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Graham Quartet - Part 7

Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans,
I hope you all had a good week. How has the weather been? Here it has rained every morning for seven days. It has usually cleared up by the afternoon only to grow cloudy again around nightfall and bring more rain. Most of the days have been so heavy that just going outside for a few minutes leave you feeling like you're swimming and nearly as wet. However, yesterday we were able to have the windows open all day! It was a little warm and damp, but not too much so.

What have I been doing since I posted last? Well, I've written. I'm now almost 1/3 of the way done with Triple Creek Ranch book 2. Keep praying for ideas because I'm running out. That has been the only thing I've written except for a few sentences of The Graham Quartet.

I did babysit my niece and nephews this week and we made a "cave" in the kitchen and "explored" it. We had a few adventures while we were in there. One was that some Indians were coming after us and the only way to escape was to find the hidden key to unlock the secret door. We found it just in time and escaped out the door to the other side of the mountain. :) Oh the things you can do with a 6 1/2,  5, 3 1/2 and 2 year old.

Well readers, I have decided that next week we'll be taking a break from "The Graham Quartet" and instead you'll get "Dr. Morgan." There are three reasons why I'm doing it.
1. Several persons have asked for the next part of "Dr. Morgan" recently.
2. I only have 2 more parts of The Graham Quartet written and don't know what is going on, so it makes it a little hard to write the rest of it. 
3. The Graham Quartet is quite long and you have already had 6 straight weeks of it and I don't know when the end is coming.
So, if you are really wanting the rest of The Graham Quartet, send me any ideas you can think of for the conclusion of the story. Who are the bad guys the FBI are after? What can the Graham Quartet do to help the FBI and any other thoughts or ideas you have. At this point I'll take anything. Send your ideas to readanotherpage [at] gmail [dot] com and I promise I won't share your e-mail with anyone. Or, you can leave your ideas as comments. Either way, please help me out! :)

And with that I'll let you enjoy Part 7.

The Graham Quartet - Part 7

    “I’m going to let you out of that bed this afternoon,” the doctor told Guy on Saturday. “Only for a short walk and then you are to sit and put your leg up. It’ll be a few more days before I’ll agree to your leaving this place. But that leg’s healing nicely now. Don’t you go and ruin things by being impatient.”
    Guy smiled. “All right, Doc. But I can’t remain here too much longer. I’ve imposed on these people enough already.”
    “You aren’t imposing,” Elsa, Matt and Tim protested warmly while Selena shook her head.
    Guy smiled at the four young friends he had made and silently thanked God that it was the Graham’s barn he had taken shelter in.

    At last the day came when the doctor said good bye to his patient, cautioning him against over using the leg for a while and told the Grahams to call him if he was needed again.
    “Now what are you going to do?” Matt asked as the entire family were gathered about the family room with their guest.
    Guy shook his head. “I’m not sure. I think I should find a place where I can live for a while and come and go as I please without others knowing. Before I got hurt I noticed a cabin on the edge of a clearing set back from the road and in a secluded spot. Any idea who owns it?”
    “Is it between the nearest towns?” Mr. Graham leaned back in his chair and asked.
    Guy thought for a moment and then nodded. “Know who owns it?
    “Yep. I do.”
    Sitting up quickly, Guy looked at his host eagerly. “Would you rent it to me?”
    The four siblings exchanged glances. If Guy stayed in the cabin, would they be able to visit him? Would they be able to help him anymore? True, they didn’t feel like they had done much and it hadn’t been exciting, since no one had come to the house and they hadn’t seen anyone in the woods or fields. They also didn’t know why he was in the area or who would like him dead. Perhaps if he was going to move into the cabin he’d tell them more.
    While these thoughts and many similar ones were racing through their minds, Mr. Graham and Guy Fox had come to an agreement about the cabin.
    “The children can take you there and help you settle in,” Mr. Graham said.
    “When do we go?” Tim asked eagerly.
    “No one is going anywhere tonight,” Mrs. Graham decreed firmly. “They’ll be plenty of time tomorrow and light to see by. I don’t want anyone getting caught in another trap.”
    Guy yawned. “Well, since I can’t head anywhere outside tonight, perhaps I’ll just head to bed.”
    “I think that would be a sensible thing for all of us to do,” Mr. Graham agreed, rising from his seat. “Matt, bank the fire, please.”

