Friday, May 1, 2009

A Poem

I feel as though I have been writing almost everyday for the past month or so. I really haven't, but at times it sure feels like it. This week I wrote the next "letter" for my book, wrote my "marshmallow thief update" for the Pickwick, wrote a little more on a "just for fun" story, and I still have two CPA reports to write, plus my CPA essay, the next part of "Meleah's Western" (don't you like my title?), another "letter", and get ready for my first class that I am teaching writing to on Monday! I knew I was busy.:) But what do I post today? Let me go see what I can find in my files. . . . I found a poem for you. I wrote this two years ago. Sorry there's no picture. I hope to have a story of some kind next week. What do you want? Another "calendar story," a part of my book, another part to "Meleah's Western," or something else. If something else, please say what.:) I won't promise, but I'll try.:)

Now enjoy the poem.

The Old Porch Swing

Fondly I gaze
As I swing to and fro,
At the beauty before me
On the flowers that grow.

The warm summer breezes
How gently they blow,
And they sway the old porch swing
As if they did know,

That the memories they bring,
And that over me flow
Are the sweet days of childhood
I spent swinging to and fro.

So I sit here and dream
Of the times long ago
On the dear old porch swing
As I sway to and fro.


Ruth Ueland said...

Nice... I like the poem!

Anna @ Feminine Adventures said...

Hmmm... I want to read the "marshmallow thief update". Sounds about as bad as our Altoid burglary. ;)

Love the poem!

Anna @ Feminine Adventures said...

...or the next installment of "Meleah's Story". :)

Amber said...

I remember when the Marcums had a porch swing and we all loved to go swing on it. When I have a house I want a porch swing and a wrap around porch. :)