Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Day - Part 4

Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans,
This has been another "fallish" week though not so much as before. We've had the house open all week and it rained almost all day on Wednesday which was wonderful as we really needed rain. Right now it is partly cloudy and I can hear the birds singing away. Can you believe it is August?

My week has been busy.  I got a new computer desk and put it all together on Tuesday. I finished cutting out a bunch of paper dolls for my niece, painted a wall in the kitchen, read some, worked on putting odds and ends away, visited with a friend and her little children and held her new baby, and did other various things.

As far as writing goes, I have written a little over a 1/4 of TCR-4 and it's been fun. I did get completely stuck, but the next day I played the piano for a little while before I tried to write and that night I got 1,000 words written. :) (500 is a usual amount for me in the evenings.)

Update on Triple Creek Ranch - Rustlers: It is still being edited. With my computer problems in June, and a busy life, things got a bit behind. But don't panic yet. I'm hoping to have the book ready for order by next Friday. If it is ready before then, I'll be sure to let you all know. I can't wait to hear what you all think of this book. :) And to see if you have any ideas for future stories. :)

And I think that's all I have to tell you about right now. So, I'll let you have the rest of this story. 

Happy Day
Part 4

    “And what’s that?”
    So I told him what I wanted to get her and then said, “And you should get her a ring with a real diamond.”
    For a minute Daddy didn’t say anything or even look at me. Then he said quietly, “Do you think so, Rinnah Bird?” (That’s Daddy’s other nickname for me.)
    I nodded.
    “Do you know what a ring like that means?”
    I nodded again. Of course I knew, and I wanted Miss Natalie to be my mama. “I’ve wanted a mama for a long time, Daddy,” I whispered. “But we never met the right one until Miss Natalie came. And Daddy? She said I wasn’t too big to sit in a mommy’s lap.”
    Daddy didn’t say anything but pulled me into his own lap and held me tightly.

    Well, Diary, Daddy did get Miss Natalie a ring for Christmas, and she hugged him. I heard her say quietly to him, “What does Rinnah think of all this?”
    And Daddy whispered back, “She’s the one who suggested it in the first place.” And he winked at me.
    We all went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s on Christmas night for dinner, and when Aunt Anna saw the ring on Miss Natalie’s finger she gave a little scream and hugged her and then hugged Daddy and said, “It’s about time!” whatever that was supposed to mean. And Uncle Will slapped Daddy on the back and everyone was excited.
    There was lots of talking during dinner and afterwards, but I was quiet. I was doing some thinking. Don’t misunderstand me, Diary, I wasn’t having second thoughts about Daddy and Miss Natalie getting married, not at all.
    I jumped and looked up. Everyone was looking at me and I couldn’t figure out why. I was about to see if my dress had turned inside-out or was on backwards when Daddy called me over to him. “You’re being awfully quiet, Rinnah Bird, is something wrong? Are you feeling all right?”
    “No, I’m fine. I was just thinking.”
    “What about?”
    “What I want for my birthday.”
    Suddenly everyone started laughing. I didn’t know I had said anything funny. I hadn’t meant to be funny. Sometimes I just don’t understand grownups.
    “But I was, Daddy,” I protested when the laughter had quieted down. “And I know just what I want.”
    Uncle Will was still chuckling and the others had grins on their faces. “Chickadee, it’s not even the day after Christmas, your birthday isn’t until April, and you are already trying to decide what you want?”
    I sighed. “No, Daddy, I’m not deciding what I want, I already know that. I was just thinking about it and wondering if I’d get it.”
    Daddy was still too amused to ask me what it was I wanted, but Miss Natalie wasn’t. She put her arm around me and pulled me over to her. “It must be something very special if you are already thinking about it,” she said and I nodded. “What is it?”
    “I want a mama for my birthday.”
    Miss Natalie blushed and Daddy looked eager. “Why not, Natalie?” he asked.
    “But that’s only four months away. I don’t know if I could plan a wedding that quickly—”
    “We’ll all help, Natalie,” Aunt Anna put in quickly. “Just think, we could be sisters in only four months!” I could tell Aunt Anna and Daddy were on my side, but I wasn’t sure we had won the most important person over yet.
    “Please,” I leaned against her to whisper. “I’ve wanted a mama so badly for such a long time.”
    First she kissed me, then she looked at the hand Daddy was holding, and at last she agreed.

