Friday, June 21, 2013

Dr. Morgan - Part 12

Hello Friday Fiction Fans!
Wow! That was quite a response I got with plenty of votes to make it interesting. When I started the voting last Friday, I wasn't at all sure which brand would win. And as time went on and more votes came in, I still wasn't sure. Those that voted were a great mixture of folks. I had adults, children, young people, boys and girls. Some gave their reason for which one they voted for, others voted and didn't tell anyone. Last night I began the count and finished counting the last few votes this morning that had come in after I went to bed. You want to know the outcome? First I do want to say thank you to everyone who voted. It made choosing a brand so much easier and more fun. Also, yes, I do realize that any brand with a C can be changed to an O, but some of these could be changed easier than others. There were 69 votes cast.
With that said--

drum roll please . . . . .  .
Tied at last place are B & D with 3 votes each

5th place is A with 7 votes.

4th place goes to E with 8 votes.

3rd place is G with 12 votes

While 2nd place goes to F with 13 votes.


The winning brand is . . . 
C with 23 votes!

Thank you all for voting.

Now on to other things.
I haven't had a much time to write this week as sometimes, but I did manage to finish one story and (Triple Creek Ranch fans will be glad to know) I started writing the 2nd book. I haven't gotten very far, but it's started. Just pray I get lots of ideas and time to write. :) The other story I started working on is a sequel to "The Graham Quartet and the Lonely Cabin." :) I think I know what is happening, now I just have to have the time to write it. But don't worry, it's pretty interesting and I want to keep writing.

Come back next week to hear about my newest, biggest adventure that is coming right up!

Here's the next part of Dr. Morgan for those of you who have been waiting for it. I'm not sure it's going to be of much help to you, but I hope you enjoy it. And please let me know if you have any ideas as I don't have much more of this story written.

Part 12

    Justin rose. “I must go. I didn’t realize it was so late. If all goes well, I’ll release Amy tomorrow and bring her up.”
    The others rose also and followed him into the entry way where he put on his coat.
    “Thanks again for letting her come here. I don’t know if it will help her memory any to be around the little ones, but she couldn’t remain at the hospital much longer.”
    “Be careful driving down, Justin.”
    “I will, Mom. And,” he added kissing her, “I’ll call when I reach the hospital. Good night.”

    It was a matter of seconds after Justin replaced the phone in his office when Philips appeared at the door.
    “I’m glad you’re back, sir.”
    Dr. Morgan looked up in surprise. “What’s wrong?”
    “I’m not sure anything is really wrong, but Amy won’t go to bed. She is restless and hasn’t eaten. She won’t talk, but she doesn’t have a fever.”
    “Who is with her?” Quickly Dr. Morgan was getting ready.
    “Nurse Jones.”
    “How long has she been this way?”
    Philips glanced at his watch. “I went up to check when her tray came down untouched at seven-twenty-five.”
    Justin glanced at his watch. It was nearly ten-thirty now. “Why wasn’t I called?”
    “No one thought it was anything to worry about, sir. Dr. Wright and Dr. Douglas didn’t want to bother you since there really was no cause for alarm.” The young intern spoke apologetically and looked worried.
    Seeing this, Justin hastened to reassure him. “It probably isn’t anything to worry about. She’s been restless for several days now. I’ll run up and see if I can’t get her to sleep. Thanks for filling in for me, Philips.” And Dr. Morgan hurried away.
    On the stairs, Dr. Douglas met him. “Going up to check on Amy?”
    Justin nodded. “Why didn’t anyone call me?”
    “And tell you what? A missed meal should not be alarming; as for not going to bed, that’s only been in the last hour, and we figured you’d be back. Calm down, Morgan.” He placed a restraining hand on his colleague’s arm. “Nurse Jones hasn’t called for anyone, so things can’t be too serious.”
    Drawing a deep breath, Dr. Morgan gave a slight smile. “I was rather startled by the news. Perhaps it will help if I tell her she’s leaving the hospital tomorrow.”
    “It might at that. Things worked out?”
    Dr. Morgan nodded and the two physicians parted.

