Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Cookies

I originally posted this poem back in 2011, but it was so well liked, that I thought I'd share it again. Enjoy!

Cookie Day

Flour and sugar, chocolate and butter,
Ginger and spices and all cookie cutters.
Measuring, mixing, stir, pat and roll
With lots of small helpers the kitchen’s not dull!

Lively the Christmas tunes gaily we play
So many gathered for this Cookie Day.

Cooking and stirring the fudge is ‘most done.
Tasting and sampling, oh, this is quite fun!

All kinds of cookies we’re making today
For Christmas is coming we happily say.
Icing and sprinkles, chocolate kisses and more,
Fingers so sticky and messes galore.

Make room for these cookies, be careful they’re hot!
Pile that plate higher, we’ve got such a lot.

Flour on noses, sprinkles on floors;
I know that some tummies can’t hold any more.

Dishes are stacking, are we nearly through?
I’m tired of baking, what about you?
The last pan is cooling, they’ll be eaten so fast;
But we all so enjoyed it and made memories that last!

P.S. The little guy in the last picture is now 7! And he has three younger siblings. How quickly the time goes!


Holly said...

What a fun poem! Thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for coming by, Holly! :)

Blessing Counter said...

That last picture. Oh my goodness....SO CUTE!!!! ^_ ^

And a very fun poem, Rebekah! Made me hungry ;)

Rebekah said...

I agree about that picture. He was always my buddy when he was little. (Still it somewhat.)
Thanks for commenting, Blessing. And go find a Christmas cookie to eat. ;)