Friday, August 28, 2015

To the Farm - Part 5

Hello FFFs!
I had to keep reminding myself that I had to post today. You see, I'm on "vacation" (of sorts) at my grandparents' house. I'll be home over the weekend and then back here for another few days. That's why there hasn't been a post on Read Another Page. I was too busy to get it ready before and couldn't think of a thing to post on Tuesday. :)

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful! We've had the house open day and night since we got up here. It's even been cool enough that Grandma and I were wearing sweaters. :) And, we have been eating on the screened in back porch! Except for the supper when we went out to eat, that's where we've eaten in the evenings. It's been so delightful!

I haven't been writing while I've been here, but boy, have I been working on a project! I'm compiling all the bike trips (as in bicycle trips) that my Grandpa, Grandma and uncles have gone on since 1974! They wanted them put together in a book with maps, pictures and diaries. It's lots of fun, but also a lot of work. So, if I don't get any other book published this year, you'll know why. :)

But it's about time for breakfast so I think I'll let you just read the next part of

To the Farm
Part 5

    Louise looked over. “Oh, Ria,” she sighed in relief, “if you would only go and look at whatever it is, it would be such a help! They have been begging and teasing me to go see since they woke up from their naps, but I am too busy today.”
    Before Ria could reply, Frank asked, “where is it?”
    “Only in the shed.”
    Frank looked questioningly at Ria but she was already moving away, towed by two eager little cousins.
    In the shed Ria was treated to the sight of five baby possums. They were small and they hissed. Ria gently pulled the little girls out of the shed and shut the door. “Tell Daddy about them when he comes back from the field,” she began, but was interrupted.
    “Tell me what?” and Uncle Edmund stood behind her with Larry.
    “Baby possums in the shed.”
    Edmund raised his eyebrows, “Must have been the mother I killed this morning. I’ll take care of them. What are you doing here?”
    “I came with Uncle Frank,” Ria replied, grinning as Larry suddenly tore away shouting in great excitement.
    “Frank?” Edmund exclaimed. “I didn’t know he was back! Come on, girls,” and with the three girls trailing behind him, he set off for the front of the house.
    All was talk then for several minutes until Ria interrupted, “Uncle Frank, we won’t beat the gang back unless we leave.”
    “She’s right. See you tomorrow at church, Ed,” and Frank hurried after Ria towards the truck.
    The ride to town was quiet. Ria’s ankle pained her more than she cared to admit. Several times Frank glanced over at her and noticed her almost grim expression. Once he asked her if she was all right, to which she nodded.
    Stopping quickly at Rosalie’s, Frank discovered no one home, so, leaving a note in the door, he returned to the truck and remarked, “Now one more stop and then you’ll be home. Do you want to come in at Evie’s?”
    “No.” Ria’s answer was so quick that Frank gave a little smile.
    He couldn’t resist a little teasing. “Is it because you think we’ll stay too long or because Earl might be there?”
    “Both.” And Ria grinned, until a sudden rut in the road jolted her and she winced in pain.
    “I’ll be out in a jiffy,” Frank told her as he opened his door. Sprinting up the sidewalk, he rapped on the door sharply. It opened and Evie flung her arms around him with a cry of delight.
    Waiting in the truck, Ria gingerly rubbed her ankle. The walk to the shed back at Edmund’s probably hadn’t been such a good idea. She half wished Earl would come and do something for it, but she was afraid it might mean she would have to sit around all day tomorrow. She might even have to stay home from church! And she wouldn’t be able to do anything if she was stuck in a chair or on the sofa next Saturday, not to mention the teasing the gang would do. Perhaps a good rest would make her ankle better. Here her thoughts were interrupted by Frank’s return.
    “That was quick,” she said.
    “Yep,” he replied, starting the truck. “I figured I’d better get you home before the boys returned and told your mom a wild story of your disappearance.”
    Ria gave a small smile but said nothing.
    Pulling into the Mitchell driveway, Frank parked and was out and beside Ria before she could put her feet on the ground. “You’re not walking on that ankle again for a little while,” he told her, picking her up and shutting the door. Then, striding up the walk, he reached the screen door. This Ria was able to open and he stepped inside with his burden.
    “I’m home, Mom,” Ria called. Then added, “And I brought someone with me!”
    Mrs. Mitchell stepped from the kitchen wiping her hands on her apron. “Ria, what happened to you? And where are the boys--” she began as she noticed her daughter being placed on the couch.
    Frank turned around. “Hi Emma!”
    Mrs. Mitchell gasped. “Frank! What–How–”
    Grinning, Frank bent his tall frame to kiss his sister before he replied, “Yep, and everything else too. I’m home on leave. Dinner at the farm next Saturday. You don’t have any plans do you?” Frank talked fast.
    Slowly, in a bewildered way, Emma shook her head. “I don’t think so, but can’t you stay for supper?”
    “Nope, promised Mom I’d eat at home. But,” he added with a twinkle in his eyes, “if you happen to have any ginger cookies . . .”
    Laughing, Mrs. Mitchell led the way into the kitchen.
    Once there, Frank lowered his voice, “You might want to get Earl to take a look at Ria’s ankle. She didn’t talk much on the way to town from Edmund’s.”
    “What happened to her?”
    Glancing quickly at his watch, Frank realized he’d have to leave. “I’ve got to run, Emma. Thanks for the cookies; I think I can make it home now. Ria will tell you all about the day, and the boys ought to be here soon.” As he talked, Frank had moved back to the living room. Now he stood with a hand on the screen door. “Take care of that ankle, Ria! Tell Mitch I said hi. See you ladies later!” And with that he dashed out to the truck and drove away.
    “Well,” Mrs. Mitchell, shook her head in a bewildered way, “that was quick.” Then she turned to her daughter who was rubbing her ankle. “What happened to you?”
    Ria told her in a few words, but the arrival of Ed, Chris, the twins and Mr. Mitchell cut the story short, and Mrs. Mitchell hurried away to finish the supper.
    Though she insisted she could walk to the dining room, Ed carried her in while Jimmy brought a footstool and Johnny a pillow for her injured foot. The meal was enlivened by stories from Chris about the day. Ria, however, was quiet, the pain of her ankle and her tiredness keeping her tongue still.

What do you think will happen next?
Have you ever seen baby possums?


-Christian said...

Yes, I've seen baby possums. They aren't exactly cute. :D

Blessing Counter said...

No, I've never seen baby possums. I have seen baby mice though! Those are really cute :) Do baby possums look anything like mice?