Friday, August 31, 2012

Alone - The End

A wonderful rainy morning to you, my Faithful Friday Fiction Fans!
Don't you love to wake up with the sound of rain pattering on the roof? And to look our your window as you get your blog post ready and watch the water falling from a grey sky, watch the wind bend the tops of the trees and rustle the leaves, to hear a few birds singing in the rain. Oh, after so much dryness and heat, this is wonderful!

The big exciting news for this morning is that my book Pirates of Rocky Crag Bay and Other Stories is now available for you to order! And since I have dedicated this book to each of you Faithful Friday Fiction Fans, I think it is only right that I should offer you a 20% discount on the book. To order it from now through the end of September, simply go here and place your order typing in the discount code: EVZEUPN9 to get your 20% off! There are two new stories that you haven't gotten to read before in the book along with marvelous illustrations!

And now for a quick update on my week.
Friday and Saturday weren't much different than usual.
But when Sunday came, so also came the business. You see, we had agreed to babysit Pickle Puss (almost 6), Goof Ball (4 1/2), Funny Boy (almost 3) and Doodle Bug (14 1/2 months) so my brother and his wife could go out for their anniversary. We got the kids pretty much as soon as church was over and had them until Tuesday night. It was quite busy as perhaps you can imagine. And added to that, on Tuesday, a friend asked if we would mind adding two of her little ones for a few hours so she could look for a new van. We said sure bring them over. The funny ones were Doodle Bug and J-J. For some reason they don't like each other. (Does it have something to do with the fact that J-J is only a few months older then DB?) Any time I was holding one of them, the other wanted me. And if J-J was playing with one thing, DB wanted to play with it or would quickly sit on my lap. Finally they stared at each other for a minute and then decided to give each other a big hug. When the hug was over they were back to "leave me alone." :)
Wednesday was very quiet and I played "catch-up." The game where you try to catch up on everything you didn't get done before.
Yesterday was another fairly quiet day. The N's came over for Library.

Sorry I didn't get TC Tuesday posted. I was much too busy to even think about it much. But it should be back next week. I wrote last night and Wednesday night and finally reached the end of the "short" story I was working on. Does 9,300 + words count as "short"? I still have to go back and read the entire thing (I was writing so quickly that I didn't have time to reread much) and add some things I didn't think about until later and change a few things here and there. Once this story is done I'm hoping to write some more of TCR and Dr. Morgan.
Speaking of Dr. Morgan, since I'm going to be posting it next Friday, I need to know if you want me to repost the first two parts, post links to them or put them on a new page like I have done for TCR and The Unexpected Request. Please let me know what you think.

Here is the end of Alone. I do hope you will tell me what you think of this story once you read the end of it. :)

Alone - Part 5
Last week . . .

    “What shall we eat for breakfast, Ty?”
    “What are you offering?” Ty asked with a yawn.
    “Bananas or coconuts,” Rone replied lightly.
    “Hmm, hard choice. Could we just have both?”
    That suggestion of Ty’s put an idea into my head and I decided to act upon it. I still had one coconut with me, so I left that and hurried after a few bananas.
    Once my ingredients were gathered, I opened the remaining coconut, poured the milk into one of the now dried coconut shells and, using my trusty pocket knife, I cut the coconut fruit up and placed some of it in another of my bowls. To this I added pieces of banana and mixed it together. Quite a tasty dish it made and I enjoyed my milk from the other bowl.
    The sun was up from its watery bed long before I had finished with my breakfast and it was growing warm sitting out in the sun. “I should go get some new leaves for a new hat before I bake,” I spoke aloud, having grown used to hearing only my voice. “My leaves from yesterday are rather withered and not much good.”
    As I crossed the wide, sandy beach, I again thought it would be a great place for a hot dog stand though I refrained from mentioning it to Ty or Rone. They would have been disgusted that my mind strayed to hot dog stands so often.
    Making a new hat was easy since I knew how to do it and soon I was finished. I decided to go back to the coconut tree and get a few more coconuts so I’d have them for lunch. Along the way I also picked a few bananas. I couldn’t believe I was hungry again so soon after breakfast, but I ate a banana as I strolled along my own private beach enjoying the water, the sand, the sunshine and the breeze. It was quiet. Very quiet. The birds must have been on the other side of the island for I didn’t hear them. I began to think.
    Who was I really? And where did I come from? “How on earth did I end up on a tiny island?” I think better when I talk aloud. At least I thought it might help if my questions and thoughts were spoken instead of just thought about vaguely. “Am I going to have to spend the rest of my life here eating bananas and coconuts? Oh, I hope not. I’ll grow rather tired of them I fear.” How could I let anyone know I was here? “I’ll start a fire! They always do that—” I paused in confusion. Who always start a fire? I seemed on the verge of remembering something, but then it disappeared. I gave a weary sigh. It sure would be nice to remember some things— besides a hot dog stand. But back to my thinking.
    “You couldn’t start a fire, Rone,”
    “Why not, Ty?”
    “What would you start it with?”
    Why did Ty have to be so practical? He was right though. I had nothing to start the fire with. I scratched my head in puzzlement. I hadn’t thought of it before, but life might be rather uncomfortable without a fire if it rained.
    By this time I had reached the coconut tree. I unloaded my bananas and began to climb. I must not have been as careful since Ty didn’t remind me that no one would be there to fix any broken bones, for, just as I was reaching for a coconut, I slipped.

