Friday, April 4, 2014

Graham Quartet - Part 30

Good Morning FFFs!
Well, if you are wondering where this post was? It was delayed because I just now realized that today was Friday. :P Crazy I know, but life has been that way these past few days.

Don't have time to chat with you this morning as we have to go eat breakfast and then head over to the conference for our first homeschool conference of the year. So, if any of you Friday Fiction Fans are in KC and are going to the conference, stop by Light of Faith!

We did go to the zoo yesterday and had a wonderful time! We watched the polar bear swimming, the penguins, saw a mama kangaroo with a joey in her pouch and many other things.

Now enjoy this next part of
"The Graham Quartet and the Mysterious Strangers."
Part 30 

This story has been removed to publish it.
Thank you!

Thoughts or comments?
Did you enjoy this part?
I told you things moved quickly. :)


-Christian said...

I can't wait till next week to find out what happens!!! I think Tim went after whoever escaped out the window.

Jesseca Dawn said...

You can't stop it here!! It's just not right :)

4rmeddy said...

Oooo! This story is getting better and better! :) I can't wait until you post the next part! :)

Why can't the week go faster! ;)

Christianna Hellwig said...

That was a thrilling climax! I can hardly wait until next week! I love the way you wove it all together! The Lord has truly blessed you with the gift of writing!

Rebekah said...

What a delight to come back from the conference and discover that I had four comments! Thank you all. I'm glad you are still enjoying this story. :)

Audrey said...

That was totally awesome!!!!!!
I wonder where Guy and Tim disappeared to???