Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tour Garlandsburg - Part 2

The Big sledding hill
    Here we are, back down from the cliff. We are behind the carriage house now and you can see the other big hill. You won’t believe how much fun that sledding hill can be, unless you try it. You want to? All right, let’s go. I’m sure whoever is sledding will let us have a spin or two. Do the rest of you want to wait for us at the Carriage house?

    Whew! That was fun, but it sure is hard work climbing up that hill again. Some people have suggested a sky lift, but Rufus Garland won’t hear of it. I suppose he is right, for we wouldn’t have seen those deer if we had a sky lift, I’m sure.
Village Square with Skating Pond
The Garlands' House

    But come, here’s the town skating pond. It’s quite busy right now. I’ve heard the best time to really enjoy the pond is first thing in the morning. This is the village park, as you may have guessed. It is very popular. Don’t forget to ring the bell in the gazebo. It’s a village tradition for visitors to ring it when they pass by.

    We’ll pause here just a moment until Little Me and Sissy go by on their homemade dog sled. It doesn’t look like Ruff is sure he wants to pull them both. There he goes. Now be careful you don’t step on any snow-angels.

    This is the town’s pride and joy: the home of Rufus and Betsy Garland. You can see their granddaughter, Hannah, in the window. It sure looks warm and cozy in there.

Ron's Music Shop

    Ah, listen. Ron is playing his violin and it looks like a few other musicians and a singer have joined him. Let’s step inside Ron’s Music Shop. I want to show you some of his music boxes.

Nicholas & Holly

    Oh, do you smell that sweet, surgary, slightly spicy smell? That must be coming from the bakery! We’ll take a shortcut and tramp up this hill to the road. Good day, Postman Owen. You have something for me? Why, thank you, it looks like a Christmas card. Don’t get run over. Here comes Nicholas Goodman and Holly Stone. They are getting married Christmas night and everyone is excited about it. Their story is very sweet. You see, Nicholas came down to visit his brother, the Reverend Goodman, last year, and he met Holly; she’s the eldest daughter of Baker Stone. They make such a lovely couple.

Hearthstone Bakery

    Oh, let’s go inside the Hearthstone Bakery. My mouth is just watering for a taste of his famous cinnamon buns! They must be hot out of the oven by the smell! Don’t run into Peter. He’s Holly’s younger brother, and he’s usually helping his father. It looks like Mrs. Johnson and Joel are buying a few things for supper.

    Now that we are all warm and have had a delicious snack, let’s continue on our way. You didn’t spend all your money, did you? Good, we have more places to stop.

    The hotel is right next door. I hope you all have reservations for tonight. You do? Good, because if you didn’t, I’m afraid you would find yourself without a place to sleep tonight. Garlandsburg is always very crowded in December.
    Oh, here come Reverend Goodman, his wife and daughter. Their horse’s name is Coffee. It looks like they’re out to deliver some packages.

Clockwork Shop

    Here is the Clockwork Shop. Merry Christmas, Dr. Ketchum. Is your watch fixed now? Yes, Mr. Getty does a wonderful job, and it’s always good to have a watch that works. I would think it would be especially important for a doctor. Good bye. Oh, good day, Mrs. Stone. We saw Holly and Nicholas out for a drive not so long ago. Yes, Nicholas’s new horse is quite beautiful. Her name is Nellie? What a lovely name. Yes, it was good to see you too, Mrs. Stone. Merry Christmas! Now before we move on, be sure you all set your watch by the clock here. It’s always accurate. Did anyone want to go in and buy a watch? Or a clock perhaps?
The church (picture taken before Johnny came outside)

    That is a big snowdrift, but I think we can slip between it and the fence if we go single file. Hello, Krista. Are you watching Johnny for his mother this afternoon? I’m sure she appreciates it.
    As you can see, we’ve reached the village church. It may not look like much, but it will be packed this evening, with it being Christmas Eve and all.
    I can see Edwin Ketchum coming to deliver the rest of his poinsettias. So many! They are going to make the church look so lovely. You all will just have to come back tonight and see it.


Jesseca Dawn said...

I absolutely LOVE the Garlandsburg tour!! It's my favorite thing that you post and I look forward to it ever year. :) I can't wait till the next installment!

Rebekah said...

Thanks, Jesseca! I love setting the village up and am glad someone else enjoys my tours. :)