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Dr. Morgan - Part 3

Good Morning FFFs,
I trust you are all staying busy. :) I certainly am! But right now it is pretty quiet. Yes, I can hear the traffic on Broadway, but it isn't too bad and I can still hear the soft tweets of small birds, the call of a blue jay and see the leaves moving gently in the morning breeze. The sun is just coming up. It is not yet high enough to make it hard for me to look out my window, but the sky is a very light blue and the few wispy clouds are a glowing white in the morning light. I'm trying to soak up this quiet before the day gets busy and I'm off running again.
As a friend put it, "I'm traveling 90 mph in life right now." :) I sort of feel the same way. However, along with my fast speed (where are the policemen to pull me over and make me go slower?) there are events, happenings, deadlines over the next hill, around the next curve or beyond the trees ahead. With those coming up, it sure makes things harder when you're traveling so fast. :P

You what to see what I've been doing? This is just the start. On Friday we went to JoAnns! It's now open! Yay! A big JoAnns instead of the tiny closet of one we've had since the tornado. And it rained! That was wonderful.
Saturday wasn't too busy but Mom and I again went to JoAnns and then to Hobby Lobby. I know we did other things that day and Friday, but in a way it seems so long ago that I can't remember what it was. :P
On Sunday we took three of our friends with us to church (the rest of their family was in Canada) and we didn't leave until after 3:00! I did get to hold my Princess and she fell asleep. :) At one point after lunch I was watching Funny Boy (almost 3), J-J (17 months), Sweet Pea (2 years), Doodle Bug (14 months), and Princess (almost a year) all by myself. :) Oh, little ones are such fun!
Monday came and I decided it really would be a good idea if I at least started planning for writing classes. :P And I was trying to get other things done.
And Tuesday came with more things to get done and they weren't getting done because I was reading.  Yes, I do get that way. Give me a good book and I'll have a hard time getting other things done.
On Wednesday I spent most of the morning getting the writing class room ready, organizing some things and thinking of new ideas for classes. My first students arrived at 5 till 1:00. Having three classes in one afternoon makes for a busy afternoon. The last class wasn't over until 4:15, but everyone didn't leave until about 5:00.
Yesterday a friend came over to learn how to quilt, we went to Connie's to check on our booth, I did get some drawing done, and then spent over an hour with one of my best friends who just came back from Canada.
And that is just the beginning! We are babysitting tomorrow, have a birthday party on Sunday, babysit again on Tuesday, have our church's family camp coming up, and I counted at least 20 things I needed to work on. And yes, one of those things was writing. I've only written one of Priscilla's letters and a little bit on a Dr. Morgan and a TCR.

But here is Dr. Morgan part 3. If you haven't read parts 1 and 2, go up and find the page labeled "Dr. Morgan." Since this is a "new" story, I really hope you'll tell me what you think of it.

