Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tour Garlandsburg - Part 3

    Oh, look, here is a little sledding hill. This is for those not brave enough for the large one. May we borrow your sled? Thank you.

(Our photographer seems to have mislaid the photo of the cobbler's shop.)    Now we’ve come to shop row. Our cobbler is still fairly new to the town, but no one would dream of doing without him now. Why, who would sharpen all the skates or waterproof the boots if Mr. Hansan wasn’t around? Ah, that’s a sweet sight. Do you see those brothers pulling their sister?
The cafe. Oh, dear! Those poor visitors!

    Do you smell that? I’m sure the Grind Central Cafe is doing a fine business. Are you all ready for something hot to drink? Then let’s go in and get something. They have hot chocolate, coffee, and I think I smell hot apple cider!

Mayor Garland and family coloring before the quilt shop.
    Are your toes thawed out now? That’s good, because we still have a ways to go before our tour is ended. But come, let’s go next door and visit Needlework & Quilts. Miss Ann always has some lovely sewing project going on, and you ladies may have a hard time not spending all your money. Aren’t these rugs on the porch cozy?

    Let’s pause here a minute before moving on and listen to Mayor Garland and his family sing. They all have such lovely voices and they do like to sing. That was just wonderful, Mayor Garland. We were just enjoying the song. Oh, I like just about all Christmas carols, but perhaps some of my guests would like to request a song.

The Lodge. See the snowman?

    Ah, here we are at the lodge. Hello, Andrew. I heard you and Sugar have been out pulling sleds today. And what a charming snowman! Did you and your siblings built it? My snowmen never look that good. Yes, we would like to make a quick call on your mother before heading on our way again.

The path coming from the woods.

    Now we must travel through the woods a little ways, but don’t worry, there is a path. Yes, Garlandsburg used to end at the Lodge, but there have always been a few houses farther along the coast, and Rufus Garland was able to purchase the land, and now Garlandsburg has grown. And as you can see by the trampled snow, this path gets used quite frequently.
    Oh, look, up ahead are some other folks. It seems like they might be visitors to Garlandsburg too. Perhaps they are going to catch the stage. Yes, we do have a stage line. I’m sure we’ll see it coming along shortly.

Here comes Mr. Stathem on the stage!

    All right everyone, the stage is coming, so move over by the fence please. Mr. Stathem is a careful driver, but sometimes Chocolate Swirl can get a little frisky. Oh, yes, the kids just love the horse’s name! You see, Mr. Stathem always carries chocolate sticks with him to give to his passengers, and when he got this new horse, the children all agreed that Chocolate Swirl was the perfect name.

The beloved bookstore

    Here we are at Tattered Covers Rare Books. There are a few folks in Garlandsburg who seem to always be here at the bookstore. Yes, here is Mr. Page. How are you today, sir? Did you find a new book? That’s good. Have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you tonight at the church.
    If you look in the window you’ll see Mrs. Eppingham and Whitney Shields. Whitney is Andrew’s youngest sister and a regular bookworm, and so is Danielle Moore. Yes, she is the sister of Lucas, the one we saw trying to fish. Now, I know some of you would like to go inside and browse, but if we are to finish the tour before it gets too late, we must continue on. But I promise you can come back and wait for the stage here in the bookstore.

Brickston Road and the poultry stand

    To our left is the Brickston road, named in honor of Hank Brickston, who, after Sam Garland moved away, came and helped Rufus for several years in designing the village. The road leads to the next town.
    If you are hungry, you can stop and pick up some fish or poultry for your supper. No one is interested? Well, maybe later.

Barnacle Bill's twins.
    Let us go down the hill now to Barnacle Bill’s Boat House. He’s probably working on a boat, even if it is Christmas Eve. Watch out! Brandon and Brian are having a jolly game of snowballs. Sure, you can throw a few at them if you want. But they might return them!

    Come, across the bridge to the other lighthouse. Excuse us, Travis. Have you been out fishing? I’m sure Crystal will enjoy cooking those. Merry Christmas! Travis is Adam’s brother and lives at the other lighthouse, though he often comes across town to help out at this one or to go fishing, as the cliffs aren’t quite so steep.
The second lighthouse

    We’ll go in and see the other light. I don’t know the keeper that well, but he seems to enjoy taking people up to the top of his light. Don’t worry, there aren’t outside steps like the first lighthouse.

    Well, here we are. Back outside and it’s getting darker and colder. Yes, I think we should button our coats. Suppose we go back to the bookstore and wait for the stage to return. It may be a little while, but you’ll be back before the Christmas Eve service.
    I do hope you all have enjoyed your tour of our fine town. Perhaps you’ll come again next year. Merry Christmas!


Jesseca Dawn said...

Can I go back and look around the bookstore for a few hours? :D
I really enjoyed the tour! Thank you for taking all the pictures and for taking us along on the tour!

Rebekah said...

Of course! :) I'm sure there are wonderful treasures on some of those shelves . . .
You're welcome. I'm glad to know you enjoyed the tour. I hope you didn't get too cold. Or spend all your money. ;)