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Answered Prayers - The End

Good Morning FFFs,

Okay, which of you informed "everything" that we were going to be home for a while now and they could all try to be worked on at once? I was looking forward to a quiet week at home, but instead it feels like everything and their neighbors want done! Plus my grandparents are coming down today which will be fun, but first I'm heading off with one of my best friends to pick up her twin (my other best friend) at the airport. I can't wait to hear all about her trip!

Some friends came over for "Library" yesterday. They hadn't been over since March. We also cleaned the house yesterday because we're all busy today.
On Wednesday we went to Connie's which we usually do on Thursdays. We're really mixed up as to which day it is now!
Tuesday I got to go walk with my best friend who was home.
Monday I played "catch-up." Ever played that before? It's where you try to catch up on all those things that didn't get done because you were gone. Kind of crazy. I'm not sure I won.
We got back home from Wichita Sunday in time to each lunch at church with everyone. Then us girls decided to go walk to the nearby park while the kids did verses. Well, that got ruined when some "weird guys" decided to start following us. We did have cell phones and we were on a busy street so we just walked back. We wished we had brought some of the boys along. We'll be sure to bring them if we decide to walk there again.

When it comes to writing this week, I haven't made much progress. I did get a new letter for Priscilla written. If you have stopped reading about Priscilla and Amy's "trip" because of the long pause, we're now back. Other than that, only a little bit of another story has been worked on. I'll try to do better in the coming days. :)

I know this is getting posted earlier than it usually is but, like I said, I'm heading to the airport at 8:00 so I've got to eat breakfast before then. And readers, please come back next week because I'm going to need some help!

Now enjoy the last of Answered Prayers.

    Never had a meal tasted so good. The men folk had come in from the stables and once they were in dry clothes, had also sat down at the table for hot food. Susan and Sarah ate while telling of their trip home.
    “It was really my fault, Pa,” Sarah confessed. “I should have gone the first time Suz called me.”
    “But I’m to blame too,” Susan added loyally. “I could have made Sare come. If I had really wanted to.” This last was added after a pause and knowing grins flashed around the table. Everyone knew Sarah could be hard to convince.
    “But you didn’t want to, huh?” her father asked with a smile.
    Susan shook her head and looked at her twin.
    “We’ll I’m just thankful Darline came along when she did,” Mrs. Smith remarked, stroking that girl’s reddish-blonde hair.
    “We prayed,” Sarah explained.
    “And God answered,” Susan added quietly.
    “And let us all thank Him now,” Mr. Smith said. Every head bowed, and with a full heart Mr. Smith thanked the Lord for answering the prayers of his daughters, for sending Darline to help, and letting them all come safely home again.
    “How far did you say you went?” Sam asked his sisters as their mother cleared away the dishes.
    “We went over by the beaver pond,” Sarah explained.
    Sam’s eyes widened and he gave a low whistle. “No wonder you didn’t hear us calling you!”
    Scott and Stan exchanged astonished looks. “You walked all that way?” Scott questioned.
    Susan nodded. “It didn’t seem very far when we went, but coming home it was harder and took longer.”
    “It was hard to walk against that wind,” Sarah explained.
    “Girls,” Mr. Smith spoke quietly, “I don’t want either of you to go that far from home again without telling someone where you are going or having one of your brothers along. Understand?”
    “Yes, sir,” Susan and Sarah chorused.
    “Now,” Mrs. Smith bustled up to the twins. “That is enough talking for your two. It is late. Up to bed at once both of you. I’ll be along shortly to tuck you in. Stephen!” she suddenly exclaimed, noticing for the first time her youngest son. “What are you doing up? I thought you were in bed. Now scoot!”
    Stephen grinned and scampered off after his sisters, glad he had gotten to hear of their adventures but wishing he had been allowed to go looking for them with the men.

    When Mrs. Smith returned from tucking her three young children in bed, she found the ranch hands had gone off to their bunk house and only her three older sons, her husband and Darline remained at the table.
    “Darline,” she said, softly, “there is a bed ready for you whenever you want to turn in.”
    Darline looked up from her study of the tablecloth. “Thanks, Mrs. Smith, that was kind of you, but as soon as the storm lets up I’m heading back to Uncle’s ranch.”
    “Not tonight you aren’t,” Mr. Smith decided. “One of the boys’ll head over and let your uncle know you’re all right, but you, young lady, aren’t going anywhere till morning.”
    Darline started to protest, but Scott added, “Besides, that horse of yours is in no shape to travel farther tonight unless you want to risk ruining him.”
    Sighing, Darline pulled the blanket closer about her. She didn’t say anything but stared down at her coffee cup.
    Understandably mistaking her sigh, Sam asked, “Will your uncle be worried and out looking for you?”
    She shook her head. “He probably doesn’t even know I’m not home.”
    As the storm continued to rage outside, the group around the warm kitchen was silent. The clock ticked away the minutes and still no one made a move for bed. What were they waiting for? No one was quite sure, but each seemed to feel as though something were going to happen.
    At last Darline spoke. Her voice was quiet and she kept her eyes down. “When I saw the storm coming I was far from the ranch. I’ve seen many storms, so I didn’t head for home until the wind started blowing. Then I came across the twins and knew I should help them, but–” she paused and shivered.
    Mrs. Smith noticed and nodded to Stan who put more wood on the fire.
    Darline didn’t move. After a moment she continued. “I was scared. I’ve never been out in a storm like that before. I couldn’t tell which direction to go and could only hope my horse knew the way. I– I wished I hadn’t found the girls and could just race home. And when it began to rain, well, they never said one complaining word and I don’t think they were even worried.” She began to talk faster and her fingers played with the edge of the blanket nervously. “They said I was an answer to their prayers. Me, who doesn’t even know how to pray! After my parents died I wanted nothing to do with God. He hadn’t answered my prayers and let my parents live, and–” her voice broke and she buried her face in her arms on the table.
    “Oh, you poor child,” murmured Mrs. Smith putting an arm about the girl’s shoulders.
    In a moment Darline lifted her head. “I want the peace that Sarah and Susan have. I’ve watched them since you all came out here, and all of you,” she looked around at the five faces, “have something that I’m missing. Can I have it too?”
    “Of course you can,” Mr. Smith said, reaching for his Bible. “Let me show you how.”

    Upstairs, Susan moved restlessly. “Sare,” she whispered, “are you awake?”
    “Yes,” came back the low answer from the mound of covers beside her.
    “I can’t sleep.”
    “Me either.”
    Susan paused. “Sare,” she began again, “let’s pray for Darline.”
    “I was thinking the same thing,” Sarah agreed. “Maybe tonight she will come to know Jesus as her Savior.”
    And so, the two girls, under their warm blankets, folded their hands in prayer for the one who had been an answer to their prayer earlier. After praying, both girls fell asleep not knowing that their prayers had already been answered and Darline had found the peace she had been missing all her life.
The End

So, what did you think?
Did you like it?


Abigail said...

I like the ending, Bekah!!!

Anott Amos Kowerd said...

You did a good job on that story. I really liked it.
I found two spelling corrections for you; I hope you don't mind...

Sarah found it easier to walk and breathe for the WINDS wasn’t constantly pushing
“Now,” Mrs. Smith bustled up to the twins. “That is enough talking for YOUR two.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Abigail and Anott. I'm glad you enjoyed the last of this story. The ending just seemed to fit with the characters I had been given.

And thanks, Anott for mentioning those mistakes. I'm going to go mark them in my paper copy right now. It is sometimes hard to catch every wrong word, so I appreciate the extra eyes. :)

I hope you'll both be back to help me out this Friday.