    Pausing outside Room 212, Dr. Morgan knocked softly and a moment later Nurse Jones opened the door. She looked visibly relieved and held open the door.
    “Hello, Amy.”
    Amy stood at the window with her back to the door and didn’t turn around, though she acknowledged the greeting with a grunt.
    Shaking her head, Nurse Jones murmured, “She’s been like this since I’ve been here. Won’t talk, won’t sit, won’t sleep.”
    Dr. Morgan nodded and stepped farther into the room. “Amy, I was planing on releasing you from the hospital tomorrow and sending you up to stay with Danny and Jenny, but if you don’t get to bed and get some rest, I’ll have to keep you another day or so.”
    Turning around, Amy looked at him, her face full of questions, fear and frustration. “You really will let me leave tomorrow?” she asked.
    “If you take your medicine and get to bed now.”
    “It won’t do any good,” she muttered half aloud.
    Dr. Morgan eyed her searchingly. “Why?”
    “I can’t sleep.”
    “You haven’t tried.”
    “I tried earlier.” She hobbled over to the bed and sat down. “But I can’t remember the song and it’s driving me crazy!” Her words were frantic.
    “Do you know any of the tune?” The question was quiet and calming.
    “Only parts.”
    “Hum them for me.”
    With her eyes on the floor, Amy hummed a phrase or two and then waited. She wasn’t sure Dr. Morgan could help her remember the song, but it was worth a try.

“God that madest earth and heaven,
Darkness and light,
Who the day for toil has given
For rest the night . . .”

    Dr. Morgan had no need for any song book to remember that tune, and he sang the first verse softly.
    “That’s it! Why was I remembering that song?” Amy demanded as the nurse came and helped her into bed, settled her pillows and gave her her medicine.
    “I’m not sure,” Dr. Morgan replied, “but perhaps it is because my sister sang it to you several times just before your fever broke.”
    Amy was quiet as Justin looked at her chart and then moved to the door.
    “Doctor,” she called to him just as he snapped off the light. “Please, won’t you sing the entire song. I don’t know why it was bothering me, but I want to hear it all.”
    For answer, Dr. Morgan began the evening song once again standing in the doorway. He sang it with feeling, remembering that night when Heather had sung it. He prayed it would calm Amy now as it did then, but he didn’t know that down the hall another patient, hearing the haunting tune, relaxed and slept or that Dr. Wright and Dr. Douglas paused on the stairs to listen while the few nurses stood silently at their posts letting the music refresh them for the long, quiet night ahead.
    The song over, Dr. Morgan shut Amy’s door and moved quietly down the hall to the stairs. He glanced curiously at his fellow physicians standing on the stairs, passed them and headed towards his office.
    He checked his desk for anything important, put on his boots, grabbed his coat and headed to his small boarding house across the street, little dreaming what comfort and rest that song had given.

    “Oh, I’m tired,” he yawned, taking off his boots and hanging his coat on its hook. “At least Amy will have a good home, and maybe I won’t worry so much about her.” He sighed, snapped off his light and crawled into bed.

Questions you want the story to answer?
Ideas of what might happen?
Comments about this part?
Any other thoughts you wish to share?


Anonymous said...

can't wait for the next part!! it's a good story! thanks.

Rebekah said...

You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Anonymous said...

When are you going to post more TCR stories???!!!

Rebekah said...

There probably won't be another TCR story for a while. I don't want to give you too much of the story before it's published. :) But I'll have something each Friday and you never know when a TCR part will appear. :)

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how you got all the votes, because there wasn't so many in the comments???

Rebekah said...

I sent the brands to my illustrator and her family all voted and I also took it to church and had everyone there vote. I also asked several other friends.

Calamity Rene said...

Glad you got enough votes to decide on your brand! :) Now is the Triple Creek a series you've had published? If so, I may have to look them up at the library... I hope I have a chance to read them! :)

Write on!

-Calamity Rene

Rebekah said...

Hi Calamity Rene,
Triple Creek Ranch is a series that I'm working on. I have the first book written, but since my readers are going to want the second book after they finished the first one, I thought I'd better write the second one and publish them around the same time. I'm hoping for early next year.

But if you are wanting to read my western "The Unexpected Request" I'd love to know what you think of it. :)