    “Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here!”
    I moaned. “Rone, cut it out. I’ve got hot dogs on the brain as it is without imagining I hear a hot dog vender.”
    Then I realized that I wasn’t lying in the sand as I had thought I was, but reclining on something. I opened my eyes. Where in the world was I? There was a colored umbrella over my head and in front of me I could see the waves rolling up on a golden beach. I reached down for my bananas, but discovered that they weren’t there. I was completely unarmed as far as Banana Guns went. The noise of voices was all around me and I turned my head. Why, I wasn’t alone! Children raced along the beach and adults followed more slowly. And there in a chair not half a dozen yards from me sat a man reading a newspaper!
    “Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here!” The cry again sounded and I sprang up.
    Hot dogs!
    “Hey mister!” I exclaimed to the man near me, “There’s a guy selling hot dogs!”
    The man looked up and stared at me. “Yeah,” he sounded puzzled.
    “We don’t have to eat bananas and coconuts! There really are hot dogs!”
    Taking off his sunglasses, the man looked closely at me. “Have you had too much sun?” he asked.
    “Of course not, I have my hat on,” and I put my hand up to my head. There wasn’t anything there. “Well, I did have a hat, made it of leaves and thorns. But I say, you want a hot dog?”
    The man shook head head, scooted a little farther away from me and returned to his paper after a few more quick glances at me.
    “Well, I do!” And away I dashed.
    At the hot dog stand, I grinned broadly to the young man behind it. “Boy am I glad to see you!” I told him. “I’ve been thinking of hot dogs and there weren’t any to be had yesterday. I’ll take two, no four, six—” I paused remembering those six bananas I had eaten. “How about just three,” I decided at last.
    “Coming right up,” the youth replied. “But,” he added as he handed them to me a moment later, “I was here all day yesterday and you bought some then.”
    “I did?”
    I took a large bite and sighed. When my mouth was nearly empty, I asked, “I didn’t by chance tell you my name yesterday, did I?”
    “No, but I did hear someone call you George,”
    “George!” I exclaimed, “Why wasn’t I named Tyrone?”
    “Never mind.” I took my two remaining hot dogs and trudged back to my seat thinking. “George! What a name! Bother, I must have been dreaming.”

Did you laugh?
Was the ending what you had thought of?
What did you think of this story?


Abigail in WI said...

lol! No this wasn't the ending I was expecting :)
Litte kids are so cute when they meet another little kid they don't know! :)
Is Dr. Morgan going to be another long story then? Reposting the first two parts or making a seperate page would be the easiest to read.. ;) But links would work fine too.

Joseph said...

Well, I thought he would probaly be dreaming, but the ending wasn't quite how I expected it. Overall though, I like it.

Rebekah said...

Thanks for your comments, Abigail and Joseph. Glad you both enjoyed the story. :)