnabilities Open House and got to play with them, try them out, and even win an new insert! I loved them! And I hope you do too!
Now I'll let Hannah have the floor. Hannah?

Hello! My name is Hannah Covington and I am your Magnabilities consultant for this party!  I am a homeschool graduate, interested in all things books, gardens and fashion! Having grown up not far from Rebekah, we’ve always been close so it seemed only natural to get with her to share this fun jewelry!

   When I first heard about Magnabilities jewelry almost 2 years ago I was enthralled. My sister and I were at a vendor event and stopped at a booth with all sorts of fun inserts and pendants. I am a fashion lover so I naturally fell in love with it. My sister tends to care more for comfort than styles and so rarely wore jewelry but even she was very interested in the new concept of interchangeable jewelry and now, 2 years later she wears Magnabilities frequently.

 Magnabilities is interchangeable, customizable, magnetic jewelry that can transform any woman’s jewelry collection! It’s a simple concept really: choose a pendant and necklace and add the insert of your choice!

With only a few pieces you can match almost any outfit and occasion you need! Plus, we have matching earrings for many of the sets! Like I said, any outfit, any occasion.

  I hope you’ll join Rebekah and I over the next few days as we share Magnabilities unique new jewelry with you! Check out my site through her special party link and don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments!

 Also, be sure to enter to win our awesome door prize! I’ll be giving away one of these lovely sets at the end of the party! You won't want to miss out on this one! 

"So many books, So little time" insert, pendent and ribbon necklace! I just love this one!  And if you are a book lover, enter! And if you know someone else who loves books, share this party with them!
(Sorry, we can't ship outside the US and Canada.)
(We just got a new one created so the winner can choose which one she wants. :))

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for more delightful things!
Which of these is your favorite?

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Lesson in Contentment - Part 6

Good morning Friday Fiction Fans!
It's a rainy morning here. It rained some yesterday, but the sun came out mid afternoon and it was lovely. It's supposed to be in the 50's today and tomorrow, then back to being warmer.

This week has been delightfully empty. :) No weddings, receptions, nursery, elections, or friends from Canada. I've gotten a lot done on my projects and a lot of writing. :)
  • Monday I wrote 1,600+ words. And, for those of you who are interested, I finished writing "Dylan's Story" and now it waits for the editor to read the last of it. (If any of you are interested in being test/beta readers, you can sign up here and I'll be in contact.)
  • On Tuesday I started a little bit early on my writing and with the help of many word sprints, I reached a record breaking total of 3,200+ words!
  • And then came Wednesday. Since I joined Camp NaNo, I have been wanting to spend one day writing. Not all day mind you, but most of it. So Wednesday became the chosen day. I sprinted before breakfast. I wrote and sprinted after breakfast, and then took a brisk walk with Sis before writing some more. After lunch I wrote. After supper I wrote until my brain was so tired I had to say I was done. I had reached a record of 6,030 words!!!!!! Yeah! Crazy! But it was so much fun! And all those words were on "Hymns in the Hills" in case you were interested. :)
  • Yesterday my brain was still tired so I only wrote 1,200+ words.
  • So far this week I've written over 12k words!
We'll see if I write any today since the kids are all coming over after naps and we'll eat supper together before my brother and his wife come and we all go out for ice cream to celebrate my mom's and my birthday (which is tomorrow.)
I should write some tomorrow as my cabin is doing another "cabin sprint" at 9 in the morning. That's fun. :)

Oh, next week there is going to be a party right here on this blog! It starts on Tuesday and ends on Saturday! I hope you all can come! I was going to do it this week, but things weren't working out and we decided that next week would be better.

I hope you'll come join me!

And now that I've taken up a lot more of your time than I usually do, I'll let you read the final part of this story. Enjoy!

A Lesson in Contentment
Part 6
The End

    After the prayer, Kelsey yawned and remarked, “I’m glad my bed isn’t on the top bunk.”
    The other girls laughed and Mrs. McKenzie, reminded of the lateness of the hour, hustled the younger girls off to bed. “Let Lottie and Kelsey have some dinner. I declare I’m so bewildered that I don’t know what I’m about. They should have eaten when they got home!”
    “Don’t worry, Mom,” Lottie called, “I had popcorn at the party and wasn’t very hungry until now. Too much excitement, I guess.”
    “Kels, are you hungry?” Lauren asked.
    Kelsey shook her head. “No, I guess not. I’m just tired. Where are my crutches, Lot? I think I’ll go to bed with the younger ones tonight.”
    Mr. McKenzie stood up. “No crutches tonight for you, Kels. And no stairs either. At least not on your own.” He scratched his chin in puzzlement. “How’re we going to manage it, girls? The stairs are a might narrow, and I don’t think I could manage to carry you up.”
    Lottie stood in the doorway leading into the dining room, a plate of food in her hand, as she listened. “Couldn’t Mike carry her up tonight? The doctor said she could use the crutches tomorrow, if she felt up for it. She could come down then if she wanted.”
    Kelsey looked from her father to her sister’s fiancรฉ. She trusted Mike, but she was puzzled about going down the stairs on her crutches. What if she ended up being stuck up there?
    “What do you say, Kels?”
    Blinking, Kelsey realized she had stopped listening. “What?”
    Mr. McKenzie chuckled. “I was just asking if you wanted Mike to carry you up, or if you’d rather sleep on the couch tonight.”
    An exhausted feeling swept over her right at that moment and she fought to keep her eyes open. “I don’t know,” she mumbled in the midst of a yawn.
    “Maybe she should sleep here tonight, Dad. Then she won’t have to move tomorrow if she wants to be in on the action.” Lauren was good at solving troublesome problems. “I know Mike could carry her up, but the stairs are rather narrow, as you said. She might bump her leg. Besides, if we talk a few more minutes, I think she’ll be asleep right where she is.”
    Kelsey gave a slight smile and let her eyes close. “Night,” she murmured, nestling her head into a more comfortable position on the pillow and relaxing into sleep.


