Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st

Welcome to December!
I don't know about you, but I love the month of December! I love listening to Christmas music, reading Christmas books, putting up Christmas decorations, watching Christmas movies and writing Christmas stories. All the traditions, all the festivities, all the celebrations are so special. But how often do we just get caught up in making everything "perfect" for the holidays and forget the real reason of Christmas? It's not about tinsel (Do they even use that stuff any more?), red bows and presents, it about the greatest gift in the world! The gift of the Only Begotten of the Father who came to live a sinless life in this sinful world that He might reconcile us to His Father! Let us make sure we remember the reason we celebrate Christmas this year! Think about it, 25 days (and some do the whole month) to celebrate the greatest birthday of all times!

This month I'll be posting every day until Christmas. :) Yep, 24 days of posts. Some will be stories, some with be crafts, some might be songs or pictures of our decorations. I'm not sure what all I'll be posting, so be sure you come back and see what's up!

Until tomorrow I'll leave you with nearly 50 minutes of wonderful Christmas music sung by the Kings College Choir in Cambridge.

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horse crazy gal/Bethany said...

I love December too!
My birthday is the 29!
And Christmas!