Friday, May 27, 2011


Good Morning Faithful Friday Fiction Fans,
Wow! What a week! I think most, if not all of my readers know what has been going on this week. The Sunday tornado was the 8th worst on record. The devastation
is unbelievable! I've been through some of the worst parts and there
really are no words to describe what it felt like, looks like or
anything. The sun is shining today which makes things less overwhelming,
but still, pray for the folks here.
S and I were helping clean up a yard yesterday, and in the morning it was cool and cloudy. But by noon, the sun had come out and by the time we got home, we had some nice sunburns. Okay, well, maybe they weren't so nice.:}
As you may have guessed, I really haven't had much time to write this week.:) I did manage to get some written last night but that is about all. This week has been so crazy that half the time we had no idea what day of the week it was!
I don't want to post yet another Triple Creek Ranch story, so I'm trying
to decide what to post. I had thought of one thing I had written, but
I'm not sure. I guess I'll go see what I have that I haven't posted
yet. I'll be right back.
I have decided to go ahead and post it.

Characters: 1
Words: 550
Instructions: Reflective

Rebekah M.

It was quite chilly when I crawled out of my sleeping bag and,
unzipping my tent door, stepped out into the crisp morning. Everything
was quiet and still. The brown grass at my feet crunched with each
footstep. Stately, old pine trees stood guard on the bit of land which
juts out into the aqua and teal lake where scarcely a ripple disturbs
its placid face. Across from my camping site, on the other side of the
lake, march row upon row of trees, up the mountainside, until the
snow-covered cliffs halt most of them.
I gave a sigh of contentment. This was the first time I had gotten to be alone for more
than fifteen minutes since the whirl of things began. I don’t know when
the whirl started exactly, it just seemed to creep up and then I was in
the midst of it all. Now at last maybe I can get some much needed rest,
to try to sort things out, to understand, to consider, to decide. Out
here alone I hope to be able to find the peace and joy I had. Alone?
No, not really. My Heavenly Father is here and that is all I need. It
was His hand that guided through all: weddings and funerals, births and
deaths, over-work and no work at all, excitement of courtships and
heartache of breakups,tornados and earthquakes, political unrest and
political victories; all combined to frazzle a mind already bewildered
with the many decisions of everyday life.
I think I’ll just sit here today by my campfire and let the quietude of the mountains and
water calm my feelings as I read the dearest book in the world. How can
I help but grow refreshed when the Author of each word and thought is
my Lover and Friend, my Father, my Savior, my Jesus? If I knew Him not,
I would surely be the most miserable of all persons.
Some people thought my coming away into this wilderness alone was just a way of
trying to escape from everything and hide. They were somewhat right. I
am hiding from everything. But not as they think. My Hiding Place is
the Rock in a weary land, the Shelter in storms, a Tower, a Shield, a
Refuge. No, I don’t expect everything to be perfect when I return, but
it will be okay.
The sun on those snow covered peaks is glorious!
The birds are singing above me, and I hear a squirrel chattering
somewhere. Maybe I’ll go sit on that rock in the sun. No worries, no
cares, no thought for tomorrow.Isn ’t that how life is supposed to be?
I can echo the psalmist when he penned the words, “Oh that I had wings
like a dove, then would I fly away and be at rest.” But itwouldn ’t be
the same rest which the Shepherd gives to His sheep. On the whole, I am
glad, thankful even, that I have a heart which can feel pain and joy,
love and sorrow, and my Savior’s matchless, boundless, endless mercy,
grace and love!

My days alone here are ended. I’m going back to
be ”in the world but not of it.” Peace and rest fill me as I go with my
The end

I wrote the above months before this all happened. But it is still true for me.
I hope the same is true for each of my readers.


Abigail in WI said...

"reflective" describes it well :) -hugs-

Jesseca said...

I love how you worded everything. It' so true and really comforting to know that when thing get tough we can always lean on Jesus and trust him. Thanks so much for posting this!

Rebekah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jesseca. I hope it was a blessing.