Friday, March 28, 2014

Graham Quartet - Part 29

Good Morning FFFs,
After all the wind we had yesterday and last night, the quiet of this morning is really wonderful. The trees without any leaves are nearly motionless while the pine tree seems to be whispering soft morning greetings to the birds or perhaps it is spreading the soft message that the sun is coming!

It was rather a crazy week. I'm not sure what day it is and I feel like I have a hundred things I need to work on and haven't gotten to more than one or two of them this week. :P Let's see, what did I do this week?

I guess I should start with last Friday as that's the last time I posted. We cleaned house and then in the evening Sis and I babysat for some friends for about 4 hours. No writing that night.
Saturday: I seemed to spend most of the morning in front of the computer trying to get e-mails sent and things done. I tried calling my best friend to see if she wanted to go walk in the afternoon, but she wouldn't answer her phone. I did get some written that evening, but I don't recall how much.
Sunday came and another small group at church. One family was back and another was out because of sickness. I did write some that night.
On Monday I went over and helped price puzzles and pull things and wrap DVD spinner racks. Light of Faith is at their first homeschool conference this weekend in Nebraska. We'll be heading to the Kansas City conference next weekend, so if you'll be in the area, stop by and say hi. :) I did get some written Monday night.
Tuesday came and with it Election Training. That took up a good chunk of my morning. Yes, another election is coming up on the 8th of April. I wrote that night and finished Part 50.
Wednesday brought my last writing class until fall! (But, *sigh* two of my students didn't bring all their assignments back yet, so I still have 4 to grade.) My grandparents came down in the afternoon.
Yesterday my grandparents were still here and last night Grandpa and I went to a music concert. It was lovely. How could it not be when you get to spend 2 hours listening to music by Haydn and Schubert?

Would you all enjoy seeing the picture of the horses from the Triple Creek Ranch? Let me know.
But here is the next part of this long story. I hope you enjoy it. 

The Graham Quartet and the Mysterious Strangers
Part 29 

This story has been removed to publish it.
Thank you!

Thoughts or comments?
What do you think is going to happen?
Is Guy around?
What about "Aaron Burr"?
Will you be back next week?


Audrey said...

yes! I would love to see pictures of the horses!
This story is starting to wind up..

By the way... I just turned fourteen!

Rebekah said...

Happy birthday, Audrey. :) Hope you had a lovely day and thanks for commenting.

Have you read any of the Triple Creek books?

4rmeddy said...

I would love to see the horses! Is the third book out yet? And is there going to be a fourth? Also, are you going to be publishing this story, "The Graham Quartet"?

I love the story so far, and I can't wait until next week when you post the next part!

P.S. I think I might steal your idea of asking questions after every post for MY writing blog, Simply Stories. Do you mind? :)

Rebekah said...

Hi Rebekah,
No, Book 3 is not out yet. I'm still finishing it and then I have to send it to my illustrator. But I will keep my blog readers updated. Yes, there will be at least a 4th book. :) Have you read Book 1 & 2? If so, I'd love any ideas, questions, suggestions, things you want to know, thoughts you have, anything. :)

I'm thinking about publishing "The Graham Quartet" but I think I'd like to have another story about them to go with it first. Any ideas?

And I certainly don't mind if you use my idea of questions on your blog. :)

4rmeddy said...

I have not read book one or two, but I'm hoping to very soon.

When I get a really good idea, I'll let you know! :)

By the way, I'm trying to follow your blog, but I can't figure it out. Would you mind giving me your blog's site? (or whatever the thing is called... :P)
I'd really appreciate it! :)

Rebekah said...

Well, I'm having trouble following your blog. :) My blog address is
Hope that helps

4rmeddy said...

It does, thank you. As for following MY blog... my blog's address is
"Hope that helps" :)