Friday, June 15, 2012

At Last

And a Good Morning to my Fantastic Friday Fiction Fans who Faithfully Follow this blog! :)

Yeah I know, I sometimes get carried away with my F words. :)
So it is cloudy this morning. Delightful. No sun in my eyes as I type. I wonder if it will rain or just be cloudy?

A brief look at my week first.
Friday was pretty much as I told you it would be. I went with one of my best friends to pick up my other best friend at the airport, then I came home to find my grandparents had arrived. We had an enjoyable visit with them before they headed home about 4:30.
On Saturday I mowed the yard and worked on weeding the path in our bird area before lunch. After lunch I got to babysit J-J and Sweetheart so their parents could look at houses for sale. Sweetheart fell asleep in S's arms and J-J in mine. Such fun.
Oh were there babies at church on Sunday! Three of them plus J-J! Some friends who live on the other side of the state came and so we got to hold their six-month-old big guy. Princess fell asleep in my arms after lunch. I know I must be boring if the babies are falling asleep with me. :)
Monday was a catch-up day. 
Tuesday Mom, S and I all went over to my brother's house and helped get ready for them to leave for the Denver conference. I actually got to help price because the kiddos took a long time eating breakfast. :) Dad left with them that afternoon about 4:30.
Wednesday we stayed home and I got more stories for my younger short story book laid out.
Yesterday we went shopping in the morning and then in the afternoon I worked on trying to get Priscilla's "trip" to FL figured out. I found some places we are NOT going. :P

Okay, Help! Your help to be exact.
I've been trying to work on getting Ria and the Gang written but I'm not having much success. I haven't figured out why. Is it because I'm writing this story differently than any other? Is it because I'm not doing first person like I did for all the letters in Home Fires? Is it because I'm not letting you all read this so I'm not getting feedback? Or is it because I really don't know what you all want to know about for this story? So, here is how you can help. Please tell me what you want to know? Ria and the Gang takes place between the two world wars. I started out with the arrival of Ria and want to take it all the way to just before Pearl Harbor. Of course I can't do every year or it would be three times as big as Home Fires. :P I have a story of when the boys were first called a gang and a few other stories later on, but what do YOU want to know about? Does anyone have any ideas? If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, PLEASE put them in a comment or e-mail them to me!!!! I'm counting on your help! This story is stuck unless I can get my readers to rescue it from the mud of "I don't know." :)

Now for the second thing I could use help on. :) Since I'm working on putting two books together  with short stories in them, I could use some book reviews. I'm going to give you the list of short stories that are in each one and if you would like to help me out by writing a short review for the back of one or both of the books, I'd really love it!
Older book:
The Emancipation of Chester Reginald Donovan; Esquire
All Things for Good
Tender Reflections
The Lower Lights
Whom Should She Trust
A Promise
Come Home
At the Mercy of the Storm

Younger Book:
The Pirates of Rocky Crag Bay
On Being Neighborly
In the Father's Embrace
Fishing for a Little Peace and Quiet
A Garden Plot
One Day Mystery
Wishing for Sherbet
Danny's Thanksgiving
Lost in the Dunes
Mystery at Random

So, there you have the list of stories. At least all that I've decided on. Don't be surprised to discover at least one story in each book that you've never read. :)

And now At Last. A story I wrote for my Liddy Bid who used to be "my baby" but is now 10-years-old. She gave me the instructions for it and here it is. Don't worry, it is only a one post story.

At Last
Rebekah M.

    Alicia Alexander climbed up on the lower rung of the white board fence and rested her arms on the top rail. In the field several horses were grazing. The air was full of spring; the trees had on their light green dresses, dandelions dotted the grass everywhere with their golden heads, birds sang and the early morning sun was warm. It was a splendid day at Xander Horse Farm in Kentucky.
    As the ten-year-old stood perched on the fence watching the horses, her long, light brown hair blowing in the breeze, a sturdy step sounded behind her and a deep voice asked, “What are you doing up and out of the house so early, Girlie?”
    “I wanted to see if any of the horses had foaled, Daddy.” Alicia sighed, “But none of them have.”
    Mr. Alexander chuckled, crossing his arms on the fence beside his daughter. “Be patient, Honey. Amethyst, Sarsaparilla and Duchess aren’t due for another week probably.”
    “But, Daddy,” and Alicia leaned her head against his shoulder, “Ebony Dance and What-ever are due any day, Tyler said so.”
    “That’s so, but right now let’s go in and see if Mom has breakfast ready.”
    Hand in hand, with Alicia skipping to keep up with her father’s long strides, they headed down the road to the white farm house nestled under some tall shade trees where Mrs. Alexander and six-year-old Amber were waiting with breakfast on the patio.

