Friday, January 14, 2011

Books and Total

Good Morning Friday Fiction Fans,
Last Friday I was hoping for snow. We got some on Monday. It snowed almost all day though we only ended up with about 2 inches at the most. It has been so cold that we still have some on the ground, however, I heard it is supposed to warm up, so it will all melt.

I have written this week and enjoyed it. It is nice to get back into writing. And, this coming Wednesday starts Writing Classes again! I can't wait.
Also this week, Mom and I counted books. That is always fun and interesting. We had counted them in July and were shocked at the number. That is when Mom began going through and getting rid of some. Mostly the ones we got rid of were ones I skimmed and told her weren't worth saving, or ones she looked at and decided she would probably never read and I wasn't interested in. It seemed as though we were getting rid of books all the time. At one point, I remember saying, "Mom, if we keep getting rid of books, we will have the same number as last January when we count them." :)
Well, as I said, we counted them.
And the grand total, not counting cookbooks, hymn books or song books, was . . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
*I didn't know it would be THIS many*
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
I'm in shock! If you weren't counting, that is nearly 1,000 more books than last year! In July, when we counted, we had 5,000. That was 800 books in six months! After we counted them this time, Mom said to Dad, "I'm sorry, I tried. But it is really fun.":) And I agree. I love books. It's a good thing since I added about 90 book to my shelves.
Here are a few breakdowns for your enjoyment.
World History - 375
American History - 513
Christian Biographies - 206
Children's books - 548
And don't forget, these are not counting the 113 books that were checked out at the time.
No, we are not banning more books. In fact, we have three coming from PaperBack Swap.:)

Hannah, you are the closest, though you were about 400 off, so what should I post the next two weeks? Let me know soon so I can get it written.

Now for a poem I wrote last night just for you to enjoy today.


Books aplenty, books galore,
My favorite place is a used book store.

Books of world history,
Books of missions or mystery,

Books of travel, books of prose,
Books smell better than a fresh picked rose.

Books of ancient tales of yore,
Books more modern by the score.

Books in blue and books in red,
Books of animals long since dead.

Books for children, books for teens,
Books for old or the in-betweens.

Books in that room, books in this,
Books on those shelves belong to Sis.

Mom has her books here and there,
In fact, Mom's books are everywhere!

My shelves are crowded with most of my books,
The rest I squeeze in many odd nooks.

As I said before, there are books galore,
But still I love a used book store.

Stop by to read some time.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh my goodness!! that is a lot of books ma'am! Sorry I didn't get on here soon enough to vote! I can't imagine reading that many books! -Elisabeth

( blogger account won't let me sign in right now!)

Abigail in WI said...

WOW Bekah!!! That's quite the increase for one year! I think you broke the pattern of the last 2 years :) Are you collecting all the old books that are getting thrown out? Wish we were closer so we could borrow some of your books! :)
hmm, I wonder how many books we would have if we counted....How long does it take you to count them all?

Rebekah said...

Yah, I know. That is a lot of books.:)
It acctually doesn't take very long to count them. Just get a paper and pen and count by book shelves or rooms or however they are organized. Write down the number when you finish a shelf, room or what-have-you.:) I'd love to hear how many you have.
We do like to pick up the old out of print books when we can get them cheap. A bunch of the books we got this year were $.10 or less.