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Dr. Morgan - Part 5

Humph! I had published this but for some strange reason it decided it was a draft. :P Sorry!!
Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans!
How has your week been? Mine? Well, have you ever gone  into something already tired and a bit overwhelmed and then things just seem to pile on top of each other after that and you can't seem to get back on your feet or get your head above water? If you have, you have a glimpse of my week. :P I was already tired and feeling overwhelmed when we went into Family Camp, but it was such fun and I really enjoyed it.
That was Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
On Monday we were trying to get caught up on all kinds of things and I was tired. And that evening my best friends came down and showed us pictures from a trip, then I chatted with a heart-sister about her news. And so I didn't write.
Tuesday was crazy trying to get things done, get ready for writing classes, decide if I should not do somethings because I was too busy. I didn't get to write that evening either.
Wednesday came and writing classes. I was tired after they were all over.
Then came yesterday. All week I'd been on the edge of something. Was the day going to be another rough one? No!!! In fact it was a great day! I got things really worked on felt as though I accomplished things before lunch! I helped finish the apples and then did something I've thought of doing off and on for several years, but never was sure I'd like it. I got my hair layered. I like it. :) We had a delightful supper and Grandpa came all the way from KC to take me to a concert. At first I was hesitant. I mean I haven't even gotten to write since sometime last week. Not really write anyway. But I went. Oh wow! I wish you could have all gone. It was the Ariel Quartet. And they are all 28 years old. They started the quartet in Israel when they were all 13. Yep, that means they've been playing together for 15 years! They were so much fun to watch and listen to. I came home feeling re-invigorated and ready to go on with life. My feet were under me and my head was above water. I'm very glad I went.

And you already know I haven't gotten writing done. Except for 15 -20 minutes here and there I haven't written anything. How sad. And I'm in the middle of a new story too. And of course you all want me to get back to TCR and Dr. Morgan. I will, I will. Just give me time. :)

But here is the next part of Dr. Morgan. Thanks, Abigail, for being so faithful in commenting.

Part 5

    They were days when no one could calm the girl who had appeared so suddenly from the mountains, days when she clung to Dr. Morgan, calling him Matt and crying for Kathleen, days when the fever filled eyes swam with tears and she kept sobbing over and over, “No, no, no!”
    Dr. Morgan fought the fever with all the knowledge and skill he possessed, seeking advice from Dr. Stern who came out every other day, and praying constantly. Never had he been faced with a situation quite like this before. He scarcely slept except in snatches here and there. His eating was as irregular as his sleeping. How it would all end, he didn’t know.
    The two little ones who had arrived with the exhausted Amy, had both been released from the hospital and were staying with the Morgans. All had been hoping that Danny would be able to tell them a few things, but aside from asking for “Maimie” for the first few days, he seemed to accept his new life without a thought as to what it had been before.

    One day when Heather, the oldest child in the Morgan family, was visiting her parents with her three small children, she remarked to Sara, “Danny and Jenny are so cute, I wonder what their story is.”
    “You and all the rest of us,” Sara sighed, looking down at the blanket on the floor where Jenny was trying to decide if she would go to sleep.
    “How’s Justin doing?” Heather asked next.
    Sara shrugged. “I haven’t seen him since they came.”
    Heather looked surprised. “Haven’t you been down to the hospital?”
    “No, Mom has gone but I’ve stayed with the little ones.”
    For several minutes Heather was silent. Then she stood up. “Let’s both go down.”
    “And leave the babies?”
    “Lucas is sleeping and Jenny is almost asleep. I’m sure Mom and Adam won’t mind keeping an eye on the others. Come on,” she coaxed. “We’ll take him some of the pie you just made.”
    At that Sara laughed. “Okay, if Mom agrees to watch the others.
    Mrs. Morgan readily agreed and the sisters departed with more than a piece of pie for Justin.
    Arriving at the hospital, Heather looked up at the name carved into the stone above the door. “I haven’t been in this place since it was a hotel.”
    “Me either.” Sara said, then amending her statement added, “I mean I haven’t been here since the renovations have been finished.”
    In the lobby they met Justin coming down the stairs. His shoulders sagged and he looked worn out, but his face brightened when he saw his sisters. “Hi,” he greeted them.
    “You look almost ready to drop,” Heather told him after a hug.
    Giving a tired smile, he sighed.
    “How is she?” Sara asked, rightly reading more than tiredness in his face.
    “Amy? I left her sleeping with Nurse Franklin on watch since I had to send Mrs. Jones home to rest. She was more worn out than I am. I just came down to grab a bite of something.”
    “Well, we got here at just the right time then,” Heather smiled taking the basket from her younger sister. “Care for a piece of fresh apple pie?”
    For answer Justin sat down on the lowest step and reached for the basket. His sisters watched him eat hungrily while they told him about the children. At last he stood up. “Thanks. That will keep me going for a while.”
    “Just,” Sara asked hesitatingly, “Can we . . . I mean would we be allowed to . . .”
    Understanding her unfinished questions, he nodded. “If you want to see her, come on up. Her fever isn’t contagious.”
    Silently Sara and Heather followed their brother up the steps and down the quiet hall. Pausing at the door, they waited while Justin told them softly, “If Amy is awake, don’t be surprised if she tells you to go away. One minute she hates me and then next tells me I’m the only one who loves her.” He made a slight face.
    With the opening of the door, he instantly became Dr. Morgan again not just Justin. His sisters noticed the change and felt a new respect for him. Never had they seen him in his role as physician and both halted instinctively just inside the door.
    “Matt!” the voice, pleading and weak came from the bed as Dr. Justin approached. “Where’s Kathleen? Where is she?” There was a frantic, hysterical tone in the voice and Amy clutched his arm like a drowning person clutches a life preserver.
    “Shh,” Dr. Morgan soothed, “Kathleen’s all right—”
    He got no farther for, as he moved closer to the bed, the feverish eyes of the girl rested on the two in the doorway. With a glad cry, Amy held out shaking arms. “Kathleen!”
    After a quick glance at Heather, Sara took a step towards the bed. Was she calling her?
    But Amy’s arms fell down and she whimpered, “I want Kathleen.”
    “Heather,” Dr. Morgan spoke low. He nodded towards the bed and swiftly Heather came over.
    “I’m right here, Dear,” she comforted, brushing back the girl’s light hair from her hot face. “There’s no need to fret, just relax and go to sleep now.”
    “Every thing's all right?”
    “Perfectly all right. Now I want you to drink this for me.” Gently lifting Amy’s head, Heather held the glass Justin had pushed into her hands to the girl’s lips. “That’s right. There now, just close your eyes and get some sleep.”
    “You won’t leave me, will you?” Amy murmured.
    “No, Dear, I can stay for a while.” And, after glancing swiftly at her brother and seeing the chair he had quietly placed beside the bed, sat down.
    “Sing,” begged Amy.
    Knowing she wasn’t a very good singer, Heather hesitated a moment. Sara and Justin were the singers of the family, they should sing. Besides, what does one sing to someone so ill? How could she sing before these others?

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Abigail in WI said...

I can't wait to read the next part and see what happens next!! :)

Rebekah said...

I wish I had more time to get more of this written. I still don't know what happens. :P Glad you are enjoying it. It has certainly been interesting to write since it isn't at all like any of my other stories. :)