    After breakfast the girls helped their mom with the dishes and then headed outside. They both loved horses and Alicia could ride nearly every horse on the farm. The hired hand, Tyler, a boy saving money for veterinary collage, was working near the barn when the girls came out. Tyler was more like an older brother than a hired hand, and the girls loved him.
    “Tyler!” Alicia called as she and Amber ran over to him. “When will there be a foal?”
    Tyler looked up with a grin. “I can’t say for sure, but Ebony’s been acting rather like it could be soon.”
    “Oh,” Alicia breathed, her eyes wide with excitement, “Do you think it will be today?”
    “Most times horses foal during the night,” he told her.

    Alicia helped out with the horses and did some weeding for her mom during the day, but all her spare time was spent on the fence of the pasture where the five horses were waiting to foal. Often one would amble over to the girl and Alicia would quickly pull up some green grass from her side of the fence to feed it, talking gently all the while.
    “Oh, Ebony Dance, when are you going to have your baby? Do you want a boy or a girl? . . . Sarsaparilla, you’re looking fat. Don’t you think it’s time you had your baby? . . . If you have a filly, Duchess, I want to name her Lady-in-waiting. Don’t you think that would be a good name?”
    The horses, all seemingly wanting to please this little friend, would bob their heads as though in agreement and Alicia would stroke them. Eventually all the horses moved to the other side of the pasture to stand in the sun and Alicia was left day dreaming.
    The sound of her name brought her back to earth with a start to find her father standing beside her. “What?”
    Mr. Alexander grinned. He knew his daughter’s habit of daydreaming. “Didn’t you hear the dinner bell?”
    Alicia shook her head.
    “Well, it’s supper time. We’ll visit the horses again before bed.”
    “Daddy,” Alicia began as she and her father walked hand in hand down the road, “I wish one of the horses would foal.”
    “They will,” was the confident reply.
    “But I want to see it.”
    To this no reply was given.

    How long Alicia had been sleeping that night she didn’t know but it couldn’t have been very long when she was awakened by her father.
    “Come on, Honey, wake up if you want to see a brand new foal.”
    Still sleepy, Alicia sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Is it morning?” she asked.
    “No, so be quiet,” was the whispered reply. “We don’t want to wake Amber or Mom.”
    Suddenly Alicia was wide awake. Quickly she pulled on her denim skirt over her nightgown and slipped her arms into her jacket, for it was chilly. Her boots were downstairs.
    Tiptoeing down the stairs to the kitchen, father and daughter paused as Alicia slid her feet into her boots. Trembling with excitement, Alicia clung to her daddy’s hand as they made their way out into the chilly night air across the dark, silent yard to the stables.
    Tyler, standing in the aisle near Ebony Dance’s stall, turned when the soft sound of approaching footsteps was heard. Without a word he beckoned to them. There was a rustling in the stall as they drew nearer.

    It was nearly dawn before Alicia finally fell asleep again. She had been so awed over the birth of the first spring foal, and so excited to have been up in the night to witness it, that for over an hour after she had been sent back to bed she lay wide awake reliving the birth and the little brown thing standing on long wobbly legs looking rather out of place beside her black mother.
    “I wonder what we should name her?” she thought drowsily just before she fell asleep.

    When she awakened next the sun was high in the sky and in astonishment that she had been allowed to sleep so late, she dressed in a hurry and dashed down the stairs.
    “Good morning, Alicia,” her mother greeted her with a kiss.
    “Morning, Mom! Did you see the filly? I watched it being born! Can’t I go see Ebony Dance and the baby right now, Mom? Please!”
    “Without breakfast?”
    “I’m not hungry.”
    Her mother nodded and Alicia raced away.
    To her surprise Alicia could see Ebony in the pasture and Amber and their dad watching. Climbing up on the fence on the other side of Amber, she rested her arms on the top rail. At last there was a baby on Xaner’s Horse Farm.
    “Let’s name the baby, At Last,” Alicia suggested and Amber quickly agreed. Then in silence they watched the horses.

So, what did you think of this story?
Are you going to write me a review?
Don't forget to tell me what YOU want to know about Ria and the Gang.


Abigail said...

this is a really sweet story :) I'll be thinking about questions about Ria and the Gang..

Anott Amos Kowerd said...

That was a very nice story. I'll be back to help later.

Rebekah said...

Thanks both of you for commenting. I'll be waiting for your help when you come up with something. :)

Anott Amos Kowerd said...

Why do they live in Plainville instead of Codell? Did they take any trips to visit relatives in Nova Scotia or England? I haven't read your book lately so I don't have many questions right now; sorry.

Rebekah said...

Great questions. Thanks, Anott.
By the way, I'm curious, where did you get my book? I've sold so few to people I don't know that I wondered. :)

Anott Amos Kowerd said...

A relative of mine who knows you bought the book from you.
I like your selections for the short story books. I'm glad 'Wishing for Sherbet' is included.