Friday, April 28, 2017

Magnabilities Party - Day 4 It's Time to Order!

You made it back!
(Sorry, Friday Fiction Fans, I don't have a story for you today. If you want one, you'll just have to re-read something I've already posted. But next Friday the stories will be back.)
I hope you've been having lots of fun. I know I have. I'm trying to decide just what I am going to purchase. What about you? Have you decided yet? Don't tell me you are one of those people who wait until the very last day to spend money. ;) Okay, I'll admit, I usually do too. And if you are still trying to decide on things, here are more options!

I don’t know about you but I love holidays! Any holiday, really, though Christmas is undoubtedly my favorite. We have all sorts of fun inserts for holidays! The only concern you might have would be having too many options!

  (I agree, Hannah! How are ever going to make up our minds now?)

 And if you have an idea for a holiday insert but can’t find anything close, you can design one yourself! One of my favorite Christmas inserts is one I designed (have you ever noticed nobody seems to like red with snowflakes? It’s always blue!).

I can just see four sisters each wearing a different letter! LOVE it!

I love red, white and blue! What a perfect insert for the 4th of July!

    We’re always getting new items, especially inserts (every month we have a new set of inserts), but this month, with the release of our Spring/Summer, we have all sorts of fun, new goodies! Check out our new arrivals!

    I’m obviously excited about everything, but there are a few items I’ve been especially looking forward to, including some brand new earrings! I love earrings, especially since I’m working a job that makes necklaces and bracelets a bit more difficult. We have a beautiful selection of earrings.  Most of them are only about half an inch long but this month we added 2 new sets that are a bit bigger: Bali earrings, and Charm drop earrings, to go with some of most popular pendants! 

   Another fun newbie is the Moon Drop pendant. It’s definitely different but so much fun!

That's a different sort of pendant, Hannah. I don't know if it's my style, but some people could wear it just fine. And wait . . . That pendant is a painting! Wouldn't it be fun for art lovers to wear a picture painted by their favorite artist!

 If you’re like me you may not know how to pick your first set. Well, we’ve got you covered! Introducing, our Starter sets! You can get a basic pendant, necklace and the monthly insert for only $15-$20, just pick your set!

When you place your order, it might ask you if you have a party code, if so, here it is 15736. Please make sure you include it as it counts any orders with that number under my hostess account and helps me out. :) Thank you.

So, go place you order and then, if you've spent $25.00 or more, be sure to enter our NEW giveaway! 
And don't forget to request your FREE insert with gift code: Happy Mother's Day
And, all orders of $50.00 receive FREE shipping!

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Do you like the sets,
the seasonal,
or the individual inserts best? 

Tomorrow's the last day of the party. Have you enjoyed yourself so far?


Anonymous said...

I love the lavendar flower with silver trim.
Pam C.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for joining the party, Pam! Oh, yes, that is a lovely one.

Joni Mitchell said...

I am a student nurse. I would chose the owl nursing insert.