Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"1,000 Men . . ." and A Project

     Well, today is the day. By this evening we shall see if my creative brain can not only create a vague image in my mind, but transfer that image to my eyes and fingers until it becomes tangible and in a shape that others can see and recognize. We shall see if I create a masterpiece, an "okay" piece or a flop. Yep, today is the day I create my "gingerbread" house! I'm making it out of gram-crackers instead of gingerbread. I've never tried to make a gingerbread house like I have in mind. I've done a square house with a flat roof and tried to do one at a party years ago and we ended up hot gluing our houses together because they kept falling apart. That one was an A-frame house. Today it is something more elaborate, something that will take time and patience, something that, hopefully, will stay together and get to be enjoyed. I'll share pictures once I'm done. :)

But now, I'll give you a brief review on my favorite Christmas movie:

"1,000 Men and a Baby"
now on DVD under the title "Narrow Escape."

This story, a true one, takes place aboard the USS navel ship Point Cruz at the end of the Korean war. A baby, half American, half Korean is found in an army depot and taken to an orphanage. Because "Danny" (the baby) is part American, the Korean nurses won't care for him. Through the intervention of the Point Cruz's Chaplin and a reluctant Dr. Keenan (played by Richard Thomas of Walton fame), Danny is given medical treatment on board the Point Cruz. The thousand men on board take Danny to their hearts and want to take him back to America where he can have a home. However troubles arise. Danny needs a passport and the Korean official won't issue one, he can't get an American visa to enter the US and if that weren't enough, a message comes through from the Admiral saying to get Danny off the ship and turn him over to the Korean authorities. What will happen to little Danny? Will his "thousand uncles" be able to come up with a way to save him? This story is wonderful! There are tense moments, tender moments and some to chuckle over.

I will give a disclaimer: There are a few very brief, hardly noticed swear words.
The other thing you should know is that this movie can be very addicting!!

 You may have to search for this DVD as it is rather hard to find. But it is so worth the search!


levi thornton said...

i think ive seen that movie?

Belley Family said...

Where did YOU find the movie? Our library does not have it, and I see the cheapest used one on Amazon is around $28!

Rebekah said...

Believe it or not, I found mine and one for some friends on Swap-A-DVD! At first I wasn't sure it was the same movie because of the change in title, but it was and we were thrilled!

Abigail in WI said...

I've heard of this movie, but never actually seen it!