Friday, October 20, 2017

Something Different - Part 3

Hello FFFs!
I can't decide if it's supposed to be spring, or fall. Yesterday my sister and I went walking in the morning and it felt like spring and smelled like spring.🌷 But it looked like fall.🍁 And the leaves crunched underfoot. Funny weather. We still haven't had a hard frost yet.

So, what did I do this week? I corrected Christmas book after Christmas book. I corrected "Finding Joy" and got the cover finished. I uploaded it yesterday, so we'll see if it is ready to go. Hopefully so, because I'm wanting to release it soon. 😃 (Stay tuned to Read Another Page!) The Christmas books are still not quite done. I'm getting the covers in the final format to upload, but I do have all the interiors ready. I was going to do them all last night, but I accidentally uploaded the wrong interior and cover to the wrong title. 😛 Yeah, crazy. I decided I should stop.

I can't believe it's the 20th of October! Only one full week left! This is crazy! My mind is spinning with the things I need to get done before December comes around. It didn't matter before, but suddenly I don't have a lot of extra time. And as for writing? Ha! What's that? 😜 I'm really, really hoping that after I get these books finished, I can write again. Pray for inspiration! I have a story started that I think you would all like (it's Christmas, so probably won't come out until next year), but every time I sit down to write, my mind goes blank. I'm going to have to just do it, I think. Anyway, I'd like to write some other non-Christmas stories too.

Anyway, that's that. Here's the next part of this story. I hope you enjoy it!

Something Different
Part 3

    It was Lindsay’s turn to laugh. “I’m not sure, sir. That is, I have time to talk now, of course, but I don’t want to interrupt anything. I didn’t really think I could get in to see you now. I just came–”
    “Then let’s have a chat now since my wife is in no hurry.” And Dr. Willman opened the door to his office and flipped on the light. Motioning Lindsay to enter ahead of him, he asked, “Is this a private matter?”
    “Oh, goodness, no! I don’t mind talking about it on the lawn with all the students around, though I’d be afraid one of them would want to do it, and I so want to have the fun of doing it myself, if I could only make it work.” Lindsay took the chair he motioned to.
    The door shut, and Dr. and Mrs. Willman seated themselves in chairs facing Lindsay. “Now, suppose you start at the beginning and tell us what is going on,” Dr. Willman suggested. “I brought my wife in because she often understands women better than me.”
    Lindsay smiled at the look exchanged between the dean of the college and his wife, and then launched into her story with an eagerness and animation only her closest friends knew she possessed. She told about her longing to do something different, her grandma’s letter, and what she had learned from her grandma, finally ending with, “That’s the story. I really want to try teaching in that school, if I can. Have you heard anything about it? Do you think it’s a good idea? Would it work? I don’t need the credits for all the classes I’m taking, so I think it wouldn’t hurt my chances of graduating. But do you know about the little schoolhouse?”
    “Yes, actually I do. The principal of the Christian school has been talking to me for sometime now about it. But the schoolhouse wasn’t done and for a while it looked like it wouldn’t get done in time for any classes this fall.” The dean crossed one leg over the other. “But tell me, what makes you want to attempt such a challenge?”
    For a moment Lindsay was silent, trying to clarify her thoughts and emotions well enough to share them. “I guess it’s several things. I love history and I’ve always enjoyed reading about one-room schools. There’s something about it all that just seems to be calling my name and I–” she shook her head. “I just don’t know how to explain it. I feel that I have to do it, if I possibly can!”
    “Have you prayed about it?”
    Lindsay’s eyes dropped to the floor, and she fiddled with a button on her sweater. “No, sir. I just found out about it about an hour ago and was interested, so I called my grandma, then came here and . . .” her voice trailed off. She should have taken the time to pray before coming and bothering a man as busy as Dr. Willman. “I wasn’t sure that I could do it. I mean, I don’t know what is required from the teachers to allow them to teach . . .”
    “As far as the requirements, I think you would fit. They will do a background check on any applicants, and those who wish to teach must take and pass the teacher’s exam.”
    “The old one?” Lindsay’s head lifted and her eyes glowed.
    The dean nodded. “The old one. But don’t think it’ll be a piece of cake. I think their standards were higher back then than they are today in some areas. However, I have no doubt you’d be able to pass it. But, Lindsay, passing the exam, or even teaching in the one-room schoolhouse isn’t going to satisfy your longing, if it’s not what the Lord wants you to do.”
    Lindsay nodded.
    Mrs. Willman spoke for the first time. “Lindsay, you said you love history, but what about the other subjects? You know it will be all branches of studies, not just history.”
    “I know. I may not be as good at some subjects, but I could brush up on what I’m not confident in. I think science is my weakest subject.”
    “Are you prepared to start each day of school off with prayer, Bible, and a song?”
    Somehow Lindsay had a feeling that Mrs. Willman knew more about the one-room schoolhouse affair than her grandma. “Yes, ma’am. And I know there might be a lot that I haven’t thought of yet.”
    Shifting in his chair, Dr. Willman uncrossed his leg. “But it hasn’t scared you off?”
    “No, sir!” Lindsay’s reply was quick.
    “I see. We’d have to talk about your classes and other things, but that can come later. Why don’t you spend time this weekend praying about it, talking to your parents, and really seeking the Lord about it all. The teacher who takes charge of those children will have a huge responsibility. She may only have each group for one week, but it will be a week most of the children will remember for the rest of their lives.” His voice was sober, and Lindsay felt a strange sense of awe at the thought
    Was she up to such a task? Only a week, but remembered for a lifetime. She swallowed.
    Dr. Willman rose.
    Lindsay stood also. “I will. Thank you sir, for listening.”
    With a smile, Dr. Willman held out his hand. “I’m glad you felt like you could come, Lindsay. I’ll have Amy schedule you a meeting with me for Monday morning. Do you have any early classes?”
    Lindsay shook her head. “Not until ten.”
    Together the three of them walked into the outer office. The meeting for Monday was set, and after a few more words, Lindsay took her departure.
    A brisk wind had sprung up and the leaves swirled across the lawns, the trees danced, and Lindsay drew in a deep breath. Autumn. The longing to do something was still there, still gnawing on her spirit, and though her wild eagerness had abated with the reminder that nothing should be done without prayer, she still wanted to teach.

Would you want to teach in a one room schoolhouse?
Have you ever gotten excited over doing something and forgotten to pray?
Do you have spring or fall like weather?


-Christian said...

Up here we have warmer than normal weather, though it's still like fall. And we haven't had any frost at all! which is not normal. :)

And I'd never want to teach anywhere. Regardless if its a one room schoolhouse. Its not my cup of tea. ;D

Rebekah said...

Sorry, Christian! I thought I had replied to this! :P I'm surprised that you haven't had a frost yet. Or have you had one now? I saw on the weather map that it was supposed to be colder up there this week.

Well, teaching isn't for everyone. I'm not sure if I'd want to teach in a one room schoolhouse or not. It might depend on what I had to teach. :)