Friday, June 17, 2016

By Bus with Vicki - Part 3

Hello Friday Fiction Fans,
(If you aren't all on vacation.)

What a week this has been! A good week, but still. On Sunday morning I played my violin at church, worked in the nursery and read a story at home that a dear older widow wrote about her own little boy. Wow! I want to fictionalize it into a story. She might let me as she loves my books. That night my Read Another Page blog was transferred from Blogger to a WordPress website. So, if things were rather strange when you went to it, or something, sorry. I'm still working on making everything right now. I have to get used to WP and figure out the hows and where. :) But, now that it's on WP, I actually have a place where you can sign up to be a test reader! So head over and sign up. And, if you have an experience with WP and want to offer your help, I'll take it. :)

On the writing front I've been busy. And I don't just mean writing my thousand words a day busy. Nope. I've been writing at least 2 thousand words except on Wednesday when I had to work nursery and so didn't have as much time. Okay, so I'm writing more, but does that mean the story you want is being worked on? Perhaps. ;) I spent Monday on my new story, Tuesday was split between the new story and TCR-6. Wednesday was the new story. Yesterday was "Hymns in the Hills" and TCR-6. Here's an overview of where each of the stories stands right now.

Dylan's Story: 16 parts

Hymns in the Hills: 12 parts
TCR-6: 12 parts
Finding Joy: 12 parts

As you can tell, they aren't very far along yet, but think of it this way, TCR-6 is about 5 chapters written. Does that sound a little better? And I still have tonight and tomorrow night to write. 

And if that wasn't enough, the first TCR book is almost out in AUDIO! Through the Tunnel should be coming out the in a few weeks and  . . . the audio for Gift from the Storm is going to start production next week and should be done around the end of August! I'm telling you, this has been a week!

Of course I don't know if anyone is taking the time to read this now. After all, it is summer. (That's why Read Another Page doesn't have lots of helpful writing posts right now.)

But, if you are reading this, I hope you enjoy the next part of

By Bus with Vicki
Part 3

    “Did it have electricity?” Vicki had left her seat and now perched on the edge of the seat next to Kayla.
    Clyde shook his head. “Nope. It was pretty rustic. There was a fireplace and we had to cook all our food over that when it was raining outside.”
    The rest of the morning slipped by as Vicki sat, an entranced listener, to the stories her new friends told about ‘their’ mountains.
    Suddenly, into the steady swaying of the bus and humming of the engine, came a bumping and thumping.
    “What is that?” Vicki asked, looking around as the bus began to slow down.
    “Sounds like we may have a flat,” Clyde remarked.
    “A flat tire?” Vicki stood up in her eagerness to see out the windows, lost her balance and almost toppled into Kayla’s lap.
    “Careful there,” Kayla cautioned, steadying Vicki. “We don’t want any injuries on this trip.”
    Others besides Vicki were peering out the windows. There were no houses to be seen on either side, only fields and rolling hills. “Oh, how exciting,” was Vicki’s assessment.
    The noise grew louder and the bus seemed to tip a bit as it came to a stop. The driver stood up and looked back at his passengers. “We seem to have blown a back tire, folks. I’d like everyone to remain in their seats while I take a look at the situation.”
    As the driver stepped from the bus, a low murmur of complaints began, but above them all came Vicki’s excited exclamation. “This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life! I’m going to have a real story to tell my sister when I get there. Oh, do you suppose we’ll be stuck here for a long, long time?”
    “I hope not,” Kayla said, smiling, though she looked slightly concerned. “I was looking forward to my lunch.”
    “Lunch?” This seemed to put a new idea into Vicki’s head, for she drew in her breath quickly and her voice was clearly heard throughout the bus. “Oh, I do hope we are stuck here. Wouldn’t it be such fun to walk to that little town up there,” and she pointed ahead to a small cluster of buildings, “and find a place to eat? I’m a real good walker and it would be so exciting!” The girl gave a bounce in her seat and then stopped. Putting her hand over her mouth she giggled. “I didn’t mean to shake the whole bus.”
    It was a few minutes before the driver came back. “Folks, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m going to need all of you to get off the bus while the tire is being repaired. Your luggage will be perfectly safe where it is, as I shall lock the door.”
    “What about lunch?”
    “How long is this going to take?”
    “Is there another bus coming along?”
    The driver held up his hands and the passengers grew quiet. “There is a small town just up the road a bit with a small cafe that serves really good pie. The meals are good too,” he added hastily, “but the pies are among the best I’ve ever had. As far as how long it’ll take to change the tire, I’m not sure. And there is no other bus scheduled for–” He glanced down at his watch. “Almost five hours. Now, anyone who would like to–Hold on a minute. Help might be arriving.”
    Every head on the bus turned to look out the windows. Nothing could be seen on the road side, but Vicki had scrambled across to her own seat and was peering out the window there. “It’s a policeman!” she squealed. “Or maybe he’s a State Trooper,” she amended, shivering with half suppressed excitement.
    The driver was outside talking to the State Trooper. Minutes later he came back. “I’m told that it’s about a fifteen minute walk to the town. Is anyone interested in walking there for lunch?”
    Hands went up all over the bus.
    “All right. The State Trooper said that if anyone couldn’t walk that far, he’d take them in his car. He’s also radioed for some help in getting the tire fixed, so by the time you’ve eaten we should be ready to get back on the road and make up for lost time. Now if everyone would quietly make their way up to the front of the bus, the Trooper will escort you all to town while I wait for assistance.”
    Vicki could hardly contain herself. Clasping her purse with both hands, she waited with what patience she could until Clyde and Kayla rose and motioned to her. “I can’t believe we are going to walk to town!” Her stage whisper to Kayla brought amused smiles to many faces, and even some who had grumbled began to relax.
    When she reached the door, the driver frowned slightly. “I forgot about you, Miss. Maybe I should ask the State Trooper to take you with him.”
    Vicki’s heart sank just a little. She had wanted to walk to town with the others, but riding in a State Troopers car–
    “Would it be all right if she stays with my sister and me?” Clyde asked behind her.
    For a moment the driver hesitated. “Are you sure you can walk that far?”
    Eagerly Vicki nodded. “I have really strong legs and I love to walk. I promise to stay with Clyde and Kayla just like they were my brother and sister.”
    After getting a promise from Clyde to keep his eye on her and to stay with the rest of the group, the driver gave in.
    Vicki couldn’t refrain from skipping a little as the group of about a dozen people started off towards the small town. The sky was a soft blue, and here and there piles of white fluffy clouds floated lazily. Whispering softly, a breeze stirred the grasses along the side of the road and caressed Vicki’s flushed face.

Have you ever had a flat tire and have to walk?
Would you be as excited about this "adventure" as Vicki?
Have you signed up to be a test reader on Read Another Page?


-Christian said...

Just to let you know Rebekah, I do read the blog every week. I just usually don't have time to comment.
I've never had a flat tire and I don't think I would be excited about it either. :)

Rebekah said...

Thanks for commenting, Christian. Sometimes it's just nice to have a reminder that I have readers who read each week even if they can't comment. :)
I'm not sure if I'd be excited or not. It might depend on if I was in a hurry to get someplace and if I was the one driving. :P