    “Kels, guess what?” Belle and Shannon came racing into the room where Kelsey was reclining on the couch with a book.
    She looked up at her eager, excited sisters. “What?”
    “The car is here again!” Belle exclaimed.
    “What car?” Kelsey didn’t bother to attempt to turn and look out the window.
    “You know. The one that was here yesterday to take you and Lot to the party. With Zoe and her brother,” seven-year-old Shannon said.
    “Just the car is here?” questioned Lottie, coming into the room. “My, I didn’t know it was such a remarkable car.”
    “It’s not just the car, it’s them too.”
    Finding her bookmark, Kelsey slipped it between the pages, saying as she did so, “Don’t stand talking, go answer the front door, Lottie.” She wondered if it was both Zoe and Wally or just one of them.
    It turned out to be both, and Lottie ushered them into the living room.
    “Hi,” Kelsey greeted them quietly. “Would you like to sit?”
    “Oh, Kels!” Zoe cried, rushing over to her and carefully hugging her. “I’m so glad you weren’t hurt any worse! How’s the leg? Does it hurt awfully? How long are you going to be laid up?”
    “Hold up a minute, Zoe,” laughed Wally. “You haven’t even given her half a chance to answer. How are you doing, Kelsey?”
    “I’ll be all right. The pain isn’t bad, but the doctor said I was to rest and take it easy for the first week, and then he thought I could get out and about, if I were careful. I just wish I could go see how Mrs. Stuebanks is.”
    “Oh, Kels,” broke in Lottie, perching herself on the arm of a chair since Zoe had seated herself on the couch next to her sister and Wally didn’t seem interested in sitting. “I forgot to tell you, Mair and I went up there this morning and they said she was doing just fine. They said to thank you for saving her life and they’re going to keep a better eye on her.”
    At the news Kelsey relaxed, a happy smile on her face. “Thanks for checking, Lot. And thank you, Zoe.”
    “What for?”
    “For inviting us to your party and for convincing Lauren that we should go. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been there to see Mrs. Stuebanks when she needed help.” She gave a little shrug. “What’s a broken bone compared to being killed or at least seriously injured?”
    Zoe had no reply.
    Before the silence had a chance to grow awkward, Lauren entered the room, casually greeted the visitors whom she knew from school, and before long the younger girls, unable to remain away from the action, drifted in and were introduced.
    It was a delightful afternoon, and when Zoe and her brother reluctantly said they must leave, Zoe promised to return again soon.
    “There isn’t any need to,” Kelsey said. “Don’t feel obligated or anything.”
    “I won’t,” Zoe promised gaily. “I like you McKenzies, and I plan to be here as often as you’ll let me. Good bye!”
    The girls, except Kelsey, gathered on the front porch and waved as Wally pulled away from the curb.
    “You know, Wally,” Zoe remarked, when the house with eight girls had disappeared behind them, “I really like them, and Kelsey never once complained about being laid up this summer. All she could think about was the old woman she had saved.”
    “She could be a lesson to us all, couldn’t she?” Wally said thoughtfully. “A lesson in contentment with what God brings into our lives, as well as a reminder to think of others more than ourselves.”

Have you ever known someone who taught you
something without knowing they did?
Did you enjoy this story?
Will you be at my party next week?

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Lesson in Contentment - Part 5

Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans,
It's overcast this morning but not cool. Yesterday was sunny and 80ยบ. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same which is good because we have a wedding to attend. :)
Yesterday I spend most of the day helping decorate for the wedding. It was such fun. :) The colors are navy and white and yellow. And she has daisies for flowers.

It's been another one of those crazy weeks. With a wedding last Saturday, then my best friend #2 and her family were down for a visit from Canada, and I went to the park with them on Monday, went out to lunch with just my best friends on Tuesday and then got to bring her 2 year old down to play on our swings and slide for a while Wednesday morning, I've been busy.

I have almost gotten 5k written. Hopefully I can get the last few hundred words written today and tomorrow morning. "Dylan's Story" is almost done. I'm wrapping things up. :)

There are probably other things I could talk about, but I don't feel like I'm making much sense, and as I have other things to do today, so I'll let you get on with this next part of the story. Enjoy!

