Friday, March 2, 2018

HitH - Simply Trusting - Part 3

Hello FFFs,
This has been a bit of a different week. Why? Well, one reason is that it's been sunny several days! Last week was all clouds and rain. And it's warmer. The daffodils are blooming, crocuses are up and blooming, there are buds on trees and bushes, and the birds are singing.

Tuesday I only had 2 of my 5 students to teach, so that was a bit different.
My grandparents came down yesterday afternoon, took us out for supper, and then Grandpa and I went to a concert by REBEL. It was quite lovely.

Oh, yesterday, being the first of March, I joined Camp NaNo. Are any of you wanting to join? I have actually been thinking of starting my own "cabin" if some other writer friends wanted to join me. Right now I'm in the Chatter Box cabin with a lot of the same friends who were there last year. But we can't fit everyone in the same 20 person "cabin" so . . . Anyway, if you are interested in being a part of Camp NaNo and want to be cabin mates with me, just let me know.

I'm hoping to get my "March" story out next week, but I don't know exactly when.

And that, is that. I think I need to sit down and do some planning for my writing, and my life for the next few months. What about you? Do you ever stop and plan things? Or are you someone who just does things as you go along?

Simply Trusting
Part 3

    When Mattie woke up the lessons were over and Ali and Belle took the younger ones inside. Three letters had been well learned and Ali, thrilled to be learning to read, was longing to learn the next ones.
    Jess had lunch ready when they reached the house again, and everyone sat down to eat. Kade and Rome were pretty quiet and subdued, making none of their remarks which had gotten them into trouble earlier. Uncle Benjamin ate with them but Ez and Zeke were missing, and Belle wondered if they were still working.
    When the meal was over, the younger ones were put down for naps, and Aunt Lillian shooed the rest of the children outside. “Jest get out a the house,” she said. “I still got work ta do an’ I kain’t seem ta get nothin’ done with ya’ll underfoot.”
    Ali, Rome, Kade, and the younger twins hurried outside, eager to escape more work. But Belle lingered with Riss and Jess. “Can I help with anything, Aunt Lillian?” she questioned softly. “I often helped Mama with some of her work.” The thought of her mama so far away brought a sudden rush of tears to Belle’s eyes, but she blinked them back valiantly.
    “If’n ya wants ta help Jess and Riss with the dishes, I ain’t goin’ ta stop ya.”
    As she wiped the dishes Jess washed, Belle softly sang the hymn she had read that morning.

“Singing if my way is clear;
Praying if the path is drear;
If in danger for Him call;
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

And then came the chorus, sung sweetly, for Belle knew the trust she had in Jesus; she had felt Him there with her in times when life was hard and also when everything was sweet and lovely.

“Trusting as the moments fly,
Trusting as the days go by;
Trusting Him what’er befall,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.”

    When the dishes were finished, Aunt Lillian smiled a tired smile at Belle and whispered, “Ya sound jest like yer mama did when we were girls. She were always singin’ ‘bout the house. Now jest run out an have a good time with the rest of the young’uns. You too Riss an’ Jess. I ken git more done if’n no one ain’t botherin’ me none.”
    Following her cousins outside, Belle blinked in the bright glare of the sunshine. Still humming her tune, she wondered what they would do.
    “Kin ya teach us more?” Ali begged, running up to Belle and grabbing her hand. “An’ can ya teach the others their A, B and C, like ya did me an’ Tabby?”
    “It’s Tabby and me, Ali,” Belle corrected gently.
    “Huh? What is?”
    “The proper way to speak. You should say the other names before you mention yourself.”
    “Oh, like taken’ turns at somethin’ and lettin’ the others go ‘fore you?”
    Belle nodded. She hadn’t thought of it like that before, but it did make sense. “Do the others want to learn?”
    “I reckon. Don’t ya want ta learn ta read like Belle?” Ali turned to her older sisters eagerly.
    “I reckon.”
    To Belle the afternoon flew by on wings, for her little class of pupils kept her too busy to even think about her sick father, or to wonder if her mother was working too hard taking care of him. Though she was young, Belle had a remarkable talent for teaching and great patience. The patch of dirt had been smoothed over many times as each tried to copy the neat letters Belle made for them.
    When Uncle Benjamin, Zeke, and Ez returned from the fields, they paused and watched the busy intent group for several minutes. Only Mattie and Benny, though nearby, weren’t active in whatever was going on.
    The children’s attention was turned when Zeke asked, “What’s goin’ on ta keep ya so interested?”
    “Oh, Belle is teachin’ us ta read!” Ali exclaimed. “We already know lots a them letter things. Ya want her ta teach ya too?”
    “Ez and me knows how ta read.”
    “How come ya never taught us then?” Ali demanded, folding her arms.
    “Ya ain’t never asked. Sides, I ain’t good at teachin’. Ya’ll goin’ ta stay here till it gets dark or are ya plannin’ on eatin’ supper?”
    “Supper?” Belle gasped, noticing for the first time how far the sun was down in the west. “I didn’t know it was so late. School is closed for the day. We can work on it another time.”
    All through supper Ali, Kade and Rome kept up almost constant talk about learning to read. “She’s goin’ ta learn us our names” Rome announced proudly.
    “Not our regular names,” added Kade, “our important names.”
    “And she’s going ta teach us ta read her books. Won’t that be fine, Ma?”
    Aunt Lillian nodded. “Reckon so.”

Would you want to teach others how to read?
Would you rather be outside or inside for school?
Are you planning on joining Camp NaNo?

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