Friday, July 28, 2017

A Writer's Regret

Good morning FFFs,
Friday. How did it come so quickly? There is still no new nephew so you would think I'd have gotten a lot done this week. I have. But not on writing. I've worked on many different projects, helped Mom with cleaning out and organizing. Lots of emails were written, I worked on the layout of my Christmas books, caught up with my best friend who just came back from a two week visit to her twin sister in Canada. And, well, life hasn't exactly been standing still.

This morning it's cloudy. It rained last night. And the night before. We needed rain! Things have cooled off some which is really nice. I think the next few nights are supposed to be in the 60's. I'm so ready for cooler weather!

This poem was first written and published back in August of 2009. I was going to give you something else, but I had a webinar to attend last evening and then never got a new story decided on and up, so . . . This poem seemed to fit my situation, so I hope you enjoy it. And hopefully next week I'll have some other story. (The Author story hasn't been finished yet.) Enjoy!

A Writer’s Regret

Dear readers and critics, family and friend,
I jot these regrets on paper with pen.
I fear I am ailing, I must have a disease.
It comes suddenly upon me like some giant sneeze!
There’s nothing to do, I can’t stop it you know
For if I should try to a gasket might blow.
Perhaps it is useless to try and explain
I have some strange symptoms, but no fever or pain.
My brain races on full of stories and words
It won’t stop its spinning, it’s growing absurd!
My mind moves much faster than hand with a pen
Perhaps I’ll get NEO and try him instead.
It still doesn’t help much, oh what can I say
It’s no use, I’ve failed to write them today.
The words keep on coming, I’m trying to sleep
Forget what they said, it’s no use to count sheep.
The stories are waiting, piling up with great speed
I know you are longing, your story to read.
But alas I can’t help it, I’m very perplexed
What thing should I write first, and what should be next?
Confused and bewildered, I’m sure you can see
The serious trouble that now faces me.
So accept my apology, understand my regret
If your story is not written, don’t go off and fret.
Some day it will happen, I think, I believe,
But now it seems something hard to achieve.

Do you ever feel this way?
What story would you like next week?
Has your week been busy?


Liberty Bluebelle said...


That was a great poem! Yes, I do feel like that occasionally. And, of course, when I actually have the ability to write something and focus on it, it's an inopportune time. Word Count tracking is a very useful way for me to keep myself at the computer long enough to get some good writing done. I was writing today, aiming for 2,000 words. I got a little over 1,000, but it wasn't an even number, so even though I felt "done" I kept writing. Then I lost track of where I was and hit 2,085. Well, That wasn't quite an even number either, so I kept writing, and so on and so forth until I said I was really done when I reached 3,335 words. That wasn't quite even either, but I really was done by that time. =P

I find it amusing that you posted a poem. On last week's post, you said you didn't know what to post next and asked if we had any ideas. I was going to comment (but never got around to it) that you should try your hand at poetry. ;) Maybe you could rotate a poem in every now and then. They're a different sort of reading, and rather fun.

Was my week busy? That was so long ago, I can't remember. But if it's anything like this one has been so far, it must have been. ;)

Thanks for posting!

In Joy,

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." II Corinthians 3:17

Rebekah said...

Way to go on writing over 3k words! That's impressive.
So you were thinking of a poem too, huh? I wasn't going to post a poem, but I didn't have time to figure out what story to post, and so grabbed this one. :) It just fit. I enjoy writing little poems now and then, so perhaps I'll start adding them to my posts now and then.

Busy weeks seem to be the norm right now. I'd be happy for a non-busy week if they are still in existence. :)
Thanks for commenting. It made my day.