Friday, May 3, 2013

Lose Their Heads

Well Faithful Friday Fiction Fans,
I woke up this morning to trees with green leaves and ice balls and snow on the ground. :P Perhaps ice and snow is normal for where you live on May 3rd, but it's not normal here! And one of my best friends is getting married tomorrow and is supposed to have an outdoor wedding. My other best friend and I are bridesmaids and are supposed to be wearing light, summery dresses and flip-flops. Hmm, now there's ice and snow on the ground. What's wrong with that picture? I think the flip-flops are out. We'll wear other shoes, and layers. At least the reception has been moved inside. Not sure about the ceremony yet. I guess you can come back next week and I'll let you know. :)

I'm really not sure what to post this morning. Since my brain is still so distracted with the wedding and a conference last weekend and another one next weekend, I really haven't written anything at all. So, should I post TCR or Dr. Morgan? Or is there something else I could post?
Let me go check.

Okay, I've come up with something different. This was a story my two best friends and I wrote for school two years after we met. That means I was 8 and they were 9. Don't laugh too hard. Oh, and the rabbit (Clover) and dog (Lassie) were real. Only the events didn't happen. :)

Amber, Angela & Rebekah Lose Their Heads
Part 1 - by Angela

One day Amber, Angela, and Rebekah were playing dress up. They were putting some hats on. Then at lunch time they were taking their hats off and their whole head came off. Their heads ran out of the door.
    Amber, Angela and Rebekah tried to tell Mr. and Mrs. Morris to go and get their heads, but they could not talk. Mr. and Mrs. Morris didn’t hear them, but anyway they went and tried to catch their heads.
    The heads kept running faster and faster and faster! Then Mr. and Mrs. Morris were so tired that they fainted. Then the heads kept running and running. The heads found a hiding place where they could see Mr. and Mrs. Morris going by. But they never saw them go by. And they went to sleep.
    Then Sarah, Crystal, Caleb, Jimmy, James, Jeremiah, and Jordan went to look for Mr. and Mrs. Morris. Amber, Angela, and Rebekah stayed home and starved because they couldn’t eat.
    The kids saw Mr. and Mrs. Morris laying on the ground. They thought the heads had attacked them. So then the kids fainted.
    Lassie and Clover went to look for Mr. and Mrs. Morris and all the children.

Looking For the Heads
Part 2 - by Amber

    Lassie and Clover were looking for Mr. and Mrs. Morris and the children. Then a train came. Clover heard the train and ran down to the train track and got run over.
    Then Clover hopped into the train. Then she hopped out again. Lassie ran to the train and hopped in. Then she hopped out. Then they went and looked for Mr. and Mrs. Morris and all the children. They they went home.
    Then the children woke up and went to the Morris’s house. Jimmy and Sarah held Rebekah’s hands. Crystal and James held Angela’s hands. Jeremiah and Caleb held Amber’s hands. And Jordan walked. Then they went to look for the heads and they took Amber, Angela, and Rebekah. Then they decided to run. So Jimmy put Rebekah on his back. And Sarah carried Amber and Crystal carried Angela.
    Then they ran home to the Morris’s house.

The Heads Are Found
Part 3 - by Rebekah

One day the kids went to look for the heads. They saw their hiding place. The kids didn’t know if the heads were in the hiding place or not. So they decided to go and see. They saw the heads. They started chasing them. Of course! Why wouldn’t they start chasing them?
    The heads ran faster & faster. The heads ran back to the house. The kids went inside still chasing the heads. The heads were trying to take off the hats, but they couldn’t.
    Then Rebekah, Amber, and Angela caught their heads and put them back on. And they tried to take the hats off but their heads came off again. They put their heads back on.
    Then they started eating & eating & eating! And they ate some more and they ate some more. They ate until their stomachs started to hurt. The heads said, “You’d better be careful or we’ll run away again.”
    Don’t worry, it was all only a dream! Good-bye!

Oh, those old days of school . . .


Abigail in WI said...

lol!!! Quite the story :)
I hope you guys have a gorgeous (and warm!) day tomorrow and that everything is perfect for the wedding :) I would love to see a pic of you in your bridesmaid's outfit..? :)

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the comment, Abigail. :) We did have quite the imagination back then as you saw. ;)

I'll see what I can do about the pic. :) And there is still rain and snow in the forecast for tomorrow. But we're still praying.

Anonymous said...

LoL How cute! I love little kids' stories!
Hope the wedding goes well!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! ;)