Friday, March 21, 2014

Graham Quartet - Part 28

Spring Greetings to my Favorite Friday Fiction Fans,
Even if you don't read this on Fridays. :)

This morning as I sit here at my desk, the sun is coming up and a few thin clouds are stretched across the pale blue sky. The birds have been singing every morning even before the first hints of dawn have streaked the eastern sky. It must be spring!

I have a little "friend" I'm watching as I type. He/she is on my window sill and is not much larger than the head of a sewing pin. It's eight thin legs are hard to see as it moves here and there, spinning a neat web to catch another tiny bug. I watched him eat one yesterday. :)

This week has been rather crazy. Saturday was pretty normal.
Sunday we only had 3 full families and two members of another family at church so it was a smaller group. But that did mean I got to play with my "Baby Doll." We "washed" dishes together. She loves bubbles. :) When we left church, there was snow on the ground and it was snowing!
Monday it warmed up and I played quite a bit of "catch-up."
Tuesday was Salsa Day. We spent the morning making it. My sister-in-law and the kiddos came over and helped. Well, we pretty much had the salsa cooking when they got here, so I read and played with the kids. Sis-in-law did the canning for us. :)
Wednesday was writing class day and, since I hadn't been able to prepare on Tuesday, I had to do it that day.
Yesterday we babysat the kiddos from about 4:30-9:30. At least it was nice enough to take them out to ride bikes before supper. :)

I did get some writing done this week. In fact I'm now 3/4 of the way done with Book 3 of the TCR. It's fun to see things coming together but the hardest part is before me, so keep praying. I have about 14 parts left to write. (Unless the books goes a little longer.)

Are you tired of the Graham Quartet? You only have 5 more parts after today. Oh, I need to get some other short stories written! :)

The Graham Quartet and the Mysterious Strangers
Part 28 

This story has been removed to publish it.
Thank you!

Any questions? Comments or thoughts?
I'd love to hear what you are thinking about this story now.


Rebekah Eddy said...

I must admit to having only read some of your story, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I did read! :) I love how you give a little bit about your daily life AND a story in most of your posts. :)
I'm looking forward to reading more of this story and others to follow! :)

Rebekah said...

Hi Rebekah!
I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've read and I hope you'll keep coming back. :) And thanks for leaving a comment. I like to know when people are enjoying what I post.

Rebekah Eddy said...

You're very welcome! :)

Jesseca Dawn said...

I love it! It's all getting so mysterious and I can't wait to see how it turns out :)

Rebekah said...

I will admit that it was fun to write. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm liking this story!
Just wondering, do very many of your books sell?
~Leah =D

Rebekah said...

Hi Leah,
Thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you are enjoying this story. :)
I have actually sold quite a number of my books. They aren't "best sellers" or anything, and I'm sure if I knew how to market them I'd sell more, but they are selling.
Have you read any of them?

Anonymous said...

I haven't actually. *Yes, I know I should ;)*
~Leah =D