Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr. Morgan - Part 4

What a wonderful rainy morning, Friday Fiction Fans,
Even if today is the first day of our church's family camp. It rained most of, if not all of last night and it's still raining. There is rain in the forecast for the rest of the weekend so we may have a very memorable camp. :)
I can't spend a long time on here this AM since we are trying to leave at 9:30 to get all the groceries bought. S is in charge of the kitchen, of course. She loves cooking and being the one in there. As for me, I'll stay out and do other things. ;)

This week was crazy.
Friday we stayed home!
Saturday came and I mowed half the yard before breakfast, then we got to babysit Princess all day!!! She was such fun and so good!
Sunday after church we went to Pickle Puss's 6th birthday party. Her birthday is really this Sunday, but since we'd be at camp, the party was last Sunday.
Monday was busy trying to get a lot done on my long list of things to do.
Tuesday I had three new writing students come for a class in the morning, and then S & I babysat the kiddos that evening.
Wednesday was only the second day we got to stay home this week, and it was busy trying to get more things done, preparing the story I'm telling at character class at camp and trying to get some things figured out.
Yesterday we headed out about 9:25 to get to JoAnn's Grand Opening in time to receive a $10. gift card. (They were giving them out to the first 100 people.) We stood in line about 30 minutes, but we all got one. :) I also got some fabric for a project I'm going to do. Went some place else and then to Connie's. Last night we had Funny Boy and Doodle Bug over all evening. The others had to go to a meeting. I was supposed to go to, but I didn't want to and since there really wasn't any need for me to go I stayed home, played with the little boys and worked on stuff for camp. The boys didn't get picked up until 10:00! They were both tired and so were we.
So there is my week in a nutshell.

I managed to write Monday and Wednesday evenings. That was it. I'm "hoping" I can write more next week. We'll see.

I hope you enjoy this next part of Dr. Morgan. Let me know what you think of it, please.

Part 4

    “This is the X-ray of her leg. As you can see, here,” and Dr. Morgan pointed, “there seems to be a slight fracture of the bone.”
    Dr. Stern nodded. “Yes, I can see that, though it doesn’t look serious.”
    “I agree,” Justin sighed. “But I’m quite concerned about the infection in her leg.”
    “Suppose I take a look now.”
    Soon the two doctors were walking along the hall. “This is quite a set-up you have here,” Dr. Stern remarked, admiring the gilt and trim in the lobby.
    Justin gave a chuckle. “No one would guess this was a hospital from the outside or the lobby.”
    “It’s not the looks that matter, it’s the work done inside that counts.”
    “That’s what my mother says,” agreed Justin. “Here we are.” His voice hushed as he opened the door to the room where Amy lay.
    Nurse Jones looked up. “No change,” she said softly.
    Dr. Morgan nodded. Swiftly removing the bandage on the injured leg, he stepped back so that Dr. Stern might take a look.
    “The other thing I’m concerned about, Sir,” Justin continued, after the leg had been examined and suggestions offered by Dr. Stern, “is her condition otherwise.”

    It was afternoon by the time Dr. Stern left the hotel turned hospital. Dr. Morgan followed him out to his car. “I think you’re on the right track with the girl’s treatment,” Dr. Stern remarked, opening his car door. “There’s not much a person can do except wait for them to wake up.”
    “Thank you, Sir, for coming out.” Dr. Justin held out his hand. “I feel more confident having talked things over with you.”
    With a smile, Dr. Stern shook the offered hand. “Glad I could help out. And Justin,” he added, using for the first time, the young doctor’s first name, “please don’t hesitate to call me anytime day or night. Even if you just want a second opinion about something, give me a ring.”
    “I will, Sir. Thanks again.”
    Dr. Stern gave a wave, backed out onto the road and headed off to Jackson.
    Turning back to the hospital, Justin suddenly felt exhausted. He had been up since six o’clock yesterday morning and it was now nearly two. “I’ll grab a bite to eat and then, . . . no.” He shook his head. “Philips,” he called to the young orderly coming down the hall.
    “Yes sir?”
    “I’m going to go take a nap in my office. Wake me up if there is any change in any of the patients or if I’m needed for anything.”
    The intern nodded and Justin turned to his office. There he had fixed a cot for just such a time though he had wondered if he would ever need it. Now he was thankful it was there. Stumbling over to it, he sank down and was asleep before his head touched the pillow.

    “Dr. Morgan!”
    Justin heard his name called and felt someone shaking his shoulder. For a moment he couldn’t remember where he was.
    “Dr. Morgan,” the voice persisted.
    Suddenly it all came back to him. His eyes flew open and he sat up quickly. “I’m awake Philips. What is it?”
    Andrew Philips stepped back from the cot now that Justin was awake. “It’s the girl in 212, Sir. She’s delirious and Nurse Jones sent me for you.”
    “Thanks.” That was all Justin said, but as he sprang up, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door, he gave his young intern a quick hand clasp before rushing for the stairs.
    Up in room 212, Dr. Morgan discovered his patient muttering and talking, trying to feebly push back the covers, turning her head restlessness  while the nurse stood beside the bed trying to soothe and calm her.
    “There, there, Child,” Nurse Jones took one of the thin hands in her own. “Everything will be all right. Just go to sleep now.”
    “No!” Amy exclaimed, her eyes bright with fever and her lips parched. “I can’t let them go! No, they are mine! Why are you here?” She demanded of Dr. Morgan when she caught sight of him. “You’re dead. No one lived. You’re an impostor!”
    The doctor and nurse exchanged glances. What was she talking about? Would her wild talk tell them anything about who she was or who the children were? Was she their mother? She looked too young for that, yet . . .
    “Amy,” Dr. Morgan spoke quietly, placing a hand on her burning face and then laying steady fingers on her wrist. “I’m Dr. Morgan. It is all going to be all right now.”
    For a moment the girl stared at him, then in pitiful, pleading tones she begged as she clutched his hand, “Oh, please, don’t let anyone take them from me. She was, . . . the sister I never had,” and her lips trembled though her eyes remained dry.
    “No one is going to take anything from you,” Justin assured, nodding to the nurse. “Now drink this for me, won’t you?” he coaxed, raising her head and holding a glass to her lips.
    After a swallow or two, Amy turned her head away saying in a complete change of tone, “Of course they’re only paper dolls. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters any more.” Her eyes closed and she lay still. Her watchers scarcely dared to breathe, hoping she had fallen asleep. That hope was a vain one, for half a minute later a cough shook the thin form and the large, dark, fever filled eyes opened. “Matt,” she whispered between coughs, “don’t forget . . . the others.” She clutched Dr. Morgan’s hand, breathing rapidly. “You won’t forget?”
    “I won’t. Now go to sleep,” Justin replied quietly, remaining where he was while his keen eyes watched his patient.
    This time the eyes did close in sleep. Not a refreshing, strength renewing sleep, only a sleep of exhaustion.
    And thus began the long, tedious, hours. Hours which turned into days and nights all running together.

Any thoughts about this part?
Should I post the next part next week?
What do you think of this story?


Abigail in WI said...

This week's part really caught my interest and I can't wait to read the next it next week, please? ;)

Rebekah said...

This part was the first one I had written this year. I was rather intrigued myself when I wrote it. :) Glad you enjoyed it.