Friday, June 16, 2017

The Emancipation . . . - Part 5

Good morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans,
What a week! I didn't go anywhere except to church on Sunday. No one came over, we didn't babysit any nieces or nephews, but still, it was a bit crazy. Why?

Well, Saturday wasn't too bad, and Sunday I worked in the nursery and then got to read an entire book in the afternoon, so that was nice. Then came Monday.
The 3-2-1 Write! blog party started Monday morning. And, while it wasn't crazy busy, it did mean I had to keep an eye on things, read all the other author's posts, and answer comments and things, while also doing other stuff.
Tuesday was a fairly slow day at the party. Not many comments or things. So I decided to see if I could find an image that looked like "Dylan" in my story. Do you have any idea how long that could take? A LONG time. I ended up with a couple possibilities and decided to just play around and see if any would work. My plan was to find a picture and then get someone else to do the cover. Think again. I started trying a few things. The first one was "blah". Not going to use that. Tried a different picture and a different background. Within fifteen minutes I had a mock cover! And it's been approved by at least three other people. Next I worked on an idea for "Finding Joy." You see, while searching for "Dylan" I found "Paige" from "Finding Joy." (Could someone please tell me while a woman showed up on a page when I was searching for 'boys'?) It had to have been my Heavenly Father's blessing. Again, 15-20 minutes later, the mock cover for that book was done. Now I just have to finish writing the book!
So, my brain was wanting to create the real covers, but I was busy on Wednesday with more party stuff as things picked up. I also decided to get myself a second NEO so I'd have a backup. And I thought I'd offer to get any others one as well.
Yesterday was the end of the party with winners announced and prizes given out. I had to send several wrap-up emails to all the authors who helped host the party. Then I was doing this and that, and my brain wanted to do some other things, and I wanted to write "Finding Joy" but I'm waiting to hear back from someone about something that I know nothing about, and I didn't, so I didn't write, and my brain kept going on and on kind of like this sentence which really should stop as you most likely have already given up.

Yep, it's been a busy week. :)

But now maybe you can enjoy the last part of this story. :) I'd love to know your final thoughts on it. And come back next week because I'm hoping to start posting my "Author" story. (It has no name yet and it isn't finished, but . . . When has that stopped me?) I probably wouldn't have made this first part so long except that I was told this is what several people read. So . . . ;)

The Emancipation of
Chester Reginald Donavan; Esquire
Part 5

    That night Chester didn’t sleep well. He kept waking up. He had been so tired and exhausted the night before that he hadn’t noticed the hard ground nor how cold his nose got. Now it was different. If he had had his iPhone, things would have been better, he assured himself, not once thinking that he might not be able to get reception way out there in the middle of nowhere. If he had his iPhone he could have sent out a message on Facebook or Twitter that he and the little E-bay man were lost and where they were. But just where were they? Chester had no idea and finally fell asleep wondering.

    The following day found Chester Reginald Donavan, Esq., restless and completely out of sorts. He had never had to rely on his own creativity when he was bored, and he found it too much work to try now. Finally when the afternoon had come the little E-bay man suggested they try to figure out just where they were using their compasses and maps. Chester agreed reluctantly.
    When evening came, the little E-bay man began to point out the constellations to his companion, and Chester, much to his own astonishment, found this to be very fascinating, and it was quite late before they turned in.
    For three more days the two companions busied themselves with learning all they could about living out in the wild. It was really the little E-bay man who started it, and he was the teacher, for he had grown up loving things of this sort. Chester, having never thought about them before, found them to hold an almost irresistible fascination for his quick brain. Before long he had forgotten his missing iPhone and even the fact that the day for his great test as a lawyer was fast approaching while he remained stuck in the mountain wilderness. He grew eager to test and try the things his companion told him about and didn’t even notice that the days were growing colder and shorter.
    It was the fifth night after that memorable one of his tent collapsing that Chester and the little E-bay man were sitting beside their camp fire gazing into the flames.
    “You know,” Chester remarked, “I’ll be sad when this trip is over. I never knew that the real world was so interesting. I’ve always lived in the world of computer games, fast food, TV, internet, fancy cars and iPhones.” He added the last with a laugh. “I always thought everything else was dull and worthless. I’m beginning to see things from a new perspective.”
    “Good. Do you think you’ll want to go on another camping trip?”
    “Absolutely!” Chester was enthusiastic and for several minutes talked about what he had learned. “But you know,” he added quietly after a little while of silence, “I think the thing that has made the biggest impression on me is what you said that first day about a designer making everything. I’m not sure I buy into the creation account yet, but I’m going to do some serious studying.”
    The little E-bay man was silent, and for several more minutes they sat thus, each busy with his own thoughts.
    At last Chester spoke again. “Hey, E-bay, look at those clouds over in the north west. Think they mean anything?”
    Turning around, the little E-bay man studied the bank of clouds for a minute before saying, “It looks like snow.”
    “Really! That ought to make things interesting. Do you think it will be a lot or just a dusting like the peaks over there got this morning?”
    His companion shrugged. “That’s one thing I can’t say for sure. Hopefully it will just be a dusting. But what say we turn in?”