    The following morning, the Graham Quartet and Guy Fox bundled up well and strapped on snowshoes.
    “There’s already food out in the cabin,” Elsa informed Guy. “Dad likes to keep it stocked with canned goods just in case it’s needed suddenly.”
    “And we’ll bring you fresh food,” Serena added, “if you’ll let us come.”
    “I’d be happy for your company, but I don’t want to put you four in any danger.”
    “We can talk about that later. Don’t you have anything to take out there?” Matt looked questioningly at their friend.
    Guy smiled. “How long have you known, Matt?”
    “Since the day after you arrived.”
    “Well, if you think we can get it all out to the cabin, I’d sure like to have it with me. I’m sure I’ve been missed.”
    In answer to the others mystified looks, Matt said, “Radio.”
    “You’ve got one?” Tim’s eyes widened. “Where is it?”
    The five persons had by this time neared the barn. “In the hay near where we found him.”
    “What? You knew?”
    “Matt, why didn’t you tell us?”
    Matt shrugged. “Since he worked for the FBI and hadn’t told us about it, I thought I should keep it a secret.”
    “Matt was right. Though I would have liked to use the radio while I was laid up, I thought it would be too dangerous.”
    “Won’t it be dangerous for you alone in the cabin?” Selena was clearly worried.
    “Don’t fret, Selena,” Guy reassured, smiling at her. “It wasn’t my own safety I was thinking about. It was your family’s. When there is only myself to take care of, it’s a might easier than when you have an entire innocent family who might be in danger.”
    As they talked, they had been collecting Guy’s things and having stowed them in packs, the quartet hoisted the packs onto their backs and prepared to set forth. To Guy’s request to help carry the loads, they all shook their heads. “Doc said to take it easy,” Elsa reminded him.
    “The walk will be all that leg should be doing without the added weight of these packs,” Matt put in.
    “And besides,” Tim added with a grin. “We want to impress you so that you’ll let us help you more.”
    At that Guy laughed. “All right. You win. You carry the packs and once I’m settled in the cabin we’ll talk.”

    The walk across the snow to the cabin was taken in almost complete silence because the quartet, taking note of the way Guy was constantly scanning the area around them, followed suit and watched and listened as well, though they were uncertain what or who it was they were watching and listening for. At last the cabin was reached and the door unlocked and opened. A bright fire was soon blazing in the fireplace, the packs opened and things set to rights. It wasn’t a large cabin though it had a good sized loft on the south end, a large kitchen-dining-living room and a small bedroom. The simple, sturdy but unpretentious furniture, the homespun curtains at the windows, the large stone fireplace and the homemade rag rugs on the wooden floor gave a homelike atmosphere to the cabin and Guy looked about him with a smile of pleasure.

Help me out please!


Mallory Beth said...

Thank you so much, Rebekah. :D
I looked my story over, and I see what you mean. ;) I think I've gotten too worried about what the story line is, but not the important details. Thanks again, and I might just email you in the future. :D

-Christian said...

When are you going to post on travels of Priscilla?? I like reading them.:)

Rebekah said...

Hi Christian,
I had every intention of writing Travels of Priscilla and was even getting ready to really work on it when life got busy. There were weddings, conferences, planning a trip and then heading up to Canada and so my plans didn't happen. I've thought about it, but right now the only thing I've been writing is "Triple Creek Ranch - Book 2." I'd still like to keep Priscilla going on her travels across the US, but I don't know how long it will be before I can get back to it.
I'll try to start working on it a little here and there, but I have so many other writing/editing projects going on, it may take a while.
Feel free to keep asking though. :) And I'm glad to know you've enjoyed it.

Anott Amos Kowerd said...

I've enjoyed this story, but will still be excited to read some more Dr. Morgan.
1 How will the Quartet get out of the cabin in the opening scene?
2 (In Dr. Morgan) Who is/was Amy running from?