Friday, February 12, 2010

Quiz Answers!

Wow! That was the most comments I think I have ever received on this blog at one time! Thanks everyone who took a little time to take the quiz. It sure was fun to check each person's answers when they came in. Many of you thought alike on some of the answers, but no one got all 13 questions right. One person only missed one question and one other person only missed two. And they are . . .

Wait! I think I should tell you the answers first and perhaps you can figure out if you were one of the top two.:) Are you ready?

Question #1:
Where did I write most of my book?
Many of you guessed (A) at my desk. Ugh! I'm sorry, but my desk does not inspire me with creativity and most of the time I can't even see the top of it. (B) Outside. Well, I think I wrote a little there, but it is too distracting. (D) On the floor. I did write quite a bit on the floor, and it was a great place to do research with so many books. But (C) on my bed is the very best place for me to write. It seems to be the one place in the house where I can write and have lots of ideas. I LOVE to write on my bed!

Question #2:
What time of day was most of the book written?
(A) Morning, well, now and then if I was in the middle of a good story, I could write then. (C) Late at night. You know I never tried it. I thought about it a few times when I couldn't get to sleep, but I never got up to do it. (D) Afternoon. That is the absolute worst time for me to try to write. I have tried over and over, but with the same results. (Unless it is Sunday afternoon and then it works for a Western.) My mind is shut down and refuses to work. So, the answer is (B) Evening. After supper and especially after I'm ready for bed, all the creative gears start turning and before long I have a story.:)

Question #3:
Having spent 5 years working on my book, in which of those years did I write the most?
(E) I wrote over half of it last year in 2009

Question #4:
Which was my book written mostly with?
(A) Pencil and Paper was a good guess, and if I had written most of it before 2009, that answer would have been correct. (B) I don't think I wrote any with a pen unless it was notes. (C) I can not compose a story on the computer. Sorry. (D) NEO! That is the answer. And many of you were wondering what on earth a NEO was. Well, my simple version is "an electronic typewriter." It is an amazing thing I found in a writer's magazine, researched it one day and ordered it the next. It runs on 3 AA batteries for 700 hours! I have had mine for over a year and use it all the time and the batteries are only about 1/2 used up. NEO has 8 files you can use and you don't have to worry about saving anything as it will save it as you type. It does spell check, is light weight, doesn't get hot on the bottom as there is no light and is very sturdy. Krista and James love to type on it. It is the best invention since sliced bread.:) Can you tell I like my NEO? Oh, you can then transfer whatever you have written to the computer or right to the printer. If you love to write, I'd would recoment a NEO!

Question #5:
Which part was the easiest to write?
As I was Emma, the answer was (A) Emma's letters.

Question #6:
In doing my research I have been to:
I'd love to go to (A) Nova Scotia or (C) France, but I have been to (B) Codell. Grandpa took me. It is a 4 hours drive from KC. I would love to go again as it was nearly 100 degrees then and we didn't see a single living soul in the town. Does anyone want to go with me?
The only church in town

This is the main street with the post office

The Codell School. Rebuilt after the 1918 cyclone destroyed the other.

Memorial by the school

Question #7:
If I wanted to know something about my characters I would:
(C) Ask my characters. I really would. I know all kinds of things about them that aren't in my book. It is rather funny to think about asking my characters, but it works. Try it some time.

Question #8:
I always made my characters do what I wanted. I did NOT! They refused sometimes! I tried to put Alan in the Navy. After all he is a fisherman, but no, he would not stay there but kept getting off and playing his bagpipes until I let him join the army.

Question #9:
Whenever I sat down to write, I already knew what I was going to write. Nope. Many times I just had to wait and see what my characters did.

Question #10:
My least favorite place to do research was the internet. That is the truth! I do NOT like trying to find things on the internet. I never can find what I want without spending hours . Give me a book anytime.

Question #11:
I still have stories that I didn't get to put in my book. What a question! Of course I do! Like the USS Covington, and more "Ted, Fred, Larry and Jim" stories, and the African front, and the runaway horse, and . . .

Question #12:
My characters were almost as real to me as my family. They sure were. I miss them now that I'm not writing about them.:{ I lived with them and watched them grow up for 5 years!

Question #13:
I now have shelves of research material for WWII. Only three people seemed to realize that that said World War 2 and that my book was about World War 1. No, I have not been collecting books for the next war, though some of the ones I have will work for then too.
Top two shelves

How is that for a pile of research and writing things?

And now, if you haven't figured out the winner, it is Hannah Covington! Good job, Hannah! What would you like me to post the next two weeks? And Amber Covington only missed 3 questions! You almost won, Amber.:) I hope you enjoyed this quiz and will come back for whatever Hannah requests.

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