Part 3

    “Dr. Morgan, the x-rays are ready whenever you want them.”
    Justin glanced up from a chart. “Thanks, Stacy. I’ll be right there.”
    For a moment, Dr. Justin Morgan continued to study the chart in his hand then, with a slight frown, he set it back down, glanced at his watch and left the office. Striding down the narrow hallway he soon reached another room where a young intern was adjusting an x-ray on a screen.
    “Well, Philips, what does it look like?”
    The young man turned. “Not bad, Dr. Morgan,” he replied. “A slight fracture right here.” He pointed to the screen before him.
    For some time only the low murmur of their voices could be heard as together the young intern and the nearly as young doctor studied the pictures. At last, Justin turned away remarking, “I’ll be back later when Dr. Stern comes. I think you’re right about the bone having only a slight break, but I don’t like the look of the leg.”
    Dr. Morgan started back down the hall stifling  a yawn. He would go check on the babies and Amy and then perhaps he could catch a few winks of sleep. Dr. Stern would get here when he could, but it was a good two or three hour drive from Jackson to this small mountain town.
    Justin took the stairs two at a time from the old hotel lobby to the second floor. Though the hotel had been changed into a hospital, the former lobby with all its guilt and trim had been kept much the same. It had always been a dream of Justin Morgan to start a hospital in his home town, and for this he had worked hard, gathering to his side as staff and hospital personnel, other doctors, interns and nurses. When no property could be had cheap enough to build a hospital, Mr. Morgan had suggested to his son the renovation of the old hotel which had been vacated only a few years before for a newer one closer to the highway. This had met with approval and the work began. When Dr. Stern, a successful doctor in the prime of life, heard of this new venture, he volunteered his services as consulting physician for anything Dr. Morgan and his staff couldn’t handle. This offer greatly boosted Justin’s idea from dream into reality.
    Now, nearly six months from the start of the project, the hospital was complete and even had its first three patients.
    As Dr. Morgan approached room 207, he could hear laughing. Wondering, he opened the door to find little Danny flirting with two nurses.
    “What is going on here?”
    The nurses turned, “He won’t sleep, Doctor,” one of them offered.
    “After a good nap earlier and a good meal, he seems ready to go,” the second nurse put in. “Neither of us can get the little tyke to stop playing.”
    Dr. Morgan couldn’t help a slight smile at the little fellow who gazed up at him out of large blue eyes and then gave a crooked grin. “How old are you, Danny?” he asked glancing at the chart by his bed.
    With another impish grin at the two nurses, little Danny held up three fingers.
    “Why, Dr. Morgan,” Nurse Franklin exclaimed, “how did you get him to tell? We’ve tried several times, and he never would tell us how old he is.”
    “The child recognizes an authority figure when he sees one,” was the reply in pretended haughty tones, but with a pleased look at Danny.
    Danny giggled as his temperature was taken and then snuggled down with a sleepy look. Dr. Morgan regarded him in silence until his eyes closed and he fell asleep. Then, turning to the nurses, he spoke softly.
    “He still has a bit of a fever. One of you keep an eye on him and let me know when he wakes up.”
    With that he left the room.
    Across the hall, he entered a second room. There he found Jenny sleeping under the careful eye of Nurse Allen.
    At his questioning she said, “Her fever is still high, but she seems to have perked up more after the last feeding.”
    “Good. I wonder how old she is?” This last was almost to himself.
    “I can’t say for sure, Doctor, but I’d guess she’s about ten months.”
    With a nod and a promise to return later, he continued his rounds.

    It was in room 212 that he stopped next. The shades were drawn so as to let in only a little light which fell upon the still figure in the white bed.
    “Any change?” this was asked of the older nurse sitting by the bed.
    She shook her head. “None, Sir. She just lies here without moving except for moaning and tossing her head.”
    “Can you get any liquid down her?”
    Again Nurse Jones shook her head. “Not much. Only a swallow now and then.”
    “Well, keep trying. I think we’ll have to start an IV feeding just to get liquid in her if she doesn’t respond soon.” As he spoke, Dr. Morgan glanced at the bandage on her leg. He was trying to decide if he should look at it now or wait, when as soft knock was heard on the door.
    Stepping to it, Justin opened it.
    “Dr. Stern just arrived, Sir,” Intern Phillips whispered.
    “Thanks. I’ll be right down.” A few quiet instructions to the nurse and then Justin hurried down to the lobby.

    “Dr. Stern, I’m glad you’re here. You certainly made good time,” the young doctor greeted the veteran with a hearty handshake. “I hope this call didn’t interrupt anything too important.”
    With a smile Dr. Stern replied, “Only my morning nap.” Then looking keenly at Dr. Morgan, he added, “You look as though you missed yours.”
    “Don’t remind me,” Justin begged. “But come,” he added suddenly businesslike, “and I’ll fill you in.”
    Leading the way to his own office, Dr. Morgan remained closeted there for a quarter of an hour.

Questions, comments, thoughts?
Do you like this story?
Should I keep working on it and posting it?

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