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Dr. Morgan - Part 21

Rainy Greetings Faithful Friday Fiction Fans!
The sound of a steady rain pattering on the roof and skylight have been so delightful this morning. There is a bluejay somewhere outside in the dark greeting the morning, but I can't hear any other birds. :) The temperature has dropped and it looks like we're going to have some cooler weather today. Yay! I am ready to put on long sleeves.

It was a good week. Hope you enjoy this glimpse of it. :)
Saturday––I didn't go out early to set up at Farm Girl Fest since I was fighting a bad cough and cold. But later that morning I did go out and spent the rest of the day there. It was so much fun! I got to spend hours with my "Baby Doll" who is now three. She was so excited to see me. We headed home around 5:30.
Sunday––We went to Sunday School, but I had to leave before it was over because I couldn't keep from coughing. I don't know about you, but when I have a cough, it always is worse if I'm trying not to cough. :P As soon as I got outside it was much better. My sister and I had to go out to Farm Girls and set up our booth before noon, so we didn't get to stay for church. The weather was much warmer than on Saturday and we got to visit with some friends we hardly get to see. :)
Oh, yes, some of my books did sell and so did some of the bags we had made. My sister sold quite a few flexie clips.
Monday––It was nice to stay home again. I did a lot of catching up on things and wrote in the afternoon/evening.
Tuesday––I worked on a knitting project and wrote. (Yes, I did do other things, but those were the main things.) I was able to get 4 parts of TCR-4 put together. You see, I already had some written. It was fun to see so many more parts suddenly ready to be proofed. :)
Wednesday––I began working on the layout for "The Graham Quartet and the Mysterious Strangers." The goal is to have this book published before Christmas along with TCR-4. I've never published two books so close together. Should be fun! Writing wasn't working so well on Wednesday. I only got a little more than a hundred words written. :P
Thursday––Much better day for writing though I was beginning to wonder if I'd get more than the 500 I got done before supper. I couldn't think of anything! After talking to my sister, who didn't have a clue what I could write, I tried again and the words came. I think some of my readers were praying too. :) I was able to get 2,000 words written yesterday! Now I only have 10-12 parts left to write!

Okay, okay, here is what you have been waiting for. Well, hold on just a minute more. This is the last part of Dr. Morgan that I have written. So, I am open for any and all ideas! If you have ideas, suggestions, things you want to know, possible things to happen, let me know! You can leave a comment or send them to me using the Contact Author forum on the side bar. I'm planning on taking the month of January to work on this story. I know, I know, you are all going "January! That's months away!" Yep, it is, but I don't see how I can fit it in before then. Not with finishing up TCR-4, writing enough short stories to last until next year, writing my annual Christmas story, and perhaps a Thanksgiving one. Also January is the month I've written most of Dr. Morgan in, so I thought it was appropriate.
So send me your ideas so they can simmer in my brain for a while. :) And now enjoy!

Dr. Morgan
Part 21

    “The second thing you can do is to keep cheerful. Giving way to despair and anxiety is not going to help you at all. Another thing is to eat.” He frowned sternly though his eyes smiled. “I heard that you failed to eat a good breakfast this morning or much of a supper last night. That will never do. If I had wanted you on a starvation diet, I certainly wouldn’t have sent you up here!”
    Amy blushed slightly. “I—I’ll try to do better,” she promised.
    “Good. Have you tried any of those cookies yet?” When Amy shook her head, Justin sprang to his feet. “I’ll be right back. Stay where you are.”
    From the couch, Amy watched him disappear into the dining room and heard a low murmur of voices and some laughter. She didn’t have time to wonder what he was doing for in another moment he was back with several warm cookies on a plate.
    “There you are!” Justin grinned, handing her the plate. “A sample of each one. You enjoy those while I have a look at your leg.” His voice suddenly changed to that of Dr. Morgan and he asked, “Has it been bothering you at all?”

    Later, after a hearty lunch was enjoyed, Justin leaned back in his chair and remarked, “Well, I’d better be heading back to town. Thanks for lunch, Mom.” He stood up, hesitated, and then said, “On second thought, if you’re planning on making more cookies this afternoon, I could stick around here and taste test some more.”
    Mrs. Morgan laughed. “If you stick around, you’ll eat all the cookies.”
    “Can I help it if you make the best cookies anywhere?”
    At that Sara straightened in her chair and retorted, “I’ll have you know that I made the cookies this morning.”
    “But they were from Mom’s recipes,” countered Justin with a grin.
    “They were from a cookbook.”
    “Well, then I’d better have a few more just to make sure they really are good,” he teased.
    “Justin Morgan, you stay away from those cookies!” Sara called, jumping up to give chase as her older brother disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Morgan laughing behind them.
    “I thought those two had grown up,” Mr. Morgan chuckled. “But apparently it was only a show.”
    Amy had watched in silence. This was certainly a strange family.

    After Jenny and Danny were put down for their afternoon naps, Danny going reluctantly and insisting in the midst of his yawns that he wasn’t tired, Sara mixed up the icing and brought the cookies out to the dining room table. Amy looked at the piles of gingerbread men and gingerbread ladies in amazement.
    “What will you do with all those cookies?” she asked.
    “We’ll give many away, but you’d be surprised at how many Adam and Justin can devour. And when Heather and Timothy come over, well, let’s just say we may have to make more before Christmas.”
    Amy blinked in wonder and reached for an icing bag.
    “Do you mind if we put some Christmas music on?” Sara asked a moment later.
    “No.” Amy had filled her bag and placed a gingerbread man on the table before her. Still thinking about how many cookies there were, she gently squeezed the bag and began to ice. Finishing the first one, she reached for a gingerbread lady and quickly gave her a face, an apron and shoes.
    “Oh, Amy!” Sara’s gasp of surprise caused Amy to look up startled. “Those are so cute! I never can make mine look like anything but a mess.”
    Amy looked down at the two cookies. “I wasn’t even thinking about them,” she admitted. “I don’t know where I learned to do anything like that, but I think I can do it again.”
    Sara watched as Amy bent over another cookie and soon had it transformed into a gingerbread man. “Do you like doing it?” she asked as Amy started on the second girl. When she nodded, Sara asked, hesitantly, “Would you mind working on them while I mix up a different kind of cookie? I’d help, but mine never look good and . . .” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “To tell you the truth, I hate icing cookies.”
    There was a smile on Amy’s face as she replied, “I don’t mind. I think this is fun.”
    With a sigh of relief, Sara hurried back into the kitchen, humming along with the Christmas song.
    Left to her task, Amy became absorbed in each cookie. After doing a few exactly like the first ones she had done, she grew more adventuresome, adding a pocket on that one, a necklace on the next, cowboy boots and a collared shirt on another. She made some in nightclothes with their eyes shut, a few with funny expressions. On finding one with an arm broken off, Amy stuck it on with icing and finished it by making the arm look like it was in a sling. Thus inspired, she did a few others with bandages and chuckled softly at the result. When Sara saw them, she burst into a merry peal of laughter.
    “Oh, Amy!” she giggled, “we’ll have to save those and take them to the hospital staff.” She laughed again. “Won’t Justin and the others enjoy them!”
    The afternoon passed quickly, and Amy was surprised when Mrs. Morgan brought the little ones downstairs after their naps. By then the gingerbread men were all finished, and Amy was washing dishes for Sara as she finished the last of the cookies.
    “Well, it looks like you two have been busy,” Mrs. Morgan smiled, looking into the kitchen.
    Sara glanced up. “Go look at the cookies on the table.” She nodded towards the dining room. “Amy did them all.”
    A sound of amazement came from the next room and then Mrs. Morgan exclaimed, “Amy, you are a wonder. How ever did you make them?”
    Slightly embarrassed, Amy shrugged. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “But it was fun.”

Did you like this part?
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Bethany Stelzl said...

I love this story... This part was really good. So sad that we have to wait till Jan. for the next part... But I like all your stories, so it won't be too bad as long as there are others to read while we wait :)

Jesseca Dawn said...

I'm really enjoying this story and this part was really good!
Just curious,how many parts are left?

Blessing Counter said...

I really like the part about the cookies. I love to bake!
I was wondering, did you have anything in mind for what Adam was doing? He rode off with the car and now....

Cacciacarro family said...

Love this part! Having to wait till January is going to be a bit hard, but I'm sure your other stories will be just as amazing! :)

Rebekah said...

Hopefully the other stories that get posted will help you all wait until I have more written. :)

I have no idea how many parts are left because I haven't written them. I don't even know what happens except one thing. That's why I need help. :)

Blessing Counter,
I think I had an idea for what Adam was doing, but I'm not positive. If you have any, let me know! I can use all the help I can get with this story. :)

Hope you hear some ideas from you all!

Megan Soh said...

I love this story!
I hope you can finish both your books.
Were you planning on having Adam search for something that had to do with Amy or her history?