    Diary, it is evening now. I’ve been roller-skating and helped make supper and now I’m going to try to finish writing this. I don’t have many pages left.

    I won’t tell about the months before the wedding. My birthday came on a Tuesday this year and Miss Natalie wasn’t sure that was a good day for a wedding, but I convinced her it was. It was beautiful! The sun was shining and everything was pretty.
    Daddy woke me up that morning with a kiss. “Happy Birthday, Rinnah Bird,” he whispered.
    I was wide awake in a minute and dressed quickly. I had begged to have the wedding in the morning before my birthday party because I wanted my mama at my party and not just Miss Natalie. Daddy told me I should be a lawyer because I argued my case so well, but they agreed to it. Daddy and I drove over to the church right after breakfast and Bible reading. There was a lovely verse this morning that Daddy read that I kept thinking about: “Let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice. Sing unto God, sing praises to his name.” That just fits how I felt yesterday morning.
    The church looked so pretty that morning. The grey stone walls with large ornate windows and a brown roof formed the chapel, while the rest of the church was connected by a stone wall that looked like part of a castle. The grass and pine tree were green and the redbud tree was in full bloom. The sun was shining and there were patches of white clouds that seemed to melt into the blue sky. It was all so pretty and I was so excited. I wanted to sing and shout.
    Aunt Anna helped me get ready and did my hair. I wore a white dress with a sash just the color of the redbud blossoms. Never was there a happier girl than I was when I walked down that aisle yesterday morning scattering petals for my new mother to walk on. When I reached the front of the church, I saw Daddy standing there waiting. He smiled at me and I ran over to kiss him. He seemed to like that even if it hadn’t been rehearsed.
    When Uncle Josh (he had come down from Maine just to preform the ceremony for Daddy) had finished all the vows and things and then pronounced them man and wife, I was so excited; I had a mother! Then they came down the steps and both Daddy and Mama smiled at me.
    After the reception, Daddy and Mama and I, all left in the decorated car and drove to Grandma’s together. There we changed and I had my birthday party. Diary, you’ll never know how special that birthday party was to me because I can’t tell it. It wasn’t until after cake and ice cream that Daddy and Mama left for their honeymoon. They’ll be gone only a week, and I’m staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s.
    I see I didn’t tell all the details of the day, but how could I? It would take another diary to write them all down. I guess I can remember all the extra little things in my heart until I can write them down because I’m out of room here.

Did you like the ending?
Which story should I give you next:
"New Life," "Forget Not" or "Being Decisive"?

P. S. I was going to do a post mid week because I'd been awarded several times by different people, but I haven't had time. I'll try to do one this week, so keep checking to see a whole bunch of questions and answers. :)


Anonymous said...

This story was awesome! I think you should post ''Being Decisive'' next.

Christianna Hellwig said...

Excellent story! I agree; "Being Decisive" sounds the best to me!

Bethany Stelzl said...

What a great ending. That was a really sweet story.

Anonymous said...

Forget not sounds interesting.

Rishona said...

Hey Rebekah! You have been awarded, check out my blog.....
But, um I forgot to tell you. I did it yesterday.

Rebekah Eddy said...

Are you going to answer ALL the questions from the different people who awarded you? That would be fun!! :D
I vote for "Being Decisive". I LOVED the story, and it had a beautiful ending! :)

Rebekah said...

Wow! I haven't had this many comments this soon for a long time! What fun! :)
Delighted to hear you all enjoyed this last story.
Yes, Rebekah, I plan on answering all the questions from the different people who awarded me. It might be a rather long post, but hopefully you will all enjoy it. :)

Cacciacarro family said...

I loved this story Rebekah! Very sweet. :) I think''Being Decisive''sounds interesting!