Friday, February 2, 2018

Just an Update

A lovely February to all you FFFs,
Changing the calendar yesterday felt so strange. I wasn't in the least bit ready to move on to another month. I wanted to protest.

So, I don't have a story for you today. That means you can do a little catching up reading from other places on my blog. Old posts with short stories or longer stories are just waiting to be discovered once again. It's probably a good thing I didn't have to worry about posting today. This week has been one of those crazy sort of ones where my brain just doesn't want to focus, or else there are to many things to focus on and it can't decide what is most important.

I did get my March story written, so that's good. Those of you who are signed up as Beta/Test readers will get notified near the end of the month. If you aren't signed up and don't know what I'm talking about, you can go to Read Another Page and find the place where you can sign up to be a Test/Beta reader. Right now I'm trying to get a short kindle story published each month this year. January's got done, and February's is almost ready to be released.

What is my brain so busy about?
  • Getting my February story corrected, formatted, and the cover finished.
  • Correcting 2 chapters of "Hymns in the Hills."
  • Editing my March story which still doesn't have a name.
  • Writing!
  • Planning for, preparing, and in general, getting ready for the Widows' Luncheon (at church) that's on the 10th and I'm in charge of it for the first time. We have 11 widows and almost all of them have 2 Secret Sisters, and this is the luncheon that we reveal who those ladies were.
  • Trying to get reading in here and there.
  • Taxes that need filed.
  • Organizing some files on my computer so I can find things and so I don't have quite so many.
  • Replying to emails.
  • Keeping up with all the books being read for the Reading Challenge (which is so much fun!).
  • Preparing blog posts for Read Another Page. (Part 3 of my bookshelf tour will be on Tuesday.)
  • Babysitting my nieces and nephews.
  • Life in general.
And that, my dear readers, is what I've been doing. And I'm sure I haven't mentioned some things.

How was your week?
Does you brain ever get too busy?
Which story are you going to go read? 


Jesseca Dawn said...

Oh, I love the new blog background! And yes, January shouldn't be over. I protest.
It sounds like you've been busy! January was busy for me, and February looks to be that way as well. February is also my deadline to get things lined up on my end for TPA, because I want everything ready weeks in advance to I'm not scrambling last minute. xD Plus, this month my siblings all have things going on either with sports of church activities. SO it'll be a good busy!

Rebekah said...

Good to have a deadline for TPA. I should do that too, but I think I need to wait until this week is over before I even really think about it! :)
I wasn't sure if I'd like the new background or not. I wanted something that wasn't so wintery. And this was new and different. :)
Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jesseca.