Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A Garlandsburg Christmas Eve

The little village of Garlandsburg, along the coast of New England, was full of Christmas cheer. All the shops and houses, the church and even the lighthouse on the cliff, were trimmed with green boughs brought from the nearby woods and festooned with red ribbon bows. A thick blanket of snow lay everywhere, in which the children of the village reveled, while the cold weather had frozen the pond into a perfect skating rink. The air was full of good cheer as last minute shopping was done, and merry were the voices on that frosty Christmas Eve day. Even the sleigh bells seemed to ring in pure joy of the season.

For some reason, the pilot of the plane that carried the photographer only flew over half of the village. I hope I can get him to fly over the rest of it. If so, I'll post a few more pictures for you.
More of this village to come, so check back

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