Friday, January 18, 2013

Party Time!

Good Morning FFFs!
It looks like it's going to be a lovely day! I heard it was supposed to get into the 50s today. :) And the sun is shining, well, once it gets past the horizon it should be. :)

Since the 16th of this month marked the 4th anniversary of this blog, it's time for a party! I hope you all enjoy the games created just for you. We'll see who really knows my stories. :) For some questions it might be the process of elimination. But have fun. Enjoy yourself and then come back next week for another story.

See if you can get the answers correct in the five games I created just for you, my faithful Friday fiction fans. :)
If you get 24 - 31 answers correct you are an Expert and are qualified to give lectures about me and my work as well as know your way around the blog.
If you get 13 - 23 answers correct you are a Friend who is quite fond of this blog and familiar with my work though you can't recall all the details.
If you get 6 - 12 answers correct you are an Acquaintance who drops by now and then to see how I'm doing, recognizes my name when it comes up in conversations and even knows a story or two.
If you get 0 - 5 answers correct you are the New Kid on the Blog. Welcome, and I hope you'll stick around and enjoy yourself.

So, grab a paper and pen and have fun!
These games are to be played without looking at any other post on my blog. Or reading any published books of mine.

Game One
They Said What?

(Match the quote with the person who said it. The titles of the stories are after each name.)

A. "I have to live in a city."
B. "Was it the best one yet?"
C. "I think I'll take my flashlight into my sleeping bag this time."
D. "I tell you they're gone!"
E. "There's a guy selling hot dogs!"
F. "This is quite a night to be out, lad."
G. "Guys, it looks like we'll be here a while."
H. "I don't smell a thing."
I. "Dad, they have a flat tire!"
J. "I didn't know we had come so far."

1. Sarah Smith- Answered Prayers
2. Howard Bartell- The Storm
3. Rone- Alone
4. Chester Reginald Donavon- The Emancipation of Chester Reginald Donavon; Esquire
5. Reagan Rowe- My Best Thanksgiving
6. Professor Stovkewetsky- The Mysterious Solution
7. Mia Marley- Christmas Disaster
8. Jeff Hansen- Mystery at Random
9. Susanna Stanson- Home For Christmas
10. Jerry Wyatt- SWAT Team Adventure

Game Two
Who Am I?
(Match the description to the correct person. These are major and minor characters. Next, match the characters to the correct story title. To score this game, if you can match all three parts together you get on 1 point, if you can only match two, you get 1/2 a point.)

1. I fell out of a tree but didn't get hurt.
2. The rain soaked my shirt twice in one day!
3. I jumped in surprise and shock while doing my job.
4. I'm not sure I want to babysit again!
5. I look just like my brother and sister only I'm thin and pale.
6. I helped dig tunnels in the snow.
7. Living with my grandfather was not what I wanted!
8. I couldn't fix my flat tire.
9. My grandfather became excited by what I found.
10. I want to plan what to do in any situation that might arise.

A. Patrick Henry
B. Kerry
C. Nate Jones
D. News Reporter
E. Sammy
F. Bennett Marley
G. Tracy Linnet
H. William Croften
I. Miss Rachel
J. Tyrone

1. Toothpaste Trouble
2. Neglected and Forsaken
3. An Autumn Path
4. Alone
5. The Storm
6. A Christmas Disaster
7. Ruined Shoes
8. At the Foot of the Falls
9. Two Dollars and a Knife
10. Sergeant Wyatt: SWAT Team Adventure

Game Three
Weather Report
(Decide which of these stories fits the weather reported.)

*It snowed on Christmas Eve Day.
1. Christmas Delays     2. A Christmas Story     3. Home for Christmas     4. Worst and Best Christmas

* A storm is responsible for the creation of a clever solution of how to get home.
1. At the Mercy of the Storm     2. The Storm     3. Answered Prayers     4. Canoe Trip

* Temperatures reached the upper eighties during the day only to fall quite low by evening.
1. Lower Lights     2. The Medford's Independence Day     3. Sergeant Wyatt: SWAT Team Adventure     4. Lost in the Dunes

*An approaching snow storm hastened the work of the characters.
1. The Emancipation of Chester Reginald Donavon; Esquire     2. A Christmas Disaster     3. The Graham Quartet and the Lonely Cabin     4. A Western Christmas

*A summer day that is warm but not hot or humid.
1. A Promise     2. Mysterious Words     3. Neglected and Forsaken     4. At Last

Game Four
Doctor! Doctor!
(Match the correct Doctor with the story he belongs in. Take special care that you don't mix them or their patients might not recover!)

A. Dr. Armstrong
B. Dr. Black
C. Dr. Jack Fields
D. Dr. Fredrick Foster
E. Dr. French
F. Dr. Earl Friesen
G. Dr. Dave Quincey
H. Dr. Stern

1. Triple Creek Ranch
2. Christmas Delays
3. Home Fires of the Great War
4. Worst and Best Christmas
5. Fishing for a Little Peace & Quiet
6. At the Lighthouse
7. The Unexpected Request
8. Dr. Morgan

Game Five
Place Me
(Place the character or characters in the correct setting for their story. Be careful!)

1. Hannah Ward
2. Jessica Chang
3. Jones Family
4. Prof. Stovkewetsky
5. William Croften
6. Chad and Brooke Dancroft
7. Alexander Family
8. Rowe Family

A. "Xander Horse Farm," KY
B. A little town in Russia
C. "The Glen," a southern mansion
D. An apartment in New York
E. A southern island
F. West Texas
G. Animas Forks, CO
H. A hotel-like place by the sea

Once you have finished, go here to check you answers. Don't post your answers in the comments, only what you are. :) Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is.

So how did you do?
Are you an Expert, Friend, Acquaintance or a New Kid on the Blog?
Will you be back next week?


Christian said...

Hi Bekah!!

I got 17 answers right so I guess I am a friend. Some of the questions were pretty hard.

Rebekah said...

I'd say that was pretty good, Christian! I wasn't sure how hard or easy the questions were since I know the stories so well. Thanks for playing. :)

And since you are the first to comment, what would you like to read next Friday?

Christian said...

Hi Bekah,
What about Triple Creek Ranch? :)

Rebekah said...

All right. Did you read last Friday's story? :)

Noah said...

Well I got 29 right but I didn't post because i waasn't sure how I scored. You have 41 questions but only 31 on your scoring.

Rebekah said...

I forgot that the second game had more questions. For the second game you get 1/2 a point for each half a question. If you can match the description to the person and the title, you get 1 point. If you only match part, you get 1/2.
So, what are you now, Noah? And thanks for playing. :)