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Graham Quartet - Part 5

Hello FFFs,
It's a lovely, cloudy morning here. It rained a little bit during the wee hours of the morning, but I didn't bother turning over and looking at the clock. Now it is cloudy and still. Not much air is stirring and things are pretty quiet. The windows are open which is not usual for late July.

Let me see if there is anything of interest to tell you?
Oh, when my brother's kids were over Friday & Saturday, we had some funny Doodle Bug experiences. :) He's the family comedian and even if he's not trying to be funny, his chattering and ideas crack us up. I've been calling him "Doodle Bug" or "Doodles" since he was really little (he's 2 now) and he won't let his siblings call him that, only me. But recently he began to say, "Where Doodle Bug?"  "Hi, Doodle Bug." Yep, he was looking for and talking to me. So now we are both "Doodle Bug" to each other. :) It's pretty cute to hear him say it. After supper on Saturday, he was standing on the counter so he could look out the window and playing with my sister. He had two key chains he was playing with and would put them on S and giggle when they fell off. Well, he put one on her head and hung the other on her ear. Then he looked at her with his head tipped to one side and said, "You big Indian." We have no idea where he got that idea, but we all burst out laughing. And he wasn't even trying to be funny.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I got to stay home and work on things. I've been writing every evening. Mon. & Tues. nights I worked on "The Graham Quartet" and let me tell you this is going to be a long story. I already have 9 parts of it and I'm still not sure where the end is. So readers, I'm hoping you'll keep asking questions and making suggestions.
Wed. & Thur. nights I worked on Triple Creek Ranch Book 2. I now have 2 parts written and a start of Part 3. Keep praying for inspiration for this book.

Now, I'll get this post up so you all can read the next part of this long story which may end up a shorter long story. :P Hope you enjoy it!

The Graham Quartet - Part 5

    For a brief moment the man’s eyes closed as a look of pain flashed across it. The look was gone in a minute, however, and he replied, “I reckon I’m just not that hungry right now. Besides, I feel like I should do a bit of talking.”
    No one said a word, but Tim leaned forward in his chair and rested his chin in his hand, his eyes never leaving the sick man’s face.
    “I told you my name last night, so just call me Guy. I’m not quite sure where to begin.” He paused. “Matt, will you hand me my wallet. It’s over in that drawer. Thanks.” After rummaging through several papers that were stuffed in it, he pulled out one and passed it to Matt. “That’s my identity.”
    Matt gave a low whistle and passed the card to Elsa. When it at last returned to Guy’s hands, each sibling had seen that their visitor was a detective for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “I don’t flash that thing around everywhere,” Guy said. “Especially when I’m on assignment. But with the way things are right now, I figure you might as well know. I talked to your dad this morning though I didn’t tell him much. He didn’t want to know. I don’t think I can say the same about you four though.” He flashed a brief smile.
    “I can’t tell you why I’m here, but I’ve been watching many people for quite some time now and I know I can trust you four.”
    “How do you know that?” Tim asked, always eager to know more.
    Again there was a brief smile. “In my line of work you get to be a pretty good judge of character, Son.”
    “I guess so,” Matt agreed, then added, “but how did you get hurt?
    “Fell and caught my leg in a trap. I was able to get it out, but knew I’d have to get to shelter so I used your barn. I must say though, I was sure praying for help when you all came in.”
    “You sure scared us,” Elsa broke in.
    “Sorry about that,” Guy apologized. “I had to be sure it was you and not—” He stopped abruptly and toyed with his fork. “I don’t want to alarm you . . .”
    “You won’t sir,” Matt replied. “We’ve been involved in a few dangerous situations ourselves and we don’t frighten easily. Unless, of course, you startle us when we least expect it,” he added this with a grin at his sisters.
    “I like your courage. You may need it. Let’s just say that there are a few around these parts that would give anything to see me dead.”
    Selena gasped but didn’t say a word.
    “I don’t want to put you all in danger, but I’m going to need your help. At least for a while. If you don’t want to help or think it might be too dangerous, just say so, and I won’t hold it against you.”
    There was a minute of silence as the quartet exchanged looks. At last Matt spoke quietly. “Guy, we stick together through everything. We watch out for each other and what one of us does, the others do. We’re ready to help. Just tell us what to do.”
    A look of relief flashed across the man’s face and he visibly relaxed. “I was hoping you’d say that.”
    Before he could say more, Selena interrupted. “We shouldn’t stay much longer. You need to get some sleep or the doctor won’t let us come back to see you.”
    “Selena’s right, sir,” Elsa put in, rising.
    He nodded. “I know. But let me teach you a secret knock. You can use it anytime you come to the room. That way I’ll know it’s you and won’t have my hand on my gun.”
    Tim’s eyes opened wide and he gasped, “You have your gun with you?”
    For answer, Guy pulled from beneath the blankets a small handgun. Then he slipped it back. The knock was learned in no time and then the sick and exhausted man was made comfortable and left to rest.

    The rest of that morning found the quartet often in huddles talking in low voices for a few minutes before they hurried off to attend to their chores. How thankful they were that it was Saturday and there would be no school that day or the next.
    “Perhaps there’ll be so much snow that we’ll get to stay home Monday too,” Tim whispered in one such huddle.
    “Maybe, but don’t count on it,” Matt cautioned.
    “I wonder what he wants us to do,” Elsa mused.
    The others nodded in agreement. That seemed to be the question they most wanted answered though others continued to float in and out of their minds nearly driving them distracted. What if they knew the men who wanted to kill Guy? How does he know they want to kill him? How long has Guy been in these parts? How could the Graham Quartet help the FBI?
    It was a maddening morning and lunch was eaten rapidly so that they might take lunch to Guy and have another talk.
    At last they stood in the hallway. Elsa carried the tray and Matt gave the secret knock.
    “Come in,” Guy called quietly.
    “We brought you some lunch,” Elsa said softly as they entered the dim room. The sun was still behind the clouds and the curtains were drawn most of the way.
    “Should we turn on a light?” Tim asked.
    “If you’d like.” Guys voice sounded feeble and tired.
    “The lamp, Tim,” Selena whispered and Tim turned on a small lamp on the dresser.
    By it’s light the siblings could see the pallor of the sick man’s face. “You don’t look very well, Guy,” Matt said softly.
    A wave of pain seemed to sweep over the man, and he moaned. “Sorry,” he gasped, and then pressed his lips together tightly while his hands clenched.
    “Does your leg hurt?” Selena asked, moving to the bedside and placing a gentle hand on the suffering man’s head.

What is the FBI doing in the area?
 Any suggestions for the Quartet in helping him?
Any idea for me, the writer? :)


Anott Amos Kowerd said...

I thought Guy was a detective:). This story is exciting so far. How the quartet will get out of the starting scenario is a mystery. I don't know the nature of the crime Guy is investigating; though it could be smuggling or counterfeiting (or worse).
Is there a furniture factory in the area?

Rebekah said...

I'll admit that it's rather exciting for me too. But I have no idea what the crime is! I need all the suggestions you can think of. I'm not sure if there is a furniture factory in the area or not. Would that lend itself to a crime?
I'd love some help here, Anott. :) If you or anyone else would rather send ideas to me instead of leaving them as a comment, you can send them to readanotherpage (at) gmail (dot) com