Friday, October 8, 2010

What Am I?

Good Morning Friday Fiction Fans,
Thanks for commenting last week, Abigail. I know so many people are busy or don't remember it.:) I suppose if no one remembers it, I can post anything and no one would care. Hmmm, does that mean I can just forget about Meleah's western or just kill everyone off? I doubt the last will happen, at least at present.:) But I'm still waiting for that Indian to talk. He has been awfully quiet. Not that Ty or Sally have done any better.:}

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I wrote in the evenings. I didn't get lots done, but some. One of the evenings I just had a thought for a new story, so what did I do, but start writing it. Of course it is another long story. (Not a book. At least I don't think so, but longer than a few thousand words.) Now I have six longer, unfinished stories on NEO. I have started making myself write at least one sentence in each story every time I write. It is forcing me to get past my "writer's block" in some of them. I said that if I ever get any of them finished, they will last me for a few weeks on my blog.:)

In case you are wondering (only those who read the last post might be), I did get my story for the contest finished and sent in. It was the seventh version that got sent. I have no clue what will happen. I don't think it will win anything. Is anyone interested in reading it? Let me know if you are and I'll post it some time. For now, I have a poem for you. This has a question for you to answer, so please answer it if you can.:)

What Am I?
Rebekah Morris

I have no wings, but I can fly,
Just close your eyes and I’ll slip by.
I use no fuel and eat no food,
I’m never late for that would be rude.
I never sleep yet am not awake,
And I’m sorry, you can’t toss me in the lake.
For love or money I can’t be bought,
Though more of me many have sought.
I race and I creep, I’m slow and I’m fast,
But I’m always the same as I’ve been in the past.
I’m certain to continue as when I began,
For though I am young, I’m older than man.
I’m tossed aside by the careless, looked down on with contempt,
Yet from my relentlessness no one is exempt.
I have no fear of danger,
To love I am a stranger,
You’ll use me every day until you die,
So tell me please, what am I?

Leave the answer in a comment.:)


suziefaith said...

so you decide to resort to threatening....humph what is the answere? the only thing I could think of was "wisdom" but I don't think that is the answer. yay for getting your story sent in, I hope it wins!!!!! - hank

Anonymous said...

hey that is NOT me in the picture - hank

Abigail in WI said...

Is it "time"??
That might be a way to get comments-kill everyone off! But I hope that's not what happens!! :D

emcharpist said...