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Meleah's Western - Part 34

Good Morning My Faithful Friday Fiction Fans!
I hope it is a beautiful morning where you are. I can't tell if it is a beautiful morning here or not. You see, I'm writing this from our hotel room on Thursday evening. Dad, S and I are heading over to the conference in the morning, so I thought I should get this ready and set to publish in the morning.:)
This week was rather busy with getting reading to go, not just to Lincoln, NE for the conference, but then Mom, S and I will be staying at my grandparents' in KC all of next week as well. That is where M is right now. Next weekend is the KC conference and, we will be helping with that as well.
I hope you don't mind a Western this week. I decided that it would be easier to just do that. :)

Part 34

They were thankful also that even if it was slight, they still found news of Eleanor which meant they hadn’t lost the trail. Sally would have followed her brother and friend into Canada or back east to the big, crowded cities and towns which her mother had known, if they had chosen to so lead her. As it was, the thought of vast expanses, with no human being close by except her companions, held an intriguing thrill as well as dread of the unknown to this girl who had known
loneliness and few friends all her life; however, she longed even more to reach the end of this journey and find the sister she never knew she had, to settle once again in a cabin, to sleep with a roof over her head every night, to sweep the floor, eat at a table every day; above all, she wanted a home where Ty felt safe from unwanted visitors. Perhaps this trip would lead them to a new place of safety where they could live in peace. Only, how could she leave their father’s grave,
away, oh so far away, in the mountains? Would she ever get to return there? Never would she abandon her brother on his search. Unknowingly, her eyes had brimmed with tears over these thoughts and now began to trickle down her cheeks.
“Sally? What’s wrong?”
Glancing up at her brother, she felt a tear drop on her hand. “I reckon I were jest thinkin’.”
“Home?” Sally nodded. “I’m jest gettin’ tired, Ty. Ain’t nothin’ happened since we left South Pass last week.”
Ty grinned. “Ya jest wantin’ ta use that six-gun a Pa’s,” he teased. This brought forth a merry retort and Sally’s tears were forgotten in lighthearted banter.

South the trio rode day after day. The challenge of cutting their own trails once they left the great basin added some excitement to their travels which soon turned into weeks. No more news of the Westlin family or of the missing sister. “We could a passed their cabin days ago an’ never know it,” Carson sighed one evening as camp was being made.
“Don’t think I weren’t jest thinkin’ that same thing,” agreed Ty, carefully adding small sticks to the bit of flame he had just started.
No one spoke again until the fire was a bright blaze and Sally was making coffee and preparing their evening meal. “Carson, I don’t know ‘bout you, but jest travelin’ like this with nothin’ but ‘south’ ta follow, is ‘bout ta get ta me. It ain’t as though we knew where we were goin’.”
“I feel the same way, Ty. Somethin’s got ta happen or--” the sentence was left unfinished. Each knew in his heart that they would continue the search until they found either Eleanor or her grave, no matter how difficult it was. Right now all three felt discouraged and low spirited. The constant travel with no fixed destination had begun to wear them down. Perhaps not physically but emotionally all were on edge. Though none would admit it, the sudden and exciting news received at Fort Laramie had kindled a bright flame of hope in each heart; hope for more clues and yes, secretly, hope for a rapid conclusion to their search. Now, however, that hope was dying, bit by bit with each week, each day, and at times, each mile that passed by empty.
One by one the stars came out over the campsite of the weary travelers and the moon cast a pale light which sifted through the leaves of the trees. The evening chirps of the birds ceased and all was hushed. The fire died to a glow and no one made a move to replenish it. In silence they sat,
motionless, each one lost in his own thoughts while now and then a whisper of air faintly stirred the leaves overhead and the grasses beside them. The air was still warm, for summer was upon them at last.
Into the stillness of the night came the far off cry of some nocturnal animal. At last, Sally, who had been falling asleep where she sat, wrapped her blanket around her and, lying down near the fire, drifted into sleep, too tired to think anymore. Carson soon followed her example. Ty, however, remained where he was, his body tired, but his mind giving him no rest. Was this trip a waste of time? Right then it felt so. It was an impossible task his father had given him. Why not forget it all? Ty knew why. He never could forget this unknown sister. This quest which
had been given to his trust would find an end. He had given his word to his dying father and he would fulfill it if it took the rest of his life. Once given, Ty never went back on his word. His father never had and he never would. All the same, he wondered what this would cost him.
“I’ll do anything to find her,” he promised himself as he, too, at last, stretched out near the fire. Had he known what lay in store just ahead, he might not have slept so well. It is better that he didn’t know, and he rose the next morning with renewed determination and hope.

It was early in the afternoon when Ty, who was in the lead, reached a wooded area. A quick glance showed a slight trail through the trees and Ty urged Par on. This way and that the trail wound among the woods. Ty kept his eyes and ears alert for signs of man or beast, but none were
found. At last he reached the open ground once more and as Par shook his head, making his bridle jingle, Ty let him have his head. With a snort, Par dashed forward tossing his head. Suddenly, Ty felt his horse stumble; a rifle cracked, and a searing pain shot through his left
shoulder nearly knocking him from the saddle!

Sally screamed and dashing forward on Starlight, reached Ty's side just as he fell from his horse. Carson, too, had raced up and sprang from off his horse!
"Ty!" Sally gasped, sliding off Starlight and dropping down beside her brother. "Who was it? Are you all right?"
"Sally," the words came out in agonized gasps from white lips, "go on . . . find her!"
Carson looked at Sally as she cradled her brother's head in her arms while tears rained down her cheeks. Just then, with a final gasp and an attempt at a smile, Ty closed his eyes for the last time and lay still. The search would have to continue without him.
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Abigail in WI said...

BEKah!!!!! I can't believe what you just did!! This is tons worse than when you "killed" Carson!! Now I reeally can't wait to see the next part! :)
Have fun at the conference :)

Hannah said...

Oh brother! I can't believe you just did that!!! I'm not sure if I really believe it... after all, it went through his shoulder...

Anonymous said...

how dare you, if that happens in stories I don't like them anymore and maybe even stop reading them:) you kind of made him die abruptly. Who shot him? was it someone Ty had been afraid of? did they recognize him or were they just intruding? - hank

suziefaith said...

Thanks Beks, you just killed my favorite character.

oh! so lovely said...

okay. that was just plain MEAN! lol!! :D

Hannah said...

Bekah!!! You are so mean!!!

Anonymous said...

that April Fools was not funny:) hank

Anonymous said...

I knew he wasn't dead, he was shot in the sholder. That wouldn't kill him at all!
That was mean though.

Anonymous said...

That was mean!
(one of Abigail's brothers) :)

Abigail in WI said...

Oh my word Bekah!!! We totally fell for it! lol! :D My brothers kept saying that something wasn't right because you couldn't die from a shoulder wound....
well, now you know how to get lots of comments, lol! :)

Jesseca Dawn said...

After readying this Friday's post, I had to come digging through all the archives to find this one. ;) Wow, yeah, I would have gone crazy over this pot. "The Unexpected Request" is a favorite book of mine and I love Ty, so. . .yeah. ;P It was a great April Fools trick, though! :)