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Dr. Morgan - Part 17

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The sun is out this morning and everything seems to fairly sparkle in the light of the new day. Yesterday it was cloudy and rainy, but the clear sky this morning bids promise of a lovely day of sunshine and warmer weather. Everything is green around here.

I wanted to tell each of you who commented last week thank you. I really enjoyed the comments and learning where some more of my readers were from. I hope you all enjoyed the last parts of the Graham Quartet. If you get any idea for other stories about the Graham Quartet, let me know. You can either leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at: readanotherpage [at] gmail [dot] com

This week has made me a year older. :) But what did I do?
Sat.—My brother and Doodle Bug (2 1/2 years old) came over for a little while. Doodle Bug got to stay here while his dad went somewhere. He and I were playing and in the kitchen when he heard we were going to have ice cream for Grammy and Beh Beh's birthday. His response very enthusiastically: "Oh, that will be good!" :)
Easter Sunday— Since there was only going to be one other family at our church, we both decided to go visit another church. It was one we had both gone to years before and many of our friends were going there now. It was good to get to see old friends again.
Monday—Our friends from down the street (my best friends' family) came down to visit a little. My sister's best friend growing up was visiting with her children and my best friend who got married to a Canadian last spring was also visiting, so it was good to see them. It was only the girls who came down. Then that evening my brother and sis-in-law and the kids came over to celebrate my mom's and my birthday. That was fun. :)
Tuesday—I got a year older. Strange how that happens so quickly. I also got taken out to lunch by my best friends and the husband. :) Then we headed off. It was a lovely day, and we enjoyed our time together.
Wednesday—I made some corrections in TCR-3 and worked on some other things.
Thursday—I was able to finish re-reading TCR-3. Now I need to divide it into chapters and get it to my illustrator and let a few people test read it. If you ever want to test read one of my books, let me know. I like having different people reading different books. Last night was slightly chilly, but my best friends were willing to stroll around the blocks with me. :)

And now I don't know what to post. I was going to let you all decide what you wanted to read, but I had 4 votes for Dr. Morgan and 4 votes for something else. :P Not very nice of you. :( Hmm, what do I want to post this morning? Let me go look.
Well, here you go.

Dr. Morgan
Part 17

    “Third,” and Mr. Morgan smiled, “if you keep coming up to the house, your colleagues might decide you can’t handle a hospital without running home every day to talk to your parents.”
    “What? Is Justin talking about running away again?” Dr. Wright knocked lightly on the open door and stepped inside. “First he won’t leave the hospital and now all he wants to do is run away. I saw Mr. Morgan, you should have taught your son some responsibility.”
    Mr. Morgan laughed with Dr. Wright as he stood to shake hands with him. “I’m just trying to convince him to stick around here for a time and see if he won’t like it.”
    “If he’d give himself half a chance,” Dr. Wright grinned, “he might find he wants to become a doctor after all.”
    Leaning back in his chair, Justin just shook his head with a smile. It had been a slow morning at the hospital which had given Dr. Morgan plenty of time to wonder about Amy and time to talk with his father.
    Before anything else could be said, Philips burst into the office. “Dr. Morgan, Dr. Wright, we just got a call. There’s been a skying accident at the lodge and it sounds pretty bad. There could be half a dozen victims brought in!”
    Instantly Dr. Justin Morgan was on his feet fully alert and ready for action. “Wright, you’d better see that the operating teams are standing by. Philips, alert Dr. Hollend and Dr. Douglas. You’ll probably have to call Douglas as I think he’s already left. I’ll make sure Mr. Thatcher is ready for x-rays.”
    Dr. Wright was already out the door before Dr. Morgan had finished speaking and Philips hardly waited for the end before he too disappeared. Just before Dr. Morgan left his office, he remembered his father and turned. “Thanks for coming by, Dad. I’ll probably get up there in a day or two. Call me about anything. Sorry, I’ve got to rush.” He held out his hand.
    Mr. Morgan gave it a quick, firm grip and said, “We will, but don’t worry if we don’t call every day. Now get ready to help your next patients.”

    The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity in the small town hospital. The skying accident had brought over a dozen injured persons to the hospital for treatment though several were only minor injuries and could be sent home after treatment. It wasn’t until late that night that Dr. Morgan found himself standing in the front lobby with Dr. Douglas.
    “We haven’t had this many patients brought in on one day the entire time the hospital's been open,” Dr. Douglas remarked, rubbing the back of his neck.”
    “That’s for sure. Well, I think Hollend and I can handle them for the night. You and Wright can head home. We’ll call you if you’re needed.”
    “If who’s needed?” Dr. Wright asked, sinking down into one of the chairs. He looked tired. Never before had he had to perform so many surgeries in an afternoon.
    Justin smiled. “I was just telling Douglas that you and he were going home for the night. Hollend and I’ll take over here.”
    “If you say so, I won’t argue,” Dr. Wright yawned.
    “Good,” Justin said, slapping his colleague lightly on the shoulder. “Then get your coat and get out of here. Both of you,” he added, looking over at Dr. Douglas who was standing in a daze before the door. He’d been on duty the night before and hadn’t had a chance to catch even forty winks before Philip’s call had brought him back to the hospital.

    As Dr. Morgan sat in his office having checked the patients and offered to take the first shift so Dr. Hollend could get some sleep, his mind went over each patient and their injuries. “Only one concussion,” he mussed, “but enough broken bones and internal injuries. And then there’s Lincoln Kern with that back injury. He may have to be transported to a larger, more special equipped hospital. I think I’ll call Dr. Stern in the morning.”
    The thought of the hospital’s consulting physician brought Amy back to his mind and again he wondered if her memory would ever come back. “I wonder if it’s a physical block that is causing her condition or a mental one. Could it be that there is something or perhaps more than one thing in her past which are so disturbing that her mind is blocking them? If that is the case, what is it going to take to remove that block?” For some time he sat unmoving, his brain busy analyzing every angle and detail that he could think of or remember about his interaction with the unknown girl.
    “Dr. Morgan?”
    Justin’s thoughts quickly returned and he sat up. “Yes?”
    One of the nurses was standing in the doorway. “Mrs. Brewer is in a lot of pain and very restless. Her temperature is up and her pulse is fast.”
    Dr. Morgan stood up at once. “I’ll come right now. How are the others? Do you know?”
    The nurse shook her head. “I haven’t heard anything, sir and I was on duty in the hall.”
    “All right.” He glanced down at his watch in the dim light of the stairs. “It’s about time I made my rounds anyway. I’ll first see to Mrs. Brewer.”

    Amy had retired that night with a feeling of . . . well, she couldn’t quite find a name for it. It was family, peace, security and love all mixed up somehow in the large house in the snow. As she lay awake under the blankets and the blue quilt, she stared through a crack in the curtains at the moon. “I wish I could stay here forever,” she thought. “At least, I think I do. Where did I come from and why can’t I remember anything? What was it Adam said? Fill an empty mind with good things?”

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Christianna Hellwig said...

I really Like the story, And very much look forward to reading more!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for commenting, Christianna. My mom really likes this story too. The only problem is, I've been so busy writing TCR books that I haven't worked much on this story.

Jesseca Dawn said...

I just got around to reading this...How many parts are left????
I can't wait to see how it is all going to turn out!

Rebekah said...

Hi Jesseca!
To tell you the truth, I have no idea how many parts are left of this story as I haven't written it all. I think it's going to be a novel, but how long it will take to finish it, I'm not sure. If you have any idea or suggests, let me know! :)