    When Chester crawled out of his tent the next morning, he discovered a dusting of snow had fallen during the night and the sky was overcast. The distant peaks were nearly white though the valley below them was still golden brown. Chester got the fire going and was fixing breakfast when the little E-bay man emerged from his tent.
    “See, I’m getting the hang of this camping out stuff,” Chester laughed. “Another few days and I’ll be an expert. Well,” he admitted as the little E-bay man gave a snort. “Okay, not quite, but it’s an improvement.”
    To this his companion agreed, and they began to partake of the hot food. Suddenly the little E-bay man paused and cocked his head as though listening. Chester listened too and thought he could hear voices. Was it his imagination or was a rescue party really coming? The two men were on their feet, eyes searching for signs of other humans. At last with a shout, Chester pointed to the valley in the distance. There indeed was a group heading their way!
    “Come on,” the little E-bay man ordered. “Let’s get this camp packed up so we can leave. I think a storm might be on its way.”
    With no more words, the two men began a rapid packing up of their gear. But when Chester came to take down his tent,
    “E-bay!” he hollered, “How in the world do you get these stake things out of the ground? What did you do, cement them in?”
    Both men chuckled as E-bay showed Chester the easiest way to pull out a stake, and then helped him fold and pack his tent.
    “I hope I can set it up without the instructions next time. If I can’t, I’ll be calling you up, E-bay.”
    “On that iPhone of yours no doubt.”
    “Why of course. And I was thinking of checking on E-bay for a warm jacket.”

    By the time the rescue party reached the two lost campers, they were packed and ready to go. The Park rangers were greatly relieved to find neither one injured and set off at once, for a snow storm was blowing in.

Do you think Chester went hiking again?
Did you attend the party this week?
Will you be back next week?


Liberty Bluebelle said...

" And I was thinking of checking on E-bay for a warm jacket." =) It sounds like Chester is going to get some balance in his life. And I like how you have him considering the truths of what Ebay was telling him about, rather than being fully convinced. Good technique there that gives the impression of a continued story. =) Oh, yes, I'm sure Chester went hiking again. Maybe he even began to take some of his other friends that needed emancipation along with him. Who knows? Maybe he eventually started a ministry geared toward technology-dependent businesspeople that helps them see the beauty of God's creation. The possibilities are endless. =)

Yup, I attended the writer's party. It was fun. =) One of my favorite writing tools is Scrivener. It's a story writing program that lets you organize by chapters or sections rather than having to have it all in one long document, so if you get an idea for a scene further ahead in the story, you just give it it's own section. That's my favorite reason for using it, but it's got many, many more features. They also offer a fully-functioning thirty day trial, and (from what I understood from the Camp Nano website), Nano Campers get 20% off of the software, and winners get 50% off. (It's a 1 time purchase, no subscription necessary). My! It sounds like I'm a Scrivener salesperson! I just really like it. ;) And it has full screen mode--just the page in front of you and the desktop behind it--no other buttons or anything. Very distraction-free. =)

Yes, I'll be back next week. Wait--it's already next week. Yes, I came back. =)

In Joy,
Liberty Bluebelle

"Rejoice evermore." I Thessalonians 5:16

Rebekah said...

Oh, I like all your ideas for Chester. I haven't heard anything from him or Ebay since this story, so I'm not sure what they're up to. ;)

I've heard about Scrivener, but I've never had time to actually look into it. And since I just use NEO, I don't really use much else besides a word document to do put my stories once they are written. I may have to look into Scrivener a little more though. Thanks for sharing, Liberty!