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The Unexpected Request - Part 53

 Good Morning Western Wednesday Readers!

The sun is shining and I think it is going to be another warm day. But only in the 90s and not the 100s! Sat., Sun., and Mon. we had the windows open all morning! It was so wonderful.:)

I've finished the editing of the western, but it still has to be proofed, the layout done, the cover art made and then sent to the publisher. Oh, I still have to get the copyright taken care of. It is copyrighted right now, but I want it registered.

This week has been really busy so far. We'll see what the next part holds. I did hear that Priscilla and her companion, Amy were going to get together and start planning the trip! I don't know how long it will take them, but I expect you will be hearing from Priscilla later this week.:)
 Oh, and if you haven't picked 5 states to go to, Priscilla said to tell you there are still states open.

Part 53

“Lock ‘em up for the night an’ we’ll be back ta see ya in the mornin’.”
Sheriff Owen had taken up a bunch of keys and now unlocked the door behind his office leading to the jail. “And just what am I holding them for?” he asked as he unlocked the first cell.
“Attempted murder ta start with an’ I’ll fill the rest in later if’n that’s all right with you. My supper’s callin’ me, an’ I ain’t hankerin’ ta miss it.” Ty, while he was talking, had untied Mason’s hands and pushed him in to the cell followed by Poker.
The sheriff locked it and before long, Duffer and Shorty were locked in the adjoining cell. “I’ll hold them for you until morning, but then you’ll have to come in and give me the lowdown on them,” the sheriff told Ty as they left the jail and returned to the office.
“I’ll be here.” Ty assured him, turning to go.
“Ty,” Sally stopped him, “I don’t think I really need two extra guns. One is enough for me.”
“That’s right; here ya are, Sheriff, the guns them snakes was usin’ or tryin’ ta use. They never did get ‘round ta pulling the trigger, but--” and Ty left the sentence unfinished as he placed the six-shooter he was holding on the sheriff’s desk beside the ones Sally and Carson had laid down.
“Fine guns. I’ll keep them.”

Returning to the house, Ty, Carson and Sally ate their supper and then turned in for the night. Sally didn’t know it, but Carson and Ty took turns standing on watch throughout the night just in the event that Bartram or some other unwanted visitor should decide to pay them a visit.
Even when he wasn’t on watch, Ty couldn’t sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he could see the faces of Mason and Poker behind the muzzles of their six-shooters. Why were they here? How did they know he was here? Was Bartram around? If he wasn’t here now, would he be likely to show up soon? Was Dead Horse a rendezvous for “them”? Ty didn’t know the answer to any of these questions, and he tossed and turned through the long night hours. He had thought he was safe this far from home. Must he always be on the watch?
The first faint streaks of day found Ty still awake and he arose with a new thought. He had to tell the whole story to the sheriff this morning. Everything. After three years of keeping it locked up inside of him, what would it be like to share it now? Drawing a deep breath, he let it out in a long sigh and turned from the window where he had been watching the sun paint the clouds a rosy pink and edge them with gold.
Carson too had spent a restless night. He chided himself for not being more attentive and letting them enter the house, and not only that, but to actually pull guns on him and Ty! “I reckon I’m jest gettin’ too soft livin’ in houses like this. There were a day ain’t too long ‘go neither, when they couldn’t a come within three paces a the house without me knowin’ it.” And so he fretted for some time, until, as he was pacing the rooms downstairs, he began to realize what would have happened if he and Ty had heard “them.” “We’d a had guns drawn an’ it probably would a come ta a shoot-out, an’ I reckon more’n one would a been shot. Perhaps it was providential that they come on us so sudden an’ Sally caught ‘em off guard. Maybe the good Lord didn’t want no killin’.” These thoughts made him a little easier in his mind, though he continued to strain his eyes and ears for the rest of his watch.

“Ty,” Sally began as the three of them were enjoying a hearty breakfast, “I want to go see Starlight this morning. How long are you going to be seeing the sheriff?”
Ty looked up. “I ain’t sure jest how long it’ll take, but I reckon I can see ya ta the liv’ry else Carson can.” He glanced at his friend. “There really ain’t no need for more’n me ta go see Sheriff Owen.”
Shaking his head Carson replied, “Ya ain’t goin’ ta the sheriff alone, Ty. I reckon we can see Sally ta the liv’ry an’ the blacksmith, him with the funny name, ‘ll see she ain’t bothered.”
“I ain’t goin’ ta need ya, Carson,” Ty began, “so if’n ya want ta--”
But Carson cut in. “Maybe ya ain’t needin’ me, but I reckon I’m goin’ ‘long jest the same. An’ it ain’t no use fer ya ta think different.”
Sally interrupted. “I’d really feel better if you were with him, Uncle Bob,” she said sweetly. “I don’t like ‘them’ even if they are behind bars. I can take care of myself as far from the jail as the livery. And,” she added as she saw Ty frown, “Herr Rohbar and his pretty Juanita will take care of me.” She smiled.
Seeing it was useless to argue, Ty agreed reluctantly but added, “Yer wearin’ yer gun, Sally.”

It was still fairly early when the trio left the house and started down the street. The sun was up and trying its best to shine through the cloudy sky. A cool breeze blew causing Sally to pull her shawl about her shoulders.
“It feels like rain,” Carson remarked.
“Looks like it too,” Ty agreed. “Sally, maybe we should a left ya at the house.”
Shaking her head, Sally kept on walking. “I don’t want to stay there alone.”
“Come on, Ty, she’ll be dry at the liv’ry or at-- at--.” and Carson floundered for the name of the blacksmith.
“Herr Rohbar,” put in Sally.
They had reached the jail where the two men paused while Sally continued on. Suddenly she stopped, turned and, throwing her arms around her brother, whispered, “Be careful, Ty!”

So what do you think of it this week?
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