Friday, October 11, 2013

Dr. Morgan - Part 15

Good Morning Friday Fiction Fans,
It's another lovely fall morning. The trees haven't started changing colors yet, but we've had a few chilly mornings and days.

Here's a quick overview of my week. (Was your week anything like it?)
Saturday: We headed out about 7:15 in the morning to set up for Farm Girl Fest. It was rainy and chilly. And it rained and grew colder. It was in the 40s most of the morning with rain off and on. Since everyone had tents and were outside, we all commiserated with each other during the let ups. It did clear up after 1:00.
Sunday: Headed out to Red Oak II about 9:30. We set most of our booth up and then waited for church to start. Because they were running late and then sang for a while, we had to leave just before they started the message. We didn't have to fight rain, just wind and strong gusts at that. But at least the day was sunny.
On Monday I got some things done in the morning, then visited with my Best Friend from Canada who came down with her husband for a visit. We went out for ice cream that evening. It was delightful to be together again. I also worked on TCR-2
Tuesday came and I prepared for Writing Classes. Since some of my students were having trouble writing sentences that started with an "ing" word, I decided to work on that. Here's a challenge for you: How many words that end in "ing" can you think of to start this sentence:

____________ the door open, I dashed into the kitchen.

Wednesday: Writing Classes. By the way, we came up with over 30 different words to start that sentence. How many did you get?
Yesterday: In the morning I graded papers and in the afternoon I went and played "tennis" with my best friends and their family and another friend. It was fun even if we never played an actual game. We were just hitting the balls and doing a lot of chasing them.

Last night I shot a gun for the second time in my life! For those of you interested, it was a .40 semi-automatic. I wouldn't say I was a great shot, but I wasn't too bad either. The sheriff was impressed when he found out it was only my second time to shoot.

All right, now on to writing things. :) As I'm sure you noticed, you are getting another part of Dr. Morgan today. And just for your info, this is the last part I have written, so please, send me comments, thoughts, ideas, questions and help get my brain ready to write more.
I was going to post another Graham Quartet; however, there have been some new developments with this story which require a bit more research before I can write the rest of it with confidence.
I'm not at all sure what I'll be posting next week since I haven't written anything. Anyone have any ideas for a short story for me? Right now I'm open to any and all suggestions for something to write. So think about it and let me know. Just don't think too long or it will be next Friday! :)


Part 15

    A lamp was glowing on the rustic table beside the bed. The room itself was papered in a light blue print while the quilt on the bed was a deep blue. A chest of drawers stood beside a closet door and a chair was in a position to enjoy a charming view from the window when the curtains were opened.
    A few moments later, Amy lay between the white sheets with warm blankets pulled over her.
    “Good night, Dear,” Mrs. Morgan said softly, turning out the light. “God give you sweet dreams.”
    In the dark, Amy drew a deep breath and relaxed. The room had a home smell to it, not a sterile hospital smell. Slipping one hand to the top of her covers, she reached out and felt again the soft fabric of the quilt. “And it’s blue,’ she whispered to herself with a smile. Noticing a faint light, Amy turned her head and saw a tiny crack in the curtains. “Moonlight. I wonder if it’s full.” That was the last conscious thought Amy had before falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

    Sitting in his small room in his boarding house in town, Justin replaced the phone and sighed. He couldn’t get Amy out of his mind. His father’s call had relieved his mind somewhat, but still he wondered.
    “Dad thought she looked a bit frightened before they started singing,” Justin mused. “He didn’t know if it was the fire or the thought of the singing, but after the songs started she relaxed. What a puzzle! How can we trace someone whose name is a common as hers is? Fire? Singing? What was she doing in the mountains to begin with?” Sighing again in frustration at the multitude of questions that were now racing through his brain, Justin sprang up and began to pace his limited floor space. “What if she wakes up during the night?” Realizing for the first time that should Amy awaken during the night there would be no nurse to answer her call, Justin halted beside his small desk.
    A quick phone call up to the Morgan cabin reassured him that Amy would be checked on several times during the night.
    “Relax, Son,” Mr. Morgan told him. “Your mother and I have had sick people in the house before. I think we can handle one who can’t remember. She was quite tired, and I think she’ll sleep through the night just fine.”
    “You’ll call if anything happens, right?”
    A chuckle came over the phone line. “Justin Morgan, quit fussing. You know we’ll call you. Now get some rest and let us do the same.”
    “Sorry, Dad. It’s just—”
    “I know, but we can talk tomorrow, okay?”
    “Okay. Good-night.”
    For several long minutes Justin remained standing with his hand on the phone.
    “There’s got to be some way we can find something out.” He resumed his pacing. “It’s as though we had a puzzle without all the pieces. No, we have all the pieces only they are locked up where no one can get at them. I wonder if we’ll ever know who they are and why they came.
    Something Adam had said before came back to his mind. “Since God brought them to our house, it must have been for a reason.”
    Somehow the thought calmed him and sent him to his knees where he spent a long time praying, for Amy, for himself and his family as they sought to help her, for Danny and Jenny and also for whatever families were somewhere searching for their missing loved ones.

