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Graham Quartet - Part 4

Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans!
 It's good to be back in the U.S. again where the Stars & Stripes are seen from flag polls and the speed limit signs are in miles not kilometers. :) But it was a delightful time spent across the border in Canada, and I'd be happy to go back for another visit some day.

I arrived home Tuesday late afternoon and after an early supper I went with my dad and sister and a friend to pick blueberries. That was fun even if I was really tired.
I spent yesterday trying to unpack and put things away. I also took a nap. That was wonderful. :)
Thursday my sister and I cleaned the house since my niece and three older nephews are coming over this morning and will be here until after supper on Saturday night. Should be fun. :) I've missed them when I was gone. But I know I'll sure be tired after they leave!

As you may have figured out, I haven't written much. Nothing while I was gone and only a little last night. If you left a comment on my blog and I didn't reply to it, sorry. I have been rather busy. :) I'll try to do better now that I'm home again. I've got lots of writing to work on and many other projects as well. Life shouldn't be dull.
And now, I hope you enjoy this next part of

The Graham Quartet - Part 4

    Matt nodded and his father slipped from the room. Matt might not be the eldest of the Graham Quartet, but Elsa was more than happy to follow his leading most times.
    As the door shut, the man on the bed opened his eyes. “A fine mess I’ve made of everything,” he murmured with a slight smile.
    “Don’t try to talk much now,” Elsa told him gently. “We can talk tomorrow.”
    Another brief smile crossed the man’s face. “I like you four. I think I can trust you.”
    Tim leaned forward with wide eyes, but spoke not a word. It was Matt who asked, “What’s your name?”
    Hesitantly, the man gazed into the face of each one gathered by the bed. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone . . .” he paused. “Except your parents if they won’t mention it.”
    “They know how to keep secrets,” Elsa said quietly.
    Wearily the man nodded. “It’s Guy Fox.” His eyes closed.
    Matt touched Elsa’s arm. She nodded and Matt whispered softly, “We’ll be back tomorrow. Rest now.” Then the quartet slipped silently from the room more excited and puzzled than before. Who was this man whose name was “Guy Fox” and where did he come from? Why was he so worried about others finding out his name? And how did he get hurt? Did he know them? These thoughts and a host of others churned through the four young minds as they quietly bid their parents and each other good night and went to bed.

    They were still thoughtful when they gathered for breakfast the following morning. The snow had stopped though it was still overcast and looked like it might being snowing again. The kitchen where the Graham Quartet were gathered was warm and cozy. Mr. and Mrs. Graham were elsewhere and the four siblings had the room to themselves, except for the family cat.
    It was Tim who broke the silence. “We still don’t know who or what that guy is!”
    “Sure we do,” Matt retorted, slathering butter on a large, thick piece of toasted bread, “he’s a fox.”
    “Matt!” Elsa begged with a grin. “Don’t make fun of the poor guy’s name!”
    At that the entire quartet burst into laughter, for the excitement, fright, wonder and bewilderment which had so filled their minds needed an outlet. Once the laughter had subsided, a silence fell upon them.
    “Tim’s right,” Selena spoke quietly. “We really don’t know anything about him except his name and that he’s hurt.”
    “There’s only one way to fix that problem,” Matt declared. “Let’s have a talk with him.”
    “We’d better wait until the doctor says we can. He said he’d come by again this morning. Perhaps he’ll give us the okay before he leaves.” Elsa looked across the table which was tucked in an alcove of the large kitchen and beside a large window. “There’s his truck now.”
    “I’m not done eating yet,” Tim protested, shoving a huge bite of eggs in his mouth.
    Elsa laughed. “Don’t hurry so, Tim, the doctor has only just arrived. I don’t think we’ll be allowed in the room until he’s seen him. Besides, such large bites aren’t very polite.”
    Tim just shrugged his shoulders.

    When the doctor came out of the sick room, having finished his call, he found Elsa, Matt, Selena and Tim waiting for him. “Well, well, you look like a delegation or a firing squad. If you’re wanting to visit your friend, I see no reason why you can’t. As long as,” he held up his hand to halt the sudden rush for the door. “As long as you are quiet. He needs rest, and some breakfast wouldn’t do him any harm either. Don’t wear him out! I will warn you that he does have a slight fever, but it’s not contagious. Selena, see to it that the rest of your siblings don’t cause my patient to have a relapse.” The doctor smiled at the girl as she blushed at the unexpected compliment.
    “I’ll fix him some breakfast,” Mrs. Graham offered. “After I show the doctor out.”
    “Oh, don’t bother with me, Hannah, I know my way,” and the old doctor departed down the hall.
    As eager as the quartet were to discover the answers to their multitude of questions, they all hesitated outside the bedroom door, uncertain if they should knock or just enter. Before they could decide, the man’s voice, sounding stronger than it had the night before, called.
    “Quit standing out there whispering, you four. Just open the door and come in here.”
    Somewhat sheepishly the four siblings entered the room. The man lying in bed looked better than he had last night. He wasn’t as pale though he still looked sick. “Come on in and find yourselves some seats,” the man directed waving a hand. “Is it still snowing?”
    “No sir,” Matt replied. “It stopped during the night, but it looks like it could start again soon.”
    The man nodded.
    There was a light tap on the door before it opened, and Mrs. Graham entered with a tray bearing the man’s breakfast. Selena propped the pillows behind the sick man’s back and head while Elsa set the bed-table up. “Now,” Mrs. Graham said when all was situated. “I’ll leave you all here. Children, see to it that he eats and don’t wear him out.”
    “Yes, ma’am. No, Mom, we won’t,” Matt assured. “Selena will see to that.” Matt grinned at his little sister who, though quiet, was known as the family nurse.
    For a few minutes after the door shut behind Mrs. Graham, the quartet sat in silence watching the man eat his breakfast. He must not have been very hungry for he ate slowly. At last he looked around the room with a slight grin on his face. “All right, I know you’re dying to ask me the hundred questions which have been running through your minds. To save time, let me just answer some of them now.”
    “But you should finish your breakfast,” Selena urged.

So what are you thinking now?
Should I continue this story?
What do you think the man will tell the quartet?
And what will happen next?

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