A Lesson in Contentment
Part 5

    “Of course we’re not going back,” Zoe exclaimed. “The party was almost over anyway. Wally and I are going to drive you and Lottie to the hospital in his car. Your parents will meet us there. We thought you’d like that better than going in an ambulance.”
    “I don’t need a hospital,” Kelsey scoffed, wincing slightly, but determined. “I’ll be fine after a few days of rest at home.”
    Wally spoke up. “Kelsey, we think your leg is broken.”
    “Who’s we?” Kelsey’s eyes moved from the young man’s face to her leg stretched out before her, and then back to Wally’s face.
    “Mr. Parson, the officer, me and another gentleman. Somethings wrong with it, Kelsey. It needs an x-ray, and a doctor.”
    For a long time Kelsey sat in silence. How could her leg be broken? The car hadn’t hit her, had it? If it was broken, why didn’t it hurt sooner? She didn’t want to ride with Wally and Zoe. It was kind of them to offer, but she’d rather go with Mike and Lauren. If she had only called them sooner– No, then Mrs. Stuebanks would probably have been hit by that car! But there was still time if Lottie would go call Mike–
    “Kels,” Lottie whispered, leaning close to her sister. “I’m going to go get our skates, okay?”
    Kelsey nodded. They should get them even if they waited for Mike. The throbbing in her temples had returned, and she leaned her head back, wishing the back of the chair was higher.


    They were home. Kelsey looked wearily out the station wagon windows at the lighted windows of the house. Night had settled around, and Kelsey remembered how long the shadows were becoming when she had sat outside the skating rink. Was it only a few hours ago? The front door was flung open as the car pulled to a stop in the street before it, and her younger sisters rushed out followed by Lauren and Mike. Kelsey glanced at her leg. It was in a plaster cast and lay resting on the backseat, while a pair of crutches was in the back with Lottie. Her leg had been broken. The doctor said it wasn’t a bad break, but she wouldn’t be walking on it for at least six weeks. Six weeks of hobbling about the house. Six weeks of not going up to the home to visit the old folks who had become her friends. Six weeks of–
    The car door opened and five voices all talking at once broke the quiet of the car. Though her leg still ached, and she felt tired, Kelsey couldn’t help smiling. She knew she had become a very important member of the family because she was the only one to have broken any bones. At least so far.
    “Kels,” her dad, after gently pushing aside his younger daughters, leaned in to say, “I’m going to let Mike carry you inside, all right?”
    “Sure, Dad. I’ll take to the crutches later, after I’ve had a bit of a rest.”
    “Good girl. Just wait until tomorrow, like the doctor suggested.” Mr. McKenzie patted her shoulder and moved back to let Mike take his place.
    As he carried her across the yard, Mike grinned down at her. “If you didn’t want to stay at the party, you could have just called me instead of taking such drastic measures,” he teased. “And I thought you were the one who hated to be the center of attention in a crowd.”
    Feeling her cheeks grow warm, Kelsey gave a little laugh. “I really don’t know where all the people came from. There was no one anywhere except me and Mrs. Stuebanks. And then suddenly there were people everywhere. I think people just come out of the woodwork when accidents happen.”
    “It sometimes seems that way. Well, I’ve a feeling you’ll be the center of attention for quite some time now,” and he gently placed her on the worn couch in the living room.
    Instantly her sisters swarmed around her, talking and asking questions, trying to get her a glass of water, a blanket, a pillow, and begging her to tell them all about it.
    “All right now, all of you be quiet,” Mrs. McKenzie ordered firmly. “Give Kels a chance to catch her breath. Mair, fetch her a glass of water. Hand me that pillow, Ell. The rest of you be still.” As she had talked, Mrs. McKenzie had deftly slipped the pillow behind Kelsey’s back while Lauren carefully settled the injured leg on another one and then spread a light blanket over her.
    When the water was brought, Kelsey drank thirstily. “You know,” she remarked, after draining the glass and handing it back to her sister, “I think that was the first water I’ve drunk since I left for the party.”
    “No, it wasn’t,” Lottie laughed. “Mr. Parson gave you a glass of water and you drank some of it.”
    “I did? I don’t remember that. But everything was rather a blur for a time.”
    “Tell the story now, please?” Belle, the youngest sister, begged in a whisper.
    Kelsey was a remarkably good storyteller and, in spite of the pain and exhaustion, she told the tale well. Lottie had to fill in much of what had taken place once Kelsey had been carried to the drugstore, for Kelsey didn’t know everything and wasn’t sure just what had happened.
    When the story was finally told, everyone fell silent until Mr. McKenzie said, “I think we need to take a moment and thank the Lord for His protection this afternoon.”
    Every head bowed as he thanked God for protection and asked for healing for Kelsey and Mrs. Stuebanks, if she was also injured.

Have you ever broken a bone?
Do you like being the center of attention?
Was your week busy, or just normal?