Friday, September 22, 2017

A Rainbow Week

Good Morning FFFs,
Sorry, I don't have any fiction for you today. There are two reasons: One, I didn't have time to get something new ready, and two, Wednesday happened so I didn't get anything old ready. But let me tell you of my Rainbow Week.

Green Saturday
Green for progress, lots done, being outside, etc. Dad and I washed 22 out of 23 windows in our house both inside and out, and the screens. It took us nearly all day as 11 of those windows were upstairs and that meant we had to get out the ladders to reach them. And many of these windows hadn't been washed in years, so they were filthy!

Sunday was some quiet pastel.
Not sure just what color it was. We had rain that morning during church. We needed a good rain as things were dry. Then, in the afternoon, I spend about 4 hours readings. I got the last half of an almost 500 page book read. :) And yes, I will admit that toward the end I read a little faster.

Blue Monday
Aren't many Mondays that color? You have a long list of things you are going to work on and get done, but things always seem to take longer, and you have more interruptions, and other things happen you weren't expecting. And I didn't get as much writing done as I had hoped.

Yellow Tuesday
It was a good day. Nothing spectacular. Writing classes went well, I made good progress on things, and I got 1,000 words written! I even had time to read a little in the evening.

Black Wednesday
No, I wasn't selling anything like on Black Friday, and no, it wasn't storming. My computer, the one with all my book files, my covers, my short stories, my images, my fonts, my–well, everything really, that wasn't backed up–decided not to turn on. Well, it did turn on at first, but it was having trouble, so I restarted it. It hasn't turned back on since. I took it somewhere and they said it had a corrupt operating system. That means that all those files are stuck on that computer. I was told it might turn on sometime for a few minutes, and then I can get as much off as I can, but . . . I'm hoping and praying we'll be able to get the hard drive out and be able to get at least some of my files that way.
Now you know why it was a Black Wednesday

Purple Thursday
Still unsure of my files on my computer, but thankful I have an old computer I can use for some things, I was able to send emails and such. My mom, sis, and I went to our new library that morning. Wow! Very nice. I'd like to go there and write. We checked out some things and then came home. So that was some of the red in the purple. The blue came in the afternoon when I waited and waited, and waited, for the mailman, hoping he would bring me my proof copies. He finally arrived just before supper time. No books. :( But the evening was better because my grandpa had come down and we went to a concert together. It was good, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I sometimes do because my mind kept going back to my computer and all my missing files.

I don't know what today's color will be. Perhaps my proof copies will come today. We might be babysitting the kiddos. If you could be praying that I could at least get my book files off my computer, that would be very much appreciated. And I am going to get something to back them all up from now on! Every time I create a new book, I'm backing it up. If I design a new cover, I'm backing it up.

Anyway, this is really long. It's probably a good thing I don't have a fiction story for you. You wouldn't have time to read it. :)

Here is an invitation for you! I hope you all can come and join the fun! The Grand Prize is sitting on my desk here and I'm getting a bit jealous of the one who wins it. ;)

I can't ask you about the story.
Have you ever had a computer act this way?
What colors would you describe your week?
Are you excited about the party?


Liberty Bluebelle said...

Computer? Not quite in that way, but it's come close a couple of times. Actually, I might have, back when I had Vista. I think I did. Stomach dropping moments for sure. :{ A good computer place should be able to get the contents of your hard drive for you by going around the operating system. I think that's what they did with mine (long time ago, but I know of one other person too who was able to do it. I think it takes a special tool or something). Yes, backup your files! I tell myself that quite often, and do it not so often. =D But it's a good feeling to have it doubly safe, especially if a file on the computer gets corrupted for some reason. I'm praying that you will get it happily solved. =)
Colors? Hmmm. Mostly under the weather gray, with a couple splashes of green (forest talks with evergreens are so restful!), some swirls of sunflower yellow (some good story planning done, as well as a little writing), and a big happy swatch of orange (someone gifted me a case for my favorite writing tool--the NEO!) (Did you know you can use the NEO to write in the dark? =P)
Oh, yes, I'm excited. =D Not that I need any more books to read... ;)

I hope your weekend is a happy color. I like that color concept. Hey, that's a good journal idea, for those of us who can't manage to keep one. Figure out the color for the day, then include only those things that made it that color! I'll have to try that approach. =D

In Joy,
Liberty Bluebelle

"But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now unto God and the Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen."
Philippians 4

Rebekah said...

Hi Liberty!
This is the morning I find out if my files can be recovered. A guy at church teaches computer tech and I don't know what else, at a community college. Their tech school is about 2 minutes from us, and he said to just bring my computer over and if there's nothing wrong with the hard drive, he'll get my files for me! Talk about nerve wracking waiting to find out! Thanks for praying. I'll let you know how things go.

Let me know how the "color journal" goes. :) It's nice to have a case for NEO. :) I haven't really written in the dark, but I was writing one time somewhere else and staring across the room while my fingers were typing away, and my cousin said it looked like I was blind. :)

There's always a need for just a few more really good books. :) And who know, there may be some you've already read. ;)
Thanks for the lovely comment.

Liberty Bluebelle said...

I'm waiting with bated breath! What color was yesterday? =)

Liberty Bluebelle

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

Rebekah said...

I didn't hear anything Monday except when I took it in and he said there was an 8-% success rate. The only files he couldn't recover were damaged mechanically. (One had been dropped on the floor.)

But Tuesday morning he called and said . . . He was able to recover ALL my files, my music, my photos, my desktop!!!!!!!! :D Tuesday was a Golden Day. :D

Liberty Bluebelle said...

Yayyy!!! What a relief! I'm rejoicing with you! =D


"Rejoice evermore."