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Dr. Morgan - Part 11

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Oh the business of conferences and weddings. :) This weekend is a conference in Springfield. We're leaving tomorrow (Thursday) to set up. Then we have to leave earlier on Friday for the first day. That is why I'm getting this ready to post on Wednesday afternoon. Hope you don't mind too much. :)

I had a good birthday and it was fun to hear from three of you. My brother and his family came over for supper and dessert that night. As they were leaving, Doodle Bug kept saying "Ha Bir-day! Ha Bir-day!" It was really cute.

My best friends and I had a wonderful time at Silver Dollar City! It was so much fun to have just the three of us there. We didn't have to wait for anyone to ride rides, didn't have to meet up with anyone at certain times, could stop at whatever shops we wanted, spend whatever time wandering we wanted and could eat what and whenever we wanted. We have known each other for 24 years on the 23rd and have been best friends since shortly after we met. It also helps that we've lived just down the street from each other for over 20 years. :)

Writing. Well, I did manage to get a little written last night (Tuesday). Other than that, I haven't written for over a week. Too much going on to concentrate. Hopefully after the wedding is over next week, and the conference the following week, I can get back to it. Right now I have 7 stories or parts of stories started on NEO. I need to finish some. Hope you enjoy this next part of Dr. Morgan. I haven't written any of it for quite a while so if you have any questions or things you'd really like to know or think might be interesting, leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail. It just might be the spark I need to get the story really moving.

Part 11

    Back at the hospital, Amy was growing restless. She could now move about with crutches, and daily her anxiety to be out grew. She moved from room to room in silent impatience. Since her last talk with Dr. Morgan, she hadn’t mentioned any of her memories, but there were times when she would lie in bed or sit unmoving in her chair staring at nothing. Each such time would result in increased restlessness and Justin watched her with some anxiety.
    Standing in his office, Dr. Morgan looked out the window at the snow falling gently from a grey sky.
    “How long are you going to keep her here?”
    Dr. Morgan turned. His colleagues were grouped about his desk waiting. He shook his head. “I don’t know. If she had someone to help her, I’d release her today, but she can’t stay on her own, and since she hasn’t remembered anything, well . . .” he paused. Moving back to his desk he sank into his chair with a sigh.
    There was a silence in the office. The four doctors were somewhat baffled by this patient. Should she be released and allowed to try living on her own? Such a thought didn’t seem advisable, and everyone racked their brains for a solution to the problem.
    A knock sounded on the door.
    “Come in,” Dr. Morgan called.
    The door opened and Intern Philips stepped in. He glanced at Wright, Hollend and Douglas and then looked at Dr. Morgan.
    “Am I needed, Philips?”
    “I’m not sure, sir,” was the unexpected and somewhat hesitant reply. “It’s Amy.”
    “Is she ill?” The words were quick and Dr. Morgan was all attention.
    “No sir, but she saw her name on her chart and—” again he hesitated.
    “Come on, Philips, what happened? Is she remembering?”
    “She said her name wasn’t Jones, it was Smith.”
    Surprised glances were flashed between the doctors gathered and then Dr. Morgan asked slowly, “Did she say anything else?”
    Philips shook his head. “Not a word. And she said that as though she didn’t know how the wrong name got on the paper.”
    Justin’s mind was busy. Was anything coming back to this girl’s memory? Perhaps something could be found out about her if this new name was really the correct one. Would she remember other things? These and a hundred other thoughts all rushed through the doctor’s mind in a matter of seconds. Aloud he asked, “What is Amy doing now?”
    “Nurse Franklin is with her.”
    “Good. She’ll be all right for a little while then.” Nurse Franklin was a friendly but very dedicated old nurse. When the new hospital was about to open, she had asked if she might work there. This was granted gladly for she came highly recommended by Dr. Stern.
    “Thank you, Philips.”
    The young intern nodded and slipped from the room closing the door behind him.
    “Why don’t you see if Grace Franklin could take her home?” Dr. Hollend suggested.
    Justin shook his head. “No, she has two grandchildren living with her and doesn’t have time or room for another person, much less one in Amy’s condition.”
    Dr. Douglas spoke up, “I’d offer my home, but with three youngsters my wife is working too hard as it is. And our house is rather small.”
    A general chuckle went around the room for Dr. Douglas lived in crackerjack house that was bursting at the seams. There was scarcely any room for a friendly visit.
    “Well, it seems to me,” Dr. Wright leaned back in his chair, “that the only logical place for Amy to go would be where there is plenty of room, people who could help her, young ones who might wake memories and where her doctor goes quite often anyway.”
    “My parents’ house?”
    “Why not?”
    “Of course she can come here, Justin,” Mrs. Morgan exclaimed. “Why didn’t we think of it sooner. We have plenty of room and perhaps being with Danny and Jenny would awaken her forgotten memories.”
    The family was seated around the blazing open fire in the Morgan living room as they had been on that night over two months ago. The youngsters had been in bed for half an hour and now the older members were discussing Dr. Wright’s suggestion.
    Justin turned to his father. “Dad, what do you think?”
    Mr. Morgan nodded. “I agree with your mother. I think it would be a good idea. It is something I have thought of more than once but always wondered if perhaps her memory would come back before she was ready to leave the hospital.”
    “Can she come tomorrow, Just?” Sara questioned. “Which room should we give her, Mom? Should she be going up and down the stairs much?”
    Justin threw a pillow at her. “Hang on a second, Sara, you can plan where she’s staying later. But no, she shouldn’t be going up and down the stairs much. At least not yet. Give her a room downstairs. Adam,” he turned to his brother who had been quiet throughout the entire discussion, “What do you think of this?”
    “If we can help her, I don’t see why she shouldn’t come,” the reply was quiet and Adam’s face was sober. He was the most thoughtful and quiet of all the Morgan children. “Since God brought her to our door, it seems as though He wants us to help her.”
    A silence fell over the group sitting in the flickering glow of the firelight. Adam’s words had reminded them all that Amy’s coming had not been a mere accident. Why she had come and who she was, remained a mystery, but she was here and in need of a home.
    Mr. Morgan at last broke the silence. “Let her come as soon as you wish, Son.”
    “Thank you.” The words was simple but the tone expressed great relief.
    A log broke in two sending a shower of sparks up the chimney and the old clock on the mantle began striking the hour of ten in deep, slow tones.

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Anott Amos Kowerd said...

The story is very interesting.
I have a guess about Amy; can I say it?

Rebekah said...

Sure! I have some thoughts and ideas about Amy too, but it certainly won't hurt to have more. :) Besides, it might spark a new train of thoughts for this story.

Anott Amos Kowerd said...

What?! You don't know Amy's story?
Well, a piece seems to be the name 'mix-up'. IF she's been married and IF she's forgotten her life for the last several years then she wouldn't know why some other last name was on the chart. Either that or she's worried about being tracked and wants the name changed to throw off her pursuers.

Rebekah said...

Nope, I don't know Amy's story. :) I know parts of it and hints of other parts, but certainly not much! Great ideas and thoughts. Let me know if you have any others! :)