    A faint light was coming into the room when Amy opened her eyes. For a moment she couldn’t figure out where she was. A feeling of panic began to well up inside of her until she heard a dog barking and smelled the delicious smell of pancakes.
    Fifteen minutes later she slowly limped her way down the hall and into the dining room. Sara was busy feeding Jenny while Danny shoveled bites of pancakes into his mouth as fast as he could, hardly taking time to chew.
    “You’ll choke, Danny. Slow down,” Amy admonished with a smile.
    Sara looked up. “Good morning. How did you sleep? Mom, Amy’s here for breakfast!” She called the last over her shoulder to the kitchen.
    Sitting down and leaning her crutch against another chair, Amy looked out the large windows towards the mountain top and saw snowflakes falling gently. “I slept fine. That snow . . .”
    “It’s pretty, isn’t it?” Sara turned and looked out until Jenny demanded another bite.
    “There’s so much. Do you ever get tired of it?”
    Laughing, Sara offered Jenny a drink before replying. “Before spring comes I’m ready to move down south.”
    Just then Mrs. Morgan entered the room with a plate of hot pancakes, crisp bacon and two steaming fried eggs. “Good Morning Amy, I hope you are hungry.” Setting the plate down before Amy, she poured a glass of milk from a metal pitcher on the table, set it next to the plate and sat down nearby.
    Amy’s eyes were wide as she stared at her plate of food. “I . . . I’m hungry, but I don’t think I can eat that much!”
    Mrs. Morgan smiled and patted her hand. “Justin told me to fatten you up, so I’m trying my best. Just eat what you can. You may be hungrier than you think.” She placed the maple syrup before Amy and rose. “Danny, where did all your food go?”
    Danny, his face covered with sticky syrup, grinned and his eyes crinkled. With sticky fingers he pointed down his shirt as he replied, “Down there.”
    “In your shirt?”
    “No, my tummy.”
    Soon Danny was cleaned up and trotted off to go find Adam. Amy began eating. Everything tasted as delicious as it had smelled and with Sara’s bright conversation, Jenny’s entertaining baby antics and Mrs. Morgan bustling about, it was a great surprise to Amy when realized that her plate was nearly empty. “I suppose I was hungry,” she said.

Questions or Comments?
I'm looking for something to get me going again.


Anonymous said...

I can think of pulling,leaving,pushing,kicking,holding,grabbing and shoving the door open.:) I hope you will keep posting Dr. Morgan.


Rebekah said...

Great start, Christian! Thanks for trying it. :)
I'll see if I can't get some more of Dr. Morgan written. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Audrey French said...

Yah! Dr. Morgan would be great!!!!

Audrey French said...

Or, maybe you could do one about the Burgess Police Department.

Rebekah said...

I forgot about the Burgess Police Department. Thanks for reminding me, Audrey. :)

Jesseca said...

You could do another Graham Quartet.
I love that story and I can't wait to see what happens with the FBI and all!

Rebekah said...

I'll see how quickly I can get back to the Graham Quartet, Jesseca. I have to get a few more things figured out before I dare to post more. :)

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Hey!! I just thought I'd come over and say hi! You are always so great to comment on my blog!! :)
So, just saying, but I LOVE your blog's layout!!!!!! Where do you get your backgrounds from??
Anyways, hope you are doing great!!

Rebekah said...

Hey Breanna! Glad to have to stop by! :)
I get my backgrounds from "The Cutest Blog on the Block." If you go to the top left of the blog you'll see name. If you click on that it'll take you to the web site. They have all kinds of backgrounds and things. :) The hardest part is choosing which one I want.
Speaking of backgrounds, I think it's time I put a fall one up. :)

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thanks Bekah! I'll go check them out!! :)
Yep, Fall is here! :-D Nice choice! ;)