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Meleah's Western - Part 42

Good Morning Western Wednesday Readers, (sorry, I can't think of another W word.:))
a week! It seems that every evening was busy, so I didn't get to write.
I wrote a little on Monday evening and again last evening, but since I
haven't gotten to do it for quite a while, it was slow. I'll probably
be baby-sitting the kids tonight, so no writing this time. Tomorrow?
We'll see when Baby comes.

I'll tell you more on Friday.:)

Enjoy this next Western!

Part 42

“Dan? Well, Dan were a kind a hanger on in our camp. He weren’t smart,
jest seemed ta have enough brains ta get him in trouble. Dan did try
once ta take somethin’ a Ty’s, but--” and Carson shrugged as though to
express how ridiculous the very thought was.
Sally sighed almost unconsciously with relief. Without realizing it,
she had begun to be afraid of Dan, whoever he might be. Her shoulders,
which had been so ridgid and tight, dropped.
Jack noticed and at once ordered her to eat and then go to bed.
Supper was made interesting as Carson and Jed told of their adventures.
Sally ate without really realizing what she was doing and made a good
meal. When the tale ended with Carson and Jed’s return, Jack glanced
around the room. All was quiet.
“Carson, do you mind sleeping near the door to Ty’s room? I’d like you
available if he calls you again. You seem to be what he needs to calm
Carson nodded.
Jack continued. “Joe, you can get some rest until later. Jed, are you
up for a little watching? Good. I’d like you to relieve Ma. I’ll check
on Ty in a few minutes and then get some rest too. If there is any
change, call me at once. Understood?”
“Got it,” Jed answered in a steady voice before his brother went on.
“Joe, I’ll let you take the second watch, but before you do, I’ll look
in on him once more. And the same instructions go for you: any change,
I’m called. Miss Sally, you are to go to bed and not worry. If there is
any change that you should know about, I’ll tell you. You need rest for
Opening her mouth to argue that she wouldn’t be able to sleep and that
she would stay with her brother as she had done with her father, Sally
found that Jack had already turned to Carson again, seemingly as though
he expected her to do just as he had ordered.
“Carson, I don’t know how much sleep you’ll get tonight. I hope you
don’t mind.”
“It weren’t never a problem with me. I can sleep anywhere or not at all
if’n I have ta.”
Instantly Jack was on his feet and heading for the sick room with
Carson right behind him. Sally started to follow but Joe held her back.
“I’m goin’ ta Ty,” Sally declared trying to pull away.
“Listen,” Joe soothed, “Ty is asking for Carson. He doesn’t want or
need you right now. But he may later, and you have to be rested. Now
Jack ordered both of us to bed. How about we follow those
instructions?” Joe spoke quietly, hoping Sally would give in.
She, however, tired though she was, just wouldn’t let herself give in.
How could she sleep with her only brother lying so ill in the next
room? “I won’t sleep!” she declared actually stamping her foot in
vexation. “I can’t.” The tears were beginning to trickle down her
cheeks. “Ty needs me. I’m his sister. I tell you I won’t sleep while he
is sick!”
Mrs. Fields, coming out of the sick room, saw and guessed what was
going on. “Jed,” her voice was gentle, “Jack is ready for you.” Then
she turned to Sally. “Let me make you some tea before you sleep.”
But Sally shook her head, blinking back the tears. She wanted nothing
but to stay by her brother’s bedside and cry and wait until he spoke to
her. Nothing would tempt her to leave. She had slept last night, but
now Ty was worse. There was no telling when he might call for her.
Didn’t anyone understand? She could leave the sick room for a little
while, but sleep? That was simply out of the question.
Joe’s quiet voice interrupted her thoughts. “If you won’t sleep, at
least sit down. There is no use wasting your energy by standing.”
Fighting back the strong desire to rush to Ty’s beside, Sally
reluctantly sat back down and a few minutes later Mrs. Fields was
placing a steaming cup before her. She gave an involuntary shiver as
the hot liquid went down her throat. For several minutes no one spoke.
The only sounds to be heard in the stillness of the evening were the
low voices in the sick room.
Suddenly, realizing that she was beginning to fall asleep where she sat
and that Joe and Mrs. Fields were watching her, Sally shook her head
and straightened up in her chair.
“Why don’t you go lie down for a little while, Sally?” Mrs. Fields
asked softly.
“No, I’m staying up,” persisted Sally, trying desperately to keep her
eyes open.
“Come on, Sally,” Joe had moved to her side and was bending over her,
“Don’t be an idiot. You have to rest.” His voice was a mixture of
sympathy and firmness. When she didn’t move, he pulled her chair out
and ordered, “Go to bed.”
If he had coaxed her or showed any signs of giving in, Sally would have
refused to go though she was so tired and sleepy that she swayed on her
feet. As it was, when that order was given, she gave in, too tired to
argue any longer.
She was glad for the steady arm of Joe to lean on as she walked, or
staggered rather, to her room. Once alone she sank onto the bed and was
asleep before her head even touched the pillow.
It was a long night in the sick room. Carson didn’t get much sleep, for
Ty called for him so often that finally he gave up trying and just sat
by his young friend’s side through the wee hours of the morning. The
watchers changed as Jed and Joe took turns, while Jack came in every
little bit to check on his patient.
It was just as dawn was breaking that Ty started up in terror from a
restless slumber.
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