Friday, November 5, 2010

No Title Part 2

Good Morning Friday Fiction Fans,
I have returned back from American Government Camp and here I am. I am slowly catching up on sleep. That is one reason why this was not posted by 8:00.

AGC was fun, busy, exhausting, challenging, incredible, wonderful, stressful and so on.:) I enjoyed it. Getting only 5 to 6 hours of sleep every night made things a little harder, but I was so grateful that I could rest in my Father's everlasting arms. Thank you to all who prayed for us during camp. You prayers meant a lot. It was exciting to have all the people we worked for win office this year!

But, I must go clean house. I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'd better get busy.


Quickly Justin examined him and when the warm milk came, he gently forced some between the blue lips of the child in Sara’s arms. Then turning to Danny, he offered him the cup. Eagerly the child drank it, holding it out for more when it was gone.
“You can have more later,” Justin assured him. “Mom, could you, Sara and Adam give them baths and find clean clothes?”
Mrs. Morgan nodded.
“Then make sure they’re wrapped up warmly and bring them back.”
Again his mom nodded and said, “I’m sure some of the grandkids’ clothes will fit. It’s a good thing Heather keeps some extra things here. Come on Sara, Adam.”
Before they could leave the room, however, the girl in the chair began looking frantically around, calling in hoarse tones, “Danny! Jenny! . . . Have to find them.” Her restless hands tried to push off the blanket Mr. Morgan had tucked around her. “Jenny! Danny!” A violent fit of coughing put an end to her calls though she still struggled faintly to move from the chair.
“Easy there,” Justin coaxed, taking one of her cold shaking hands in his and noting her pulse. “Everything is going to be all right. Just relax.” Gently he kept her from getting up, talking soothingly all the while. “Danny and Jenny are going to be all right. They are being taken care of, don’t worry about them.”
Mr. Morgan handed Justin a glass of warm milk. Adding a few drops from a bottle he pulled from his medical bag, Justin dropped down in front of the chair. “Here,” he said, holding it to the girls lips, “drink this.”
For a moment she sat limp and made no move to do as she was told. Her eyelids drooped.
“Come on,” Justin ordered softly, “drink it.”
Obediently her mouth opened and she took a swallow.
“What is your name?”
The words or the tone seemed to penetrate the fog that surrounded her mind for she sighed and straightened. “Who are you?” she asked in a bewildered way.
Justin had shifted to one knee before her where he could watch every expression of her face with his keen eyes. “I”m Doctor Justin Morgan. What is your name?”
“Amy.” The name was murmured, and she shivered, moaning as she did so while an expression of pain flitted over her pale face.
“Amy, can you tell me what hurts?”
No answer came.
A few more swallows from the cup revived her enough to mumble, “My leg,” before relapsing into the stupor which was so hard to pull her out of.
After handing Mr. Morgan the cup, Justin pulled back the blanket. After a quick examination, Justin looked up at his dad with a frown. “I don’t like this,” he admitted frankly. “If it weren’t so dark and cold, I’d take all three down to the hospital at once, as it is,--” Breaking off abruptly, he again felt the girl’s pulse and laid his hand against her hot face. “I don’t want them exposed to any more of that cold air now.”
Mr. Morgan nodded. “Do you want her in the upstairs or downstairs bedroom?”
“Then I’ll go open the door and vent so it will warm up.”

“Justin,” Sara spoke softly as she entered the living room a little while later.
Rising from the floor, Justin turned. “Hmm, what we need is a baby bottle. I don’t think that little one is going to drink much if we try a cup or spoon.” He was looking down into the small, pinched face of the tiny girl in his sister’s arms.
“I have a bottle somewhere. Do you want it?”
“You have one? Where?”
“In my room.”
“Get it,” Justin ordered taking the child himself. “It will have to be sterilized.”
Sara nodded and disappeared.
Before she returned, Mrs. Morgan and Adam with a sleepy, little Danny came back. Danny, after Justin gave him a quick examination, was made happy by another cup of milk and then carried off to bed. Several minutes later, Sara carried Jenny and the bottle of milk up to her room, Justin promising to come up later.
Mrs. Morgan now laid a hand on her son’s arm. “What about her?” She nodded towards the chair near the fireplace.
Justin sighed. “I want to take her to the hospital, but not tonight in this weather. Dad is warming up a guest room down the hall.”
“Do you know her name?”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it. Frankly, Mom, all I know is her first name, that she has a badly injured and infected leg and a terrible cough and is on the brink of total collapse.”
“The poor girl!” Together the two of them stood looking down on the white, pain-filled face of the stranger before them. The light of the flames danced across the thin hand and arm which hung limp and still over the arm of the chair.
“The room is ready.” The softly spoken words brought Justin into action. Together with his father, they lifted and carried the girl in and laid her on the bed. Once there, Justin made a more careful examination of her leg, forced a spoonful of medicine between her unwilling lips and, tucking a hot water bottle in beside her, drew the covers up. Leaving only a small lamp on, he slipped out into the hall.

It was a long night for the young doctor so recently out of medical school who, with keeping an eye on the two little ones upstairs and Amy downstairs, got very little sleep. Yet, the early light of the new dawn filtering in through the office windows found him on the phone with the newly formed hospital in town.
“Yes, . . . I want immediate x-rays of the leg . . .. Dr. Stern should be alerted for consultation later . . .. No-- complete check on both little ones . . .. Have no idea at present . . .. Sounds good. Thanks.”
Any questions for the next part?


Abigail in WI said...

Who are those people? Where did they come from and do they have a family?
We had great election results in Wisconsin too, Bekah! :D

Anonymous said...

what a story, who is the girl and what is her story? - hank

emcharpist said...

i like this story so far....looking forward to reading more!