Thursday, December 23, 2010

Garlandsburg - Needleworks & Quilts

This will be the last of the Garlandsburg stories for this year. I hope to have new ones written for your enjoyment, next December.
Come back tomorrow for the last part of "Home For Christmas."


“Yes, Mrs. Stone, the quilt is ready. Let me go get it.” Miss Ann, owner of “Needleworks & Quilts” hurried to the back room. In a moment she returned.
“Oh, Ann,” Mrs. Stone exclaimed as she saw the fine, neat stitches in elaborate patterns over the quilt. “It is just beautiful! I have never seen such tiny stitches. Holly will just love this.” Gently she fingered the edge of the quilt. The different shades of greens with splashes of red and white here and there made the quilt a festive masterpiece. She knew her oldest daughter, who would be married Christmas night, would treasure this for years to come.

Her thoughts were interrupted. “It wouldn’t have looked so nice if you hadn’t done such a fine job of piecing it.”
Mrs. Stone laughed. “That was the hard part. I was so glad when Nicholas took Holly off to spend three weeks in New York with his family. Otherwise, I never could have gotten it finished.”
Miss Ann nodded. “With names like Nicholas and Holly, it is no wonder they chose Christmas day to get married. Are his folks in town yet?”
“Yes, they’re here. They were all at the pond when I went by. I would have had them stay with us, but you know how crowded it is at the bakery with five children. They are staying at the Grand Hotel, and since that is right next door, no one minded. As for the wedding day,” Mrs. Stone continued, eager to impart news, “what with Holly’s birthday coming the day after Christmas and Nicholas having his yesterday, I really don’t know that any other day would have suited either one. Of course I did mention that it might be more work, but Holly wants things simple. It hasn’t been any extra work at all. But I really must be going, Ann. I still have some work to do for dinner. Peter will be around with his cart to bring your order, and I’ll have him bring the quilt home. I don’t know if I could carry it and these other things. I won’t have to worry about Holly and Nicholas seeing it.”
“Where are they?” questioned Miss Ann as she carefully wrapped brown paper around the quilt and tied it with string.
“Oh, they went on a sleigh ride to the lighthouse. I’m sure they’ll only get back in time for supper and the Christmas Eve service. You know how much Crystal enjoys company. Poor dear, with Aaron gone this time of year, too.”
“They say his ship is due tomorrow,” put in the young woman.
“Is it now! I hadn’t heard. Well, that would make a real nice Christmas for all.” Mrs. Stone retied her bonnet, drew her gloves on and gathered her packages. “You aren’t going to spend Christmas alone, are you?”
“Oh no, I’ll be at the Manse.”
“Well, Merry Christmas, if I don’t get to talk to you tonight.”
“And to you.”
Mrs. Stone hurried out into the sparkling Christmas Eve snow.

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