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Graham Quartet - Part 9

Howdy FFFs!
 A new adventure was begun last night and will continue once a week through nearly all of November! Of course last night was just the introduction and beginning, but some of the later weeks are going to be super fun! I mean, wouldn't you think it was fun to get to shoot the Sheriff and his deputies' guns? Or watching, meeting and learning about the K-9s in the Sheriff's department? Or how about learning how to investigate a crime scene, learn about the SWAT team and so much more? Have I gotten you interested yet? Well, my dad and I joined the County's Sheriff's Citizens' Academy! (SCA) Some of you long time readers may remember that we participated in the Citizens' Police Academy several years back and then 4 years ago we were part of the first Citizens' METS Academy in the area. I will be writing and sharing reports from each week's class, but they probably won't be published on here until the Wednesdays. So, if you are interested in learning about the Sheriff's department here in south-west Missouri, come back on Wednesday!

That was the most exciting thing this week. But perhaps I should back up a bit and see what else I did.
On Friday I was able to finish painting my grandparents' house and we headed home on Saturday. The rest of the week has just been trying to get back into things, and working on this and that.

I did spend Monday night and part of Tuesday writing the Graham Quartet. Anott and Christian, you both said that "longer was better" and this story is taking you at your word! I've already written 13 parts and I still have a lot to write before I get to the end. So don't complain if you have to wait till next year to get the end of the story. :P
Having written enough of the Graham Quartet to keep it going through the month of September, I have switched back to TCR-2.  Since I only have a little over a month to get the second book written, I had to get to work.
As for Dr. Morgan, that story keeps popping its head out of its file in my brain and saying, "Hey, what about me? I want to be worked on too!" I'd love to work on that story, but I simply don't have time right now. But I haven't forgotten it. I wish I had time to write all three stories in a day, but right now I'm too busy.
And Christian, I did work on Travels of Priscilla, but I haven't been able to finish planning SC so those "visiting" that state can get writing. I'm hoping to get back to it soon. Thanks for the reminder. :) (P.S. If any of my new readers would like to join the "trip across the US" just let me know!)

And now the continuing story of the Graham Quartet. Enjoy!

Graham Quartet - Part 9

    Once the picture had been carefully studied and each was sure they would recognize the person should they see him again, Guy slipped the photo back into the folder. “All right,” he said, “I don’t really have many instructions for you, but if you should see the person in the photo, get to me as quickly as you can!
    “The other thing is when you come to visit. Always come a different way. Try not to let anyone else know that I’m staying here. Think you four can handle that?”
    “Of course we can,” Tim agreed while the other three nodded.
    “If that’s all, Guy,” Matt spoke up, “we had best be getting home. There’s only about two hours of daylight left if it doesn’t start snowing again, and it looks like it could.”
    Guy agreed and the quartet quickly put on their coats and hats, pulled on their boots and began to strap on their snowshoes.
    “Oh, one other thing,” Guy said before he opened the door. “Be careful!”
    “We will be.”
    The door was opened and the quartet struck off through the snow towards their own house leaving Guy looking after them. “I wonder if I’m doing the right thing,” he muttered. “They’re just kids. Oh, if only I hadn’t caught my leg in that trap!” Shutting the door and carefully locking it, Guy turned to his chair near the fireplace and dropped to his knees as he had often done before in times of stress.

    The walk home was one of silence for the Graham Quartet. Each one was busy with his or her own thoughts about all that had been happening and everything their new friend had told them. Could they really be of any assistance to the FBI or was Guy only making them feel useful? Not one of them dared utter that thought aloud, but it lurked in the back of each mind and unconsciencely made them more determined than ever to do their very best to help with Guy’s assignment, whatever it was.
    Upon reaching home, they quickly scattered to do their assigned chores before washing up for supper. There wasn’t much talk around the table that night and Mrs. Graham suggested everyone get to bed early. This sounded like a good idea for until then, none of the siblings had realized just how taxing their vigils had been, nor how tired they really were. However, before slipping off to their rooms, the quartet gathered in what they called “their corner” of the library to talk.
    “I don’t know how to process everything,” Matt confessed, after they had all settled themselves. “So much has happened lately and now looking for someone, secretly visiting the cabin, conversations . . . Maybe I just need a good sleep.”
    ‘I think we all do,” Elsa said. “I must say it all sounds strange to me, but if it helps any, I’m ready to try.”
    “We all are,” Selena put in.
    “Of course. But I think that we shouldn’t have a certain time each day to visit the cabin or someone is bound to find out.”
    “Good thinking, Tim. It would be a dead giveaway if we always left at the same time.”
    “I’m not sure when we’ll be able to go,” Elsa said, looking at Matt. “You three will be in school during the week.”
    “That’s true.” And Matt looked thoughtful.
    “We could get up early some mornings,” Selena suggested quietly.
    “We should have asked how often he wanted us there.”
    “Well, we can next time we visit,” Elsa assured Tim before pulling a piece of paper and a pen off a nearby table.
    Matt glanced at his sister. “What are you doing, Elsa?”
    “Starting a list of things we need to ask Guy about.”
    “What do you have so far?”
    “Only how often we should visit him. Can any of the rest of you think of anything else?”
    For several minutes the quartet sat in silent thought. Then Selena said, “What kind of conversations are we supposed to memorize and what kind of information does he want?”
    Elsa’s pen scratched the questions down and then Matt yawned. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. What say we all get to bed?”
    This was agreed to and before long the Graham house was shrouded in quiet darkness while a new blanket of fresh snow fell softly outside and covered all the tracks which had been made that day.

    The following morning found the quartet eager to be off through the woods and fields to the cabin. It was Saturday and their parents agreed that they might all go sledding after their chores were finished. Once those were completed and lunches packed, they set off dragging sleds behind them.
    “It’s convenient that there are some great sledding hills back behind the cabin,” Matt grinned. “That way we can warm up there and eat lunch in a sheltered place instead of sitting around freezing.”
    Upon reaching the hill the quartet halted. The cabin was barely seen through the trees across the field and no smoke could be seen. “I think I can smell smoke though,” Tim whispered, and the others nodded.
    “You know,” Selena said softly, “as much as we’d all like to head right down and go to the cabin, I think we should sled for a while first.”
    “Why?” Matt turned to look at his younger sister.
    Selena shrugged. “Well, it would look rather strange if we just went down once, wouldn’t it?”
    “Do you think anyone’s watching?”
    Again Selena shrugged. “I don’t know.” Then she smiled. “Guy might be.”
    “That’s right!” Tim was excited. “If we’re going to act like we’re going sledding, let’s do it. We have to show him that we haven’t forgotten what he told us.”
    Matt and Elsa exchanged glances and Selena’s idea was acted upon. For over an hour the four siblings flew down the hill with shouting and laughter only to turn and trudge back up to the top again once the bottom was reached.

What did you think?
Any questions that you would ask Guy?

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