Friday, January 1, 2010

Climbing Mountains

Another new year has come. The 2000's are over and done. Now we face the 2010's. I don't know what the new year holds, but I do know that my Savior will never leave me. There are many mountains before me, but with my Guide I can make it over them. In a devotional book I have, there is a lot about climbing mountains, and in the one I just finished, it was talking about how those who have climbed higher and farther should call back and encourage those below to keep on climbing. I know I'm not very high, but even if I'm just a step before, I want to encourage you all to keep on climbing. There IS a place of peace and rest. I KNOW, for I have been there. So, just to encourage you all, here is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago.

Climbing Mountains

You are climbing mountains,
And though you may not see,
The towering peaks before you,
Or the thirst refreshing stream,

You can know for a certainty
That as you onward press,
There is a place before you
Of blessed quiet rest.

Keep climbing toward the mountain,
And do not look below,
Fear not the rocks so jagged,
Nor steep paths or blowing snow.

Your Guide is ever with you,
And He'll hold your hand so tight,
That thought you stumble, slip or trip,
He'll keep you safe in life's dark night.

So climb your mountain steadily,
Keep your face turned toward the goal,
For by and by you'll reach it,
Then oh, what joy of your soul!

May God bless each one of you as you face a new year with HIM! I love you all!


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet - I love it! - hank

- Heather - said...

I like it , Bekah, thanks for sharing about the mountains to climb!