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Meleah's Western Part 18

And a good morning to my Friday Fiction Fans. (Maybe I should just call you the FFFs:))
Anyway, I'm still working on the story Mom gave me. It is taking a while. Since I knew I couldn't get that done and ready to post part of (it is long) I thought I'd just write another part of the Western. I hope you don't mind.:) I started it on Sunday as usual, but I was so tired that day that I didn't get more than a few hundred words written. So, I finished it on Monday. I think I need some more questions if you can think of any.

But I need to get this posted. Enjoy it!

Part 18

Carson and Tom, who hadn’t noticed Ty’s sudden reining in of his horse and were somewhat ahead, turned in surprise at his question.
“Who are you talkin’ ‘bout, Ty? What’s wrong?” Carson questioned riding back to him and noticing his drawn gun.
“That voice,” Ty demanded looking toward the saloon, “who is it?”
Dismounting, Tom strode towards the saloon and pushed open the door causing the loud, rough voice of the boaster to be heard in the streets once more.
“I’m a tellin’ ya we’ll git him. We know he’s come this here way an’ I say we’ll run him down like . . . like . . .” the voice died away as another voice called out,
“Aw, shut yer mouth, Wiley. Yer drunker ‘en Ol’ Lukus.”
The sound of a scuffle sounded as Tom returned to Ty and Carson. Ty had holstered his gun and now gave a wry smile. “Reckon I’m jest a might skittish.”
“Only nat’ral if’n ya ain’t sure jest where them ones is goin’ ta show up.”
With a nudge to urge on his horse, Carson spoke up, “I reckon we’ll keep our eyes an’ ears open, but I don’t think they’ll be botherin’ us none ‘cept we get close ta home.”
Ty sighed. “Yep, that’s so. Ain’t no one bothered us none till we were ta be gittin’ back.”

Through the town now wide awake and bustling with life and vigor, Tom led Carson and Ty on their quest for information. Many an old timer stopped to greet Carson with surprise and pleasure having never expected to see him there again once he left after his aunt’s death. Only a few were able to recall the family in question, though none remembered their name for certain nor was a positive answer given about where they went. One was convinced they had returned east, and though a few thought it was to California, most of them thought the Nebraska Territory would be a good place to try. Especially the area around Fort Laramie.

It was nearly dark before the trio set off for the Jakobus cabin. Upon arriving, they found a good hot supper ready for them and while they ate, plans were laid for their trek up north.
Sally listened to it all quietly. Much as she would have liked to travel in the comfort of a wagon, she knew it would be impractical for the quick riding needed. No thought was given to staying behind for she was nearly as anxious as her brother to find their little sister. It was with relief, however, that she heard the discussion to remain there with Mr. and Mrs. Jakobus until the supplies and provisions could be purchased and made ready. All that would take a few days. These Sally intended to enjoy to their fullest.

The dawn was breaking in the eastern sky. A sky rosy and purple with a golden glow outlining the few clouds. The birds were already singing madly out in the woods while squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and a host of other small animals who inhabit the wooded and open lands scampered about busy with their own affairs. Back of the cabin, four deer stood silent and still, prepared for instant flight, yet curious, watching the loading of the horses and listening to the final good-byes as Ty, Sally and Carson prepared to depart the hospitable home which had given them shelter. Ty helped Sally, with her father’s gun at her side, mount her horse, and then with the agility of the young he sprang into his saddle without touching the stirrup. Carson was already mounted and waiting. With a final wave, they were off.

For several hours all was silent save for the sound of the horses hooves and the soft jingle of their bridles. In the open, with the sun shining down upon them, the air was pleasantly warm, yet in the woods where the thick branches effectively shut out the sun’s rays, it was cool. Spring had arrived at last. Proof of that lay all about the travelers, from the green grass and daring little flowers at their horses’ feet, to the buds and tiny shoots on the trees. Now and then they caught glimpses of birds with twigs or grass in their beaks.

Around noon, the trio stopped for a bite to eat and to give the horses a rest.

“Ty,” Sally began when once more they were in the saddle, “what did ya do the two years you were gone? Pa an’ I often talked ‘bout ya. Where did ya go?”
Thus started, Ty launched forth into tales of his trip. Side by side the brother and sister rode. To any not acquainted with the Elliots, it would have been easy to guess they were brother and sister. Each had dark hair and eyes. Although Ty was darkened with the rugged look of a man well used to the daily struggle and hardships of outdoor living, there was an air of tenderness and gentleness that bespoke of the right sort of upbringing. His face, once he had disposed of his beard, looked almost as young as his twenty-one years. Sally, three years her brother’s junior, was a becoming lass, quiet and with a remarkable ability to turn any place into a home. She had greatly missed her brother, the constant playmate of her childhood and then her confidant and companion in the later years. It was with mixed feelings of regret and relief that she had written that letter which recalled Ty to his home. Relief, because the burden which had fallen on her young, slim shoulders when the father was taken ill could be shared. Regret, for she knew Ty had left for a reason and to call him back might put him in danger. Yet, providentially, everything had turned out all right.

No one knew or dreamed all that would befall them before their journey was complete. Everything now was quiet and peaceful, but how long would it last?

Do you have any questions?

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Abigail in WI said...

Is something bad going to happen to them on their way to Nebraska? That "No one knew or dreamed all that would befall them.."makes me wonder! :)
How much further west is Ft. Laramie? Oh, I just noticed it said north. Where exactly did they start out from? How long will it take them to get there?
And of course, what will